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    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    I have sailed with American cruise lines before, and they have all served food from around the world, not just American style food. And apologies if I put it metaphorically, I didn't literally mean straight from the buffet, I expected a better quality meal than something I would get in the buffet.
  2. iknowlescourier

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    Completely agree, Captain Kidd II. We were on Sapphire Princess a few weeks ago on a Scandinavian cruise. This too was our first experience of Princess and went with high hopes of fantastic food and entertainment. The menus had a decent choice of starters, but only an average choice of mains, and a poor choice of desserts. I thought the portions were small and the quality of the food just above average. On one occasion when the main included chips I expected chunky chips like P&O do but instead got small fries straight from the buffet. Didn’t think much to the house band, but I thought the production shows in the theatre were of a better calibre than P&O, the singers being particularly good. The ship does look dated, but I guess that’s just because of how fast the times are changing for the look of modern cruise ships. The biggest tick I will give Princess though, is on behalf of my 19 year old son who sailed with us. The 18 to 20’s get together arranged for the first night on board is a great ice breaker for older teens who have been used to having a teen club to go to, who may have felt at a loss how to meet up with similar aged teens. In summary, I won’t rush back to Princess anytime soon, but would consider a newer Princess ship in the future if the itinerary was good, just not Sapphire again.
  3. iknowlescourier

    P & O going down hill

    Apologies lol. In my defence though, I have come across passengers who treat cabin stewards like their personal slaves and won't lift a finger to do anything for themselves.
  4. iknowlescourier

    P & O going down hill

    If I needed some water I would go out and get some myself rather than waiting for 26 hours.
  5. iknowlescourier


    If it's an excursion booked with P&O then you need not worry about the time as the ship won't sail without you.
  6. iknowlescourier


    The shuttle dropped us off at the Lille Lungegardsvannet, a small man made lake with a fountain in the centre near the city centre (easy to spot on a map of Bergen). From there it was about a 10 minute walk to the funicular.
  7. iknowlescourier

    The Edge Delivered

    Looks a great ship, but as has been said, a bit on the expensive side. Crazy prices for even an inside cabin, and haven"t even factored in the flights and gratuities. Apex out of Southampton would have been more promising but we've already booked Iona for Spring 2020. Ah well ☹️
  8. iknowlescourier

    MSC ?? do I or dont I book

    Just returned from a Northern Europe cruise on MSC Magnifica out of Southampton. We paid a very good price for the holiday and it included a restaurant and bar alcoholic and coffee drinks package for all three of us (usually third passenger only gets a soft drinks package). Itinerary was excellent, including Bruges, Hamburg and Amsterdam overnight. All the crew members were very good and professional. The balcony cabin was clean and had enough storage space for us all. But for all this, I'm not sure if we will sail with MSC again. I wouldn't describe it as a bad experience, but it wasn't as enjoyable as other cruises we have taken. Mainly disappointed with the food in the MDR (food being a very important part of my holidays lol) and the lack of quality of entertainment in the evening, the bands and vocalists not of a high calibre and the Theatre shows only average. We were holding back on booking MSC Bellissima next year until we had tried Magnifica, and I am afraid we won't be going ahead with that now. Shame, as prices are very good.
  9. iknowlescourier

    MSC boarding times

    Does any one know how strict MSC are with their boarding times? We are sailing from Southampton on Magnifica in a couple of weeks and have been given a time of 16:10. We usually aim to get to Southampton for about 13:00, but won’t bother if we are going to be refused early boarding. Thanks in advance.
  10. iknowlescourier

    MSC boarding times

    Thanks for your comments. I think we will chance it and get there early.
  11. iknowlescourier

    Just Curious !!

    Started cruising in 2007 and have been on 30+ cruises since. Only one was booked with a different TA to Bolsover, that was Iglu who had a really good deal that could’nt be beaten. Nothing wrong with Iglu, but I have always been very happy with Bolsover’s service and , like Mitch, I am only 15 minutes away from their office and can call in any time if I need to.
  12. iknowlescourier

    Iona's deck plans.

    I have never been on a cruise ship where 5000 guests all wanted to do the same thing at the same time so not too concerned lol
  13. iknowlescourier

    P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!

    I know what you mean. There are a lot of ships I would like to try that only do the Caribbean, and I have no desire to go there.
  14. iknowlescourier

    Iona 2020

    We have pre-registered for May 20 for a standard balcony. I was expecting high prices but they are very reasonable. £359 for third passenger 😀
  15. iknowlescourier

    2020 bookings?

    And no 3 & 4 night cruises.
  16. iknowlescourier

    Using your Mobile.

    I am one of those “sad” people who takes their phone everywhere on holiday. I do occasionally call home to check on my parents or my children and let them know about the day we have had. But my phone is used for so many other things. A camera that is with me always, a guide for things to see and do in a place that I am unfamiliar with or find a local cafe etc, a sat nav to help me find my way quickly to a particular place, a currency calculator, an alarm clock, I could go on. However did we cope before smart phones? We managed because we had to. But now we don’t have to, so I have embraced them.
  17. iknowlescourier

    "She fell of a Cruise Ship?"

    Yeah, I heard she was arguing with her husband and threatened to jump overboard. They should bill her for the rescue operation and take all the money off her that she now probably expects to make from interviews.
  18. iknowlescourier

    P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!

    I am sure me and the Missus can squeeze into 70 T of space :-). Poolside space doesn't bother us as we are not sun worshippers and prefer the shade. I think what could be of importance is the amount of entertainment going on. RCI ships tend to have numerous ticket only shows going on at the same time in different areas of the ship which spreads passengers out, where as P&O tend to have only a couple of things going on, sometimes one after the other which causes a wave of people all going from one area to another at the same time and over filling those areas if you get what I mean.
  19. iknowlescourier

    P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!

    We were on Symphony of the Seas earlier this year and never felt overcrowded, so I’m sure Iona will be fine for us.
  20. iknowlescourier

    Iona's new style cabins

    Sounds like a copy of Celebrity Edge's inside/outside balcony.
  21. iknowlescourier


    Hi Hattie. Welcome to the Forum. I am sure you will find plenty of hints and tips on here.
  22. iknowlescourier

    Southampton Car Parking

    Penguin Parking have been good for us. The shuttle buses are frequent, but on disembarkation they are not allowed to wait ship side so you have to give them a call, but usually there is a shuttle waiting for calls just outside the port so you don't have to wait long. Prices are reasonable. When we had to cancel a cruise short notice last year due to an illness Penguin Parking let us transfer the full cost to a future cruise we had booked. Also past users can get a 5% discount off their prices.
  23. iknowlescourier

    Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships

    We too loved Anthem of the Seas and are looking forward to our holiday on Symphony next month. I am quite tempted with the maiden voyage of MSC Bellissima sailing from Southampton next year. We are having our first cruise with MSC later on this year and will decide after that. Celebrity Edge also looks impressive. So many choices :-))
  24. iknowlescourier

    Would you sail on Her.

    Yes, booked for May. I am sorry that me and my family are the sort of people you would aim to avoid, CT Retired Again. Oops, I mean my family and I.
  25. iknowlescourier

    First time cruisers

    If you're thinking of purchasing a drinks package don't forget to take into account the number of days that you are spending time ashore. You will not be drinking as much on board so it may be hard to justify the cost on those days.