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  1. Sea Cruiser


    Hello, welcome to the forum!
  2. Sea Cruiser

    New format for cruising with Jane McDonald

    Whens this back on?
  3. Sea Cruiser

    P&O Cruises Announce Iona Will Be The Name Of Their New Ship for 2020

    I really like the name!
  4. How about this for a cruise!! Viking have revealed their new world cruise offering and the itinerary visits 59 countries lasting 245 days! I love the idea of a world cruise but the longest I’ve ever seen before is around 120 days so this is huge. The cruise is for 2019 and unlike other world cruise sailings I’ve seen, instead of starting in the winter months, it’ll begin in August 2019 on board Viking Sun. The 59 different countries along the way translates to 113 ports, all of which will include a free excursion. Viking are also keeping up their promise of free unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the cruise too! Now this sounds like a dream sailing but even in my wildest dreams, I’m not sure I can afford £66,000 per person!
  5. Sea Cruiser

    Airlines Worst & Best

    Jet2 i've always found good and Thomson Longhaul.
  6. Sea Cruiser

    first time from Southampton

    Glad youve got something sorted Merry Christmas!!
  7. Sea Cruiser

    first time from Southampton

    Ive stayed in the Premier Inn West Quay before and it was great location literally 2 minutes from the docks, and your opposite the shopping centre so great to go out for food and drinks in the evening!
  8. ive not heard anything - what is it thats changing?
  9. Sea Cruiser

    Four hours!! really??

    that does sound very excessive 4 hours. i usually arrive about 2 hours short haul and 3 hours long haul
  10. Sea Cruiser

    To go or not to go?

    I would 100% - it doesnt put me off
  11. yeah i would like to see more about the ship
  12. Hi, I have seen alot now about watch keys for your cabin - do you have to have this or can i still use a normal key card? Thanks in advance!!!
  13. Oh id always thought you'd need a passport
  14. Sea Cruiser

    Thomson Cruises change their name

    oh really? ive seen that thomson are going to tui. i dont understand why theyve changed the cruise name to that!
  15. People just moan about anything!!