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  1. P & O state that they are doing it then because a dry dock has become available. They do not seem to saying what the technical issues are. We're on her next month so it will be interesting to see if she has more vibrations than usual.
  2. I've just been looking at the drink menus on the P & O website mainly to see which cocktails I fancy on our next cruise & have discovered that they no longer show any prices except for 14 sample prices which are "subject to change". This seems to be a recent change & I wondered if this means that prices are going up now that they are getting stricter on bringing alcohol on board. Has anyone been on a P & O ship recently & noticed a change in prices?
  3. Thought of a plus side - we always get a window table at breakfast.
  4. If you like cricket & the dates fit the cricket ground is within walking distance from the ship. We went to watch an inter island match for a few hours which was cheap to enter & quite entertaining. (& the toilet facilities were great)
  5. We've been on 4 P&O ships & have never had a problem finding a window seat in the buffet for breakfast. I think this is because my husband goes for a walk round the decks by 6.45 at the latest & comes back ready for his breakfast about 7am. I get up at least 1 hour earlier on holiday than I do at home but on the plus side ...I can't think of a plus side at the moment. 😀
  6. I do remember spangles. My favourites were Old English flavour.
  7. I still buy flying saucers for my husband. I remember going into a few of our local corner shops as a child & asking to see the 1d, 2d & 3d trays. It could take a long time to decide what to spend my thruppence on. I remember Cadbury chocolate came in narrow 1d bars or wider 2d bars & fruit salad & black jacks were 4 for 1d.
  8. Some were well oiled before we left Southampton. I. Would imagine that a lot of them bought a bottle of spirits on board with them. Even the new policy won't stop people after all vodka looks a lot like water when it's in a water bottle!
  9. I totally agree with the new policy. We did one on Oriana & we said never again. Drunk people heckling during the shows, jumping in the pool fully dressed & wearing scanty clothing with slogan t-shirts & wedding veils on formal night is not my idea of a pleasant cruise.
  10. I watched the Star Clipper show last night. It looked beautiful in full sail but I don't think I would like to be on it for more than a few hours mainly because the deck space looked very limited & cluttered & at one point the narrator did say that the passengers only had a choice of being on deck or having a massage. The atrium looked stunning & large for the size of ship & the crew climbing among the rigging had my heart in my mouth. Lovely ship but I prefer to see it from a distance in all its glory.
  11. Welcome to the forum torquay2. Yes you can still opt out on P & O by going to reception once on board.
  12. This sounds like something that I'd love to try Nimrod. I'll look forward to reading about your experiences. Have a wonderful time.
  13. The luggage in the baggage hall is arranged by decks which makes it easier to find your own bags. So it stands to reason that decks with less cabins have less luggage to search through - We were amazed to find how easy it was when we came back on Adonia compared with say Ventura. We've only had 1 bag go missing and that was soon found amongst the ones on a different deck. Make sure your cases are distinctive either by their design or by tying a patterned scarf (or similar) to the handle.
  14. We're on Oriana from the 7th Dec and as it's supposed to be a Christmas cruise I'm really hoping it will be decorated & laden with mince pies!
  15. Really enjoyed your musings & photos Mitch. Enjoy your last day at sea across Biscay.