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    P&o Gratuities

    Totally agree with you - pay your own tips to who served you and looked after you. They always say "but no-one tips the engine room and galley workers", but they should always have a decent salary and not need more of our money on top of what we have paid the cruise company.
  3. cruiser1

    Solo passengers

    Fred Olsen cruises are fantastic for solos and have a get-together meeting for them on the first day Everyone on board FO ships seems to be very friendly and I never feel alone on their ships after 5 cruises with them and 2 more booked in the near future. Can't say the same for other cruise lines, especially Saga who you would think would cater for solos. Not so - not one meet for singles and made to queue up every night outside the dining room to be allocated a place somewhere they had a space. Felt so disgusted at this treatment as a single female, I complained to them but nothing changed and I would never cruise with them again. Fred Olsen have "singles' tables and the dining room has many of these happy friendly tables. Also, having paid a small fortune for an outside cabin, Saga allocated one with a loud generator next to it which prevented any sleep. I was moved that night to another cabin, but even that had a filthy window which was never cleaned, even though all other ships in port were having all windows cleaned. The Captain was always at the gangway for shore tours so I asked him why we had the dirty windows. His ridiculous answer "because the port authorities do not like dirty water in the sea"! The window cleaners for other cruise lines used self contained water tanks and hoses.
  4. cruiser1

    Big Ship Are Best

    For "singles" the small ships are wonderful as you easily make friends and can find your way round the ship easily. I have done both, as a single and with a partner and it is only up to 900 passengers for me. I cruise to see places, eat superb food, sunbathe, swim and enjoy nightly shows - what else could you want as an adult? Not for me the Disney ships with hoards of people.
  5. cruiser1

    Britannia Ship Visit Photos 8 March 2015

    Much too big a ship for me. Give me the smaller ships any day as you find a much friendlier ship and do not have to spend a few days finding your way round these monsters. Also, these huge ships are spoiling many parts of the world, particularly small islands where 4000 people pour off just one ship and, if two ships are in, that is 8000 people!!
  6. cruiser1

    Price Per Person Or Price Per Cabin

    As I am now cruising as a single, I think it is very unfair to add at least a 50% supplement to the cruise price as I certainly do NOT consume the food that 2 people would and there is only one bed to make up in the cabin. I do appreciate that there would be 2 fares percabin but, as stated, that includes all the food for 2 people.
  7. cruiser1

    How Big Is Too Big?

    For me anything that carries over 2500 passengers is too big. I have seen in the last 30 years the character of lovely Caribbean islands completely ruined by the building of huge expensive shopping malls in place of what used to be lovely local craft shops. These huge floating skyscrapers flood the island with 4000 passengers off each ship and everywhere is overcrowded for a few hours. Not my idea of the Caribbean and I can't understand how the new malls can make any money as they are full of jewellery and other expensive items that no-one buys as better prices exist in home countries. Give me the small, albeit older ships, like Fred Olsen's fleet where it is easy to make friends and the atmosphere is very friendly. You would be lucky to see the same person twice on the huge monster ships and even luckier to find your cabin (sorry - now called Stateroom!). Finally, what are these huge ships doing to the ports around these small islands?