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  1. We are booked on the same cruise as you in October. Been on Independence twice before and loved it. Not as good as Anthem in my opinion but you still won't be disappointed.
  2. Head for the tall concrete tower. That is a church. Doesn't look that impressive from the outside, but inside is different story. Amazing.
  3. Apologies, I was having a stupid moment, duh.
  4. Since when did RCI start altering on board credit according to currency rates? Our £50 OBC we received when we booked Symphony of the Seas is apparently only worth £38.52 now. Never known them to do this before.
  5. Britannia and Brilliance of the Seas passengers must be relieved they are back on board now. Our hearts go out to innocents involved in another evil attack.
  6. Sometimes I have found the admin charge to be equal to the deposit. What a joke!! What exactly are the companies doing for these so called admin charges? A couple of clicks on a keyboard? Does that really cost £75 or upwards to do?
  7. Cocktails are included with your drinks package and you will be able to have them anywhere on the ship, including at dinner. We have always had to pay for Ben & Jerrys ice cream on RCI though.
  8. My kids are on their way back to Southampton on Britannia now after a lovely week in Norway. They have been keeping in touch and have had a great time. We would have been with them if I wasn't going through chemotherapy at the moment but there will be other times. Have a great week rachel.
  9. When you step off the bus near the top prepare yourself for the thinness of the air up there. We set off at a bit of a pace but soon slowed down when we were gasping for breath lol
  10. We have booked Magnifica sailing from Southampton in Oct 18. Never tried MSC before but the prices were so good we thought we will give them a try. Our third passenger is included with the free drinks package which is unusual, it is normally only first two passengers on other cruise lines.
  11. I don't understand how they lost the luggage. You pass your suitcases to the driver and watch them loaded onto the shuttle bus. You get in the shuttle bus and travel to the ship. You get off the shuttle bus and walk around to the back where the driver gives you your suitcases. Then you take them to the correct porter drop off next to the ship. How do they get lost? Unless the shuttle bus was dropping off at another ship first, but then I would be watching very carefully that my cases didn't come off at that point.
  12. We are on Britannia going to the fjords on 9th July. If that is the cruise you are on I'm predicting the formal nights will be Monday (sea day) and Friday (Bergen) as the other sea day is the last night on board, so it will not be formal night then. Have a lovely time wherever you are going.
  13. On P&O your extra onboard credit will be added to any onboard credit you also get with the cruise you book. Don't quote me but I think the FCD lasts for a year, with a requirement to book your next cruise within that year, you don't have to sail within that year.
  14. Was on Britannia a few weeks ago and they did two black tie nights.