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  1. that does sound very excessive 4 hours. i usually arrive about 2 hours short haul and 3 hours long haul
  2. I would 100% - it doesnt put me off
  3. yeah i would like to see more about the ship
  4. Hi, I have seen alot now about watch keys for your cabin - do you have to have this or can i still use a normal key card? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Oh id always thought you'd need a passport
  6. oh really? ive seen that thomson are going to tui. i dont understand why theyve changed the cruise name to that!
  7. People just moan about anything!!
  8. i Dont think anythings been changed yet as its too soon. i think it said on p+o website if anything does change theyll contact you. its awful for the people who live on the islands who have lost everything
  9. yes it was changed a while ago and topics on the forum at the time mentioned too
  10. i just dont think they've released the information yet
  11. Just looked on and Ventura & Adonia are showing today, and on Ventura you can see a MSC Ship in the background in Athens.
  12. Haha, very cheesy but fitting.
  13. i think its really rude when people ask this question, it has nothing to do with anyone else!! keep their noses out!
  14. Hi, ive been booking with bolsover a few times now and what i can see is they take it off your total cost and i believe it depends on the cruise line you book and how much you spend. hope this helps
  15. i agree!! times must be getting hard if theyve change it to less.