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  1. 2torts

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone from us too. Also as our local supermarket has Easter eggs in all shapes & sizes may we be the first to wish everyone a very happy Easter!
  2. 2torts


    We got back on Monday & since then I’ve put the tree & decorations up, posted the cards, iced the cake & sorted the last of the presents out. Oh. & booked my first flu jab. Time for a Baileys I think😂
  3. 2torts

    Costa coffee

    We're just back from Aurora and a small latte etc was £2.60. You still get complimentary cake etc. but no more Costa cards.
  4. 2torts


    Thanks, afcandrew. I’ll give it a try.
  5. 2torts


    On the other hand on our July cruise we had to hurry up to Reykjavik due to a medical emergency so had an extra 1\2 day & overnight there & also got back to Southampton a day early due to ship maintenance work so had overnight there (we weren’t allowed off the ship). The missed port of Dublin changed to an overnight in Cobh but working out the new port charges would have taken some doing 🤔
  6. 2torts


    I also got the email yesterday & had a go at using it. The email mentioned the cruise that we’ve got booked in Oct 21 & that worked but the one we’ve got booked before that doesn’t work. I too found it strange that the dob goes from 1882 (but it made a nice change to feel younger) but it also seemed strange that the old personaliser started with babies who wouldn’t be using it & made me feel older every year as I had to scroll further down😂 It does seem to be more complicated to use & I still haven’t found “brochure in the post” box that Dysart Cruisers mentioned. The whole P & O website seems to have got a lot harder to use & a lot worse to find anything in my opinion.
  7. 2torts


    We’ve missed ports due to bad weather but also due to maintenance work at the port & most recently we missed out Dublin as the ship couldn’t get into its allocated berth.
  8. 2torts

    Aurora restricted view cabins

    I think that they only appeared after the refit to make it adult only. We have booked an outside cabin for 2001 & noticed that the obstructed cabins were more expensive than ours. They seem to be larger but personally I’d rather have a clear view.
  9. 2torts

    Where is everyone

    It has certainly been quiet lately. We’re off on Aurora in November. Hope all goes well for you Davybe.
  10. 2torts

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    Take care on the Metro RayO. When we tried it three people, one of whom was allegedly blind, bumped into my husband as they got off the train. When we got on he discovered that his bumbag had been unzipped & his wallet had gone from underneath his sunglasses. It was very skilfully done but has tainted Lisbon for me ever since.
  11. 2torts


    Congratulations Bolsover on your 2 new awards.🎉
  12. Have a lovely, relaxing time mitch & try not to overdo it😀⚓️
  13. 2torts

    Worth Watching (Maybe)

    Nor would we. I don't think we're posh enough cos having a butler would drive me mad (hands off my dirty washing- don't wrap it up when clean either) & I'd we terrified of breaking something!⚱🔨😢
  14. 2torts

    More about Iona

    I wondered about that as well. The information on the dining options makes it sound really good but gives no clues about which are included & which are extra except for ones that we already know from other ships e.g. Glass House.
  15. 2torts

    Britannia Fight Night?

    In the paper today it says that a witness said that people were drinking as much as they could with their unlimited drinks packages. If true maybe P & O should halve the package prices & at the same time halve the number of alcoholic drinks that come with the package. That could lead to more people buying the package as with unlimited soft drinks & coffees & perhaps 3 or 4 alcoholic drinks it would suit more people. If you drink more you could then buy it. It would stop people who drink a lot of alcohol just to get their money's worth & are perhaps not used to drinking so much every day from getting so drunk.