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    where will Virgin cruises fit into the market?

    I love the Virgin brand. Looking at the ship, it looks very yacth like, very sleek. I could imagine it would be very fun and quirky on board. I could imagine it will be a very welcome new brand, especially opening up to the adult only market.
  2. willow_12

    Britannia Dining

    100% Sindhu. The menu and service are fantastic!! Well worth the small supplement. We also dined in The Epicurean. We did this on the first night of our cruise, and because of this, there was a reduction in the supplement. Again, the service and the food are amazing. Nothing is rushed. Great atmosphere. Enjoy
  3. willow_12

    P&O Policy reagrding taking alcohol on board

    You are still allowed to take on board 1 litre per person. I think 1 litre of alcohol per person is more than adequate. That would take us a fair few weeks to drink!
  4. willow_12

    Briksdal Glacier then & now

    Whoa! We went there back in June. STUNNING!
  5. willow_12

    Hotel in nyc

    We stayed in The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC. This is just around the corner from Grand Central Station. Gorgeous lobby area and the rooms are really comfortable.
  6. There are so many fantastic cruise deals out now for the Caribbean. If i had holidays left at work, i would definitley take advantage of these. With the recent devastation of some of the Caribbean islands, i do feel one of the ways to be able to help them is still to bring tourism into the surrounding areas through cruising etc. Hopefully the islands will start to bounce back soon. Would you still visit the Caribbean so soon after the hurricanes?
  7. willow_12

    To go or not to go?

    It is great to see all this support! I know i spoke to friends who have recently returned from the area, and locals were so grateful they were still visiting!
  8. willow_12

    Britannia to the Fjords

    We had a balcony cabin port side on the Britannia. You will get views on either side once cruising the fjords. But we found we were always facing the port when we had docked, which was nice. We dined in Sindhu and it was fantastic! The service and food was worth the extra supplement. We also tried Epicurean, and again this was faultless. Either restaurant would be great for a special occasion. We also did the Briksdal Glacier excursion which i would do again - beautiful. Even the drive to the glacier is gorgeous and the guide very informative. Other ports of call - Stavanger, Bergen and Alesund - we did not do excursions here and in all ports you can just walk off the ship and explore independently.
  9. willow_12


    On our recent Britannia cruise, we could never find a room service menu in our cabin. I just presumed they had stopped with the room service.
  10. willow_12


    We decided to leave the tips on our account on our recent Britannia cruise. The main factor for making this decision is that we didn't come prepared with cash sterling and only changed money onboard into Norwegian Krone. However, I did feel slightly awkward when saying goodbye to our cabin steward and not handing anything over to her. We did let her know we had left our tips on - I just hope she did receive her fair share. In the future I would always tip cash in hand and definitly at least the recommended amount.
  11. Hi We are going to the Norweigian Fjords on the Britannia, and one of the ports is Stavanger. We have seen the images of Pulpit Rock and would love to climb it. As far as i can see on the P&O excursions, we can only see the rock from water level. Has anyone ever climbed the rock and have any tips on if its even possible to get there in the limited port time?
  12. willow_12

    Stavanger - Pulpit Rock

    Thank you both looking at our time in port, it does say we depart early afternoon. So i'm guessing we would have to be back on the ship by 4pm. I think we might just end up doing the tour you have mentioned Mugoob. A lot less chance of not getting back to the ship in time.
  13. willow_12

    Stavanger - Pulpit Rock

    hhmmm. It's looking llike this isn't going to be possible. Judging by the time frame you've just mentioned though, it does make sense that no one offers it. Such a shame, the views look amazing!
  14. willow_12

    Stavanger - Pulpit Rock

    Thank you Furby. I have tried it yes, but they don't have anything suitable.
  15. willow_12

    Oceana or Azura?

    Hi Even though cruise holidays are available right into 2019, we are only just thinking about our 2017 holiday! We cannot decide between the Oceana Greek fly cruise for 7 nights. Or the Azura Canaries cruise for 12 nights. I have heard mixed reviews on the Oceana, and just wondered if anyone has done a cruise on this ship recently and can give feedback? Ive sailed on the Azura before. Thanks
  16. Found this very interesting to see how they built the ship in two halves, in two different docks and had to float one half to meet and join with the other! I can imagine a very tense moment for all involved, hoping the two parts fit together perfect - which of course they did! Beautiful ship.
  17. willow_12

    Sea sickness

    My friend suffers badly from sea sickness. She used the sea bands that you wear on your wrists and they really helped her
  18. Mine would be standing on the observation deck, sailing in to Venice on the Ventura. Also, on the same cruise, seeing a pod of Dolphins jumping out of the water along side of the ship
  19. willow_12

    Is Fred Olsen's Drink Package Worth It?

    I would also go for the drinks package. From what i have read recently i believe the cost has increased to £15 per person per night, but that is still very good value for money. I'd say with 4 or 5 drinks a day you would have got your money's worth. Even if its just on soft drinks.
  20. willow_12

    Cruising around the Greek Islands

    Im not sure Sammy Sun. I only realised once i was pricing up the Oceana and comparing the old brochure to the current itinerary. I also noticed they've taken Kusadasi out too (presumably because of the troubles out there). Maybe it was down to the geography of the area.
  21. willow_12

    Cruising around the Greek Islands

    I know they took Santorini out of the Oceana itineraries, but have not heard anything else.
  22. willow_12

    Oceana or Azura?

    Thanks everyone eyes12 the Azura sails from Southampton and the Ocean sails from Malta. We both feel the ship does make the holiday, but the itinerary of the Oceana one is more appealing. Decisions, decisions!
  23. We didn't book our flight seats for the Caribbean flight at all, but we still got seats together.
  24. willow_12

    Grand prix tickets

    I have family friends waiting for these tickets too. I think they were told mid November, but that time has passed. So they're just keeping a constant check on their cruise personaliser. I know normally though, shore excursions become available 120 days before
  25. willow_12

    Secret Santa in the office at Christmas

    I was going to suggest a few lottery tickets. Imagine if the receiver won the jackpot though......