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  1. I realise the whole topic was a wind up but it is interesting the number of presumably ardent cruiser's who are looking again at P&O with a different view. I stated previously as part of this thread that my wife and I were thoroughly tired of the cruise company that took loyalty so lightly and were pitching their selves at a new market that had little to do with the traditional British market. Bon voyage
  2. I believe the respondents to this topic have revealed the truth about P&O and their future business plan. The shift towards a 3star Butlins at sea with no consideration to loyalty. We have been loyal with over 450 sea days with them. No more. The cost of moving to the premium market and once again enjoying the holiday for us is money well spent.
  3. geoffstravels

    Loyalty from P&O transferred

    I agree with sinbad10 above. We had cruised regularly with P&O, particularly, Adonia and Oriana, and requested the migration of loyalty scheme to that of Princess. Hindsight has proven this to have been a wise decision as we have become disappointed with the standards of P & O and sickened with the removal of Adonia to Fathom. Yes she is back but not refitted to her original capacity. Pacific and Ocean Princess are now our preferred vessels.
  4. geoffstravels

    Cruising around the Greek Islands

    I believe the intention was to 'unblock' villages and Heritage sites and this was to be achieved by limiting the size of visiting ships, and hence quantity of tourists. An earlier example being the attempts by Venice to claw back it's heritage and dispose of the cheap and tacky image generated. Of particular note is that smaller ships tend to be in the premium end of the market. As mentioned in my original response on this topic, Santorini saw its primary income from hotel revenue. Perhaps they believe the premium cruise visitor whilst fewer in number will more likely stay for lunch and purchase quality souvenir and excursions. As you correctly indicate this could reduce the number of ports available to the mass market, although I suspect this will be well received by those whose only wish is to ride the dodgems and water flumes on board rather than investigate the local culture and history. Every cloud has a silver lining!!!!
  5. geoffstravels

    why should i choose Regent seven seas over Seabourn?

    We have cruised with Regent and they were OK but not exceptional. The food is ordinary but occasionally quite bland. Seabourn are much better in every aspect, but if you want to return home with a huge satisfied grin try Windstar.
  6. geoffstravels

    Cruising around the Greek Islands

    A couple of months ago the Santorini hoteliers complained about cruise ships dominating the sound and the quantity of passengers were ruining the stay of their guests. With regards the town, it stated the cruise passengers spent very little whilst the hotel guests added to the economy. They asked for a considerable reduction in visiting ships and/or allowing only small and mid size ships/yachts. The change,that appears unsubstantiated, could be their response!
  7. geoffstravels

    Favourite Caribbean Island?

    All Caribbean islands are slightly different and have their own character. Outstanding and totally different is Mustique. My wife and I have been there once and certainly intend to return. It truly is like no other
  8. The answer is yes it is but, very much more important is to ensure you upgrade to premium economy if you are taking the P&O charter. I'm sure you have heard the term Cattle Class, well they feel they have to live up to that on these charter flights, Thompson or Thomas Cook.. It's just like Easy Jet only for a lot longer. and the so called Dreamliners are anything but!!
  9. geoffstravels

    Finally booked our first cruise aboard Regent's Navigator of the Seas

    Completed our first cruise with Regent on board the Navigator, Rome to Athens. Over all we have to admit disappointment. The ship is good and the staterooms fine but: Lunch time food is poor whether by the pool or on the terrace. I have eaten better on Ocean/Pacific Princess. The deck space on sea days is very limited, one guest counted 130 sun beds for 460 passengers. If a little shade is sought it again is very limited as seating is only available on the sun deck and non on the lower covered deck space. The main dinning room and Prime 7 are of good standard and the wines offered of reasonable quality. We have booked Oceania next but feel our previous cruise on Windstar has raised the bar so high that others will fail to provide the same quality and value for money. We will see!!
  10. geoffstravels

    Princess Cruises Onboard Account Conversion

    As a regular with Princess, Windstar and Regent I found it better all round to open a US Dollar account with my bank. When the exchange rates are good I use a currency broker to convert GBP to $US. No bank or cruise line fees, you are in charge.
  11. geoffstravels

    Flight Seat Booker with P&O Cruises

    My wife and I were on Adonia ( yes I know its sad that she is gone and unlikely to do any more exoctic cruises) for the Amazon cruise earlier this year and flew from Gatwick. I appreciate you stated about your lack of seating preferences, BUT my strong advice would be to bite the bullet, upgrade to premium and enjoy the flight rather than endure it. This gives you comfortable seats, choice of food and open bar, and being forward, much quieter. Failing that do as previously mentioned, check seat guru and pre book.
  12. Hi, Yes Windstar purchased 3 ships from Seabourn a couple of years ago, ran them through multimillion pound refits and set them to work mostly seasonally in the Med and the Pacific. They each have a nominal 220 passenger capacity. We have mostly cruised on the small to medium size ships, typically the old R8 ships held by P&O, Princess and Oceania. Of course P&O sent the Adonia to the American market. Princess sold off the Ocean Princess and only has the Pacific Princess aboard which we are doing a large portion of her world cruise next January. For 2018 we are with the Nautica and of on Regents Navigator in August. I mention this only so that you have some idea of what we consider to be our type of cruise ship, and more importantly the type of passenger which we would prefer to associate with.!! Enjoy Geoff
  13. Hi Nikos, All the above are good suggestions based on experience versus expectations. Can I throw one more at you. All the lines/ships mentioned are small to mid size vessels. Last year we travel with Windstar on the Star Pride. At the time there were 131 passengers with 147 crew. The food, accommadation, personal attention and general attention to detail were exceptional. If you think you may enjoy a small informal ship and meet some like minded passengers then don't overlook Windstar. Geoff
  14. We spent two months on Adonia (may she rest in peace) over the christmas new year period this year. One of our ports of call was St Lucia. We booked, with four others a private tour to Hotel Chocolat. The have a website, hotelchocolat.com, and you can book a tour of their cocoa plantation and go on to their kitchen area to make your own chocolate bars from scratch. You will see from the website that the location at Boucan under one of the Pitons is unbelievable. We stayed for lunch which was excellent, I use the excellent advisably. The hotel, if you contact them with your cruise details will organise a taxi for you at the quay side and give you a memorable day you will be talking about for years to come, honestly! It's a little expensive at around $80 plus taxi, cheaper in a taxi for six or eight, but it will be money well spent. I can't praise the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff enough. Have a great day. As a separate item we did do a P&O organised tour on St Kitts. That was a cookery school Fairview guest house. The chef taught how to make genuine jerk chicken and prepare a proper caribbean menu. It was a great half day that gave an insight to domestic life. Perhaps not what you were asking for but don't overlook the better cruise line excursions.
  15. geoffstravels

    (Ex P & O) Adonia sets sails for Cuba

    Hi Captain Kidd. Your poser about why couldn't P&O make Adonia pay may be the wrong question. My thoughts are that P&O have given up on the slightly higher quality market and have moved their sights to 'never mind the quality, feel the width' standard of cruiser. I will be on her sister, Pacific Princess, world cruise next year, January. I hope Princess keep that ship rather hive it off like her other sister Ocean Princess. My Baltic level P&O loyalty will lapse as I can't envisage being tempted back by the existing P&O fleet. Sad Times