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  1. 2torts

    New to forum

    Welcome aboard Harpers.🛳
  2. 2torts

    Icelandic currency

    Thanks Jenjen, we're really looking forward to it as it will be something a bit different although it will be sad to say goodbye to Oriana.
  3. We're visiting iceland & the Faroe Islands in July & aren't sure if we will need local currency. We've booked shore excursions with refreshments so will probably only need money for souvenirs. Would we be ok to just use a credit card rather than just getting say £100 worth of currency which we might not use especially in the Faroes? Do the ship's carry these 2 currencies if we decide we really do need some? Thanks.
  4. 2torts

    P & O website troubles

    I still can't get it to show me any prices at all.
  5. 2torts

    Jane back on Friday.

    Just at the end as usual. We actually got a brochure in the post today with that cruise in it - looks interesting.
  6. 2torts

    P & O website troubles

    Thanks sinbad.
  7. 2torts

    P & O website troubles

    Please help. Has anyone tried using the P & O website lately? It looks very different & I can't find where to go to view cruises or get prices. I can only get into the personaliser by putting "P & O personaliser" into a search engine as it seems to be hiding on the main website. Hopefully the site is still under construction but does anyone know?
  8. 2torts

    Jane back on Friday.

    Yes, she always makes it look such fun & I enjoy her singing.
  9. 2torts

    Well Done Bolsover

    Yes indeed. Congratulations Bolsover.
  10. 2torts

    Back to Back

    Do you have to book both cruises at the same time to get a reasonable discount rather than adding one on at a later date?
  11. 2torts

    Afternoons on Board

    Hi LesleyB. Not everyone goes on excursions - some folk explore on their own & some stay on the ship. The tour buses drop you off where they pick up at ship although some ports give the option of getting off in the town centre & making your own way back to the ship either on foot or on the shuttle bus if one is provided. On return to the ship we usually go for lunch (if it's a half day excursion) & afterwards there will be some activities which are listed in the ship's paper which you get the night before delivered to your cabin. Horizon (P & O's paper) lists activities throughout the day from early morning till late at night including the gym classes, dancing classes, lectures, quizzes, film times, deck game competitions, card & craft get together a etc. There will be plenty for you to do & most things you just turn up but again the paper will say if you need to book. Have a wonderful cruise.
  12. 2torts

    New style blog

    IT did take a bit of getting used to but I think I've found the bits I use now.
  13. 2torts

    Drinks Package

    About the same as us Davybe.
  14. 2torts

    Got any Snow

    Had a hard frost here in Northamptonshire last night but it's been a lovely sunny day today.
  15. 2torts

    Drinks Package

    The Costa coffee card has gone from £22.50 for 10 drinks to nearly £11 per person per day. We used to share a card but there's no way we would get through enough coffee to justify paying this so well just pay as we go.