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  1. 2torts

    Just Curious !!

    A friend recommended Bolsover to us and we've used them ever since. We currently have 4 cruises booked with them over the next 2 years. However we've never quite worked out how this one to one consultant works as no matter what we phone them for whether it's to book, pay or just ask a question we are always dealt with by whoever answers the phone in a friendly, efficient manner.
  2. 2torts

    Is it me?

    Indeed the word thick is used there so I apologise to you however Dancing Queen does say that the students were very clever so does not use the word in the sense of being stupid more in the sense of lack of the basic skills that we learned in primary school.
  3. 2torts

    Is Hybrid the way to go.

    How much does it cost to charge a battery & if a lot of people buy hybrids would the current power stations be able to cope?
  4. 2torts

    Is it me?

    Yours is the only post in this topic that has used the word thick.
  5. 2torts

    Is it me?

    That what we were thinking.
  6. 2torts

    Is it me?

    Yesterday my oh needed a new cable for his I-pad charger so went into the Apple Store in Southampton. He got chatting to the assistant & discovered that she was a student at the university doing business studies. The cable cost £19 & as he was buying 2 he jokingly asked for a discount. She said no as she had to charge the price that came up on her machine. So he said ok I'll give you £38. She again said no as she had to charge the price on her machine. She scanned the cables & then said in a surprised voice oh that is £38! Shouldn't all university students be able to work out that 2 x £19 is £38 without needing a calculator especially ones doing business studies?
  7. 2torts

    Packing why is it so stressful

    If you're feeling a bit daring you could always go commando.😀🙈
  8. 2torts

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I quite enjoy packing to go on a cruise as I just follow my list. Packing to come home is a bit sad but easy enough as I know everything that's ours has to go in a case or bag. The one thing I really detest doing is unpacking when we get home. The washing isn't a problem it's all the bits & pieces that we seem to have accumulated & the half used bottles of toiletries etc. Then there's all the post (mostly junk mail) & e-mails (also mainly junk ones) to deal with. My OH is secretary of a local football league & usually has at least a couple of hundred e-mails per weeks cruise to get to grips with.
  9. 2torts


    It's the last night of the proms & I'm sitting here surrounded by the 17 flags that I've accumulated from the great British sail aways over the years. I knew they would come in useful for something.🎼🛳😀
  10. 2torts

    2020 Itineraries

    I also love the sea days. When we're ashore I've usually had enough mooching about after 2-3hours & can't wait to be back on board.
  11. 2torts

    2020 bookings?

    As you say towny44 it's best to ring & check. The one that we've registered for was around £1800 on P & Os site but an eye watering £70040.00 on Bolsovers. I got the biggest discount ever on Bolsovers price😂😂
  12. 2torts

    2020 Itineraries

    We've just pre registered an 18 nighter on Aurora for June 2020. Aurora looks fairly similar to Oriana on the deck plans to me so I hope it will become our favourite ship after Oriana has sailed away from P & O.
  13. 2torts

    Drunk's on Planes.

    We once did a day trip by coach to Dublin. A local firm was trying it out to see if it was viable. We left at 4am & the couple behind us decided that they didn't want to rest quietly like everyone else so they had a very loud picnic. We were due to have a stop on the way to Wales but were so early that nowhere was open so went straight through with no stop arriving at the ferry port with hours to wait. After a very rough crossing we were back on the coach where 1 gentleman had obviously whiled away the time drinking. At every pub or bar we passed he would shout out that he wanted to go into the 'church'. After a stop in a park we arrived in Dublin city centre where we had about an hour to get lunch & then it was back on the coach to come home. He must have got stuck in a church because he didn't come back with us. Having driven through Wales in the dark in the morning I wanted to watch the scenery go past on the way home but unfortunately was so tired that I fell asleep and missed it again. We arrived back about midnight & the company never tried to do Dublin in a day again.😀💤
  14. 2torts

    How soon do you book.

    We try to book our preferred cruise when they first come out so at least 18 months in advance. We have booked when on board a couple of times but didn't gain any benefits from doing so. We also book any bargain cruises that we get to hear about e.g. the 50% off Adonia cruises last year & the replacement cruises on Oriana last February.
  15. 2torts

    P&O's new drink packages?

    Has anyone been on a cruise that had the new packages? I just wondered if they were proving popular as ir seems to have gone a bit quiet on the subject even on the P & O website.