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  1. Thanks for that. I only noticed Oriana because we're on her in October as well as TODAY. Very excited sitting here in the Holiday Inn waiting to go aboard.😀
  2. Does anyone know why Oriana doesn't appear on the Southampton cruise ship schedule after June 2018? The other P & O ships are there but not Oriana. Thanks.
  3. Tonight's programme on Channel 5 about the problems building QE2 might be interesting.
  4. I don't really like the idea. If some one is staying at a hotel for 2 weeks & reserves the best beds then someone else who's only there for a week doesn't get a chance. And what happens to the beds if the folk who reserved them go out for the day - would they just stay empty even if some people couldn't get beds or would they be allowed on them & then fight it out if the others returned? It will need a lot of policing till people get used to it. We've stayed at a hotel that didn't open the pool area till 8.00am & another that removed anything left unattended on beds before 9.00am and this seemed to work well.
  5. Congratulations on your award. Well deserved.
  6. If they do get rid of Oriana I hope they change one of the other ships such as Oceana or Aurora to adult only.
  7. We had perfectly drinkable bottles of red, white & rose on Oriana in December for about £16-£18 per bottle. The wine menu has some very reasonably priced bottles & goes up to very expensive bottles. If you look on the P & O website Q & A section under drinks menu it will show you a wine list although it doesn't give any prices but it will give you some idea of what you can get.
  8. Don't worry about it as it was probably predictive text & should have said prepay your tips. Have a wonderful cruise & welcome to the forum.
  9. That's good. Something to look forward to & plan for during this gloomy time of year. (Snowing here at the moment).
  10. Not at all Bettyboo. As an adult only ship it does have a lot of more mature passengers but there has always been a range of ages when we've been on her (6 times so far). We're also in our sixties & I would guess that that is about the average age. Anyway the older folk certainly seem to know how to have fun! I'm sure you'll have a great time.
  11. There was a similar thing on here at the weekend that I reported.
  12. Oriana's next cruise should be a 12 night one on January 30th. We're on the following one on February 11th. These are the rearranged ones for after her trip to dry dock & we have our e-tickets even though it doesn't appear on the cruise ship schedule.
  13. People's circumstances change such as health issues etc so what's unfortunate for them is lucky for you. I hope you find a cruise that suits you & have a lovely time.
  14. We'd moved up a tier for our last cruise & didn't get a pin because they'd run out on the ship.😀
  15. Welcome to the forum Liza. I always make sure I've got chargers for everything & indigestion tablets! I've got a master list that I keep with my holiday stuff & just copy it out for each holiday adjusting it to suit either a cruise or land based holiday. Over the years it's made life a lot simpler as I don't have to think too much & rarely miss anything out.