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  1. We love the Solstice Class ships, and so will you. Modern and contemporary design. Food and entertainment fantastic. As regards sea legs,, most of the time you will not even realise you are at sea.
  2. You will absolutely love the fjords. Norway is our favourite destination on a cruise. And in May the waterfalls will be in full flow as the ice melts. Azura is a very child friendly ship and I am sure your little girl will have fun. We have been in May before and the weather can be warm enough for being in the pool. Enjoy.
  3. It's not so much the airlines that I have experienced problems with, more like the passengers. Hate it when people in front of me want to recline their seats. My knees are usually touching the back of their seat already, so when they try to recline I resist so that their seat won't go back. I don't see why I should have to squash up so that they can stretch out. One time my wife had to have words with a woman behind us who had the tray down and was playing Snap on it with her child, slapping their hands down hard on the tray!!
  4. Stag and Hen parties have never been any trouble on the short cruises we have been on. Always well behaved and just having a nice time like the rest of us.
  5. Alcohol policy from February 1st. Clothing policy from January 1st.
  6. Just had the email. You can embark with a small quantity but no alcohol brought on board from ports of call to be consumed on board. Also banning fancy dress, novelty clothing and personalised slogan t shirts. That will disappoint people on short cruise stag/hen parties.
  7. I'm ignoring some negative comments about Thomson (now Marella) Cruises and have booked Canary Islands in February on Dream. I will judge for myself. To be honest, my main criteria isn't the ship which I am aware is getting on a bit. What is important is getting away from Winter for a week, visiting the Canaries which we haven't been to for a while, and generally relaxing. If I go with low expectations about the accommodation, entertainment etc then I will either not be disappointed or pleasantly surprised. We have paid for the drinks package so if it is disappointing we can always make the memory a blur lol. Any positive remarks about Marella (Thomson) are welcome.
  8. Definitely fancying this. Would have liked the Southampton saiing but the problem is transport. My car would be in Southampton when we got off the flight in Manchester lol.
  9. Royal Caribbean don't have a credit charge anyway.
  10. We are on Independence soon as well. I will be taking my tux to wear on formal night but as has been said, it is pretty much please yourself.
  11. There will never be an end to it. Middle Easterners favourite pastimes seem to be hatred and death to each other.
  12. Beautiful views port and starboard. Beach House is £7.50 per person but worth it. Most ports of call can be done independently by either stepping off the ship (Stavanger, Flam, Alesund) or a short shuttle ride (Bergen). If going to Olden I would highly recommend going to Briksdal Glacier either on a ship excursion or a tour bus available port side. We found the Flam railway excursion overpriced and not that exciting a journey. If you really want to do it, get off the ship as soon as you can and buy tickets at the station 2 minutes walk away. Much cheaper.
  13. The programme has been helpful. I was thinking of trying a river cruise next year but after watching her Rhone cruise I reckon it is not for me. Most of the filming was done ashore so I guess the actual boat has little interest. It would be nice to visit fresh places along these rivers but I think I would be really bored on these small vessels.
  14. I kept to the rules and only took my children on holiday during school holidays, but it did annoy me when the schools constantly bombard you with the phrase "every day counts", but like has been previously said will shut the school at the mere threat of a snowflake (for the children' s safety apparently, but aren't they safer in class than out in the snow playing all day?) And what about inset days, at least six a year, why are these necessary when teachers could do their training during their excessive holiday periods instead? While we are on the subject of excessive holidays why not reduce these so the children could have more "days that count", do they really need at least six weeks off in the Summer? And why do the local authorities have to use schools as polling stations, aren't there plenty of other buildings to use instead, don't they care that "every day counts"? School finished at 4 o'clock when I was a kid, 2:30 now. That's not helping with their education. I think the phrase "every day counts" really applies to teachers' holidays.
  15. Totally agree. I have seen the odd child being a bit disruptive, but I have seen many more adults causing trouble.