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  1. I wouldn't have thought that there was much more to see of the boat itself as we saw the the cabins, the atrium, the bars etc. I enjoy Janes take on the ports as she makes everything look fun & doesn't push the ship's tours but shows what you can do by yourself. To me it's a fun look at cruising rather than a serious travelogue & I really like Janes singing at the end.
  2. Not my idea of fun either but unlike Mayway I'd give it a try if it was free! It might be better than I imagine it to be.
  3. We've had 1 upgrade with P & O. We had picked our cabin & were upgraded to one 3 categories higher a couple of weeks before we sailed. It was only 7 doors away from the original one & identical inside the only difference being that it was slightly more midships.
  4. We Brits get very variable weather which we like to talk about as we can get sun, rain, clouds,snow, hail & wind all in a few hours but nothing that extreme for which I for one am extremely grateful. The devastation that Harvey & Irma have caused is terrible & it's hard to imagine how the people are coping.
  5. We're on her soon too littlemousa. Perhaps we're on the same cruise.
  6. Welcome to the forum Anita. Most men do seem to stick to the dress code & wear formal suits on the formal evenings & although the majority wear black I have seen quite a few in white jackets.
  7. I'm very glad you posted this afcandrew as I like lots of sea days & as you say a lack of them makes these cruises less appealing. It's still a very stunning ship though.
  8. Just watched the first episode & I must say that is certainly a stunning ship - with prices to match. Jane was a joy to watch (including her singing) & the sequence in the launderette certainly struck a chord - I will certainly see out of order signs in a different light now!
  9. Do we know who did the best review & so won the competition?
  10. We usually take 3 between us if going from Southampton & cram everything into 2 if it's a fly cruise.
  11. I have read on a few threads about having your own consultant with Bolsover. We've booked quite a few cruises with them now ( currently got 3 booked over the next 18 months) & I've never spoken to the same person twice. Whenever I've phoned them whether it's to book, pay or just ask a question I've been dealt with by whoever answered the phone so how does this personal consultant thing work?
  12. I'll be watching because I thought the last series was really good & Jane comes over as a very nice friendly person.
  13. Not this year as we'll actually be on a cruise. Went last year & really enjoyed it (especially all the freebies). The NEC is nice & easy to get to especially by train.
  14. Ive just had a look & they seem to have gone again! 8 blank pictures.