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  1. Gratuities

    I don't agree that you shouldn't be allowed to remove gratuities mainly because there would be nothing to stop them selling a cruise at a bargain price & then charging say £50 a night gratuities. I also think that you should be allowed longer than a day or so to remove them because you don't know what problems you might encounter. I would like to see a small amount built into the price (say £5 per night) & then leave it up to us to reward good service at the end of the cruise to e.g. Cabin stewards.
  2. Gratuities

    Welcome to the forum edwards. You make a very reasonable point. I wonder what they print (if this is true) if you reduce the amount payable or if 1 of a couple opts out & the other one uses their card in the bars etc.
  3. P&O have done it again!!!

    I agree with you loz6. I like to have a wander round the shops with out buying but when in port & the shops are shut it can seem dull & deserted like a ghost town.
  4. We had a brochure from Saga about this today which included a sample menu for The Club by Jools so I'm wondering if it will be like the Limelight Club on Britannia.
  5. Hi

    Welcome aboard Inamay.
  6. New format for cruising with Jane McDonald

    I'll definitely be watching. I like to see different ships & places & think Janes a great presenter.
  7. Looking forward to the new series. I'd like to experience New Zealand so will watch with interest.
  8. Maybe it's just the way it was shown but there didn't look as if there is room for many sun beds for the amount of passengers.
  9. It's ok if a bit short. I hope they paint it on in big letters or it'll get lost😄
  10. Blood types

    In today's newspaper it says that scientists have found a link between blood types & the E.coli bacteria. It latches on to cells in blood type A (about 40% of British people) but not O or B. I wondered if it's the same for norovirus on board ships. We've been on a few cruises that have had an outbreak but so far we've been lucky enough not to get it. We're both blood type O so is it just luck or do the A folk get struck down more often?
  11. First time cruisers

    Hi Derek555. I think they speak Catalan rather than pure Spanish in Barcelona but most people that you will come across usually have very good English skills. I hope you have a wonderful cruise & Venice is an amazing place.
  12. Insurance details

    Thanks Mitch, thats what I thought I would have to do but I just wanted someone else to agree with me.
  13. I know that you have to give the cruise lines your insurance details before you sail but we have annual insurance & our policy runs out half way through a cruise. If we renew with a different company we probably wouldn't have a new policy in place until just before we sail so would we have to get in touch with P &O to give them the new policy details or just give them the old policy details only?
  14. I'm the same with Lisbon so we always take an excursion when we dock there. However in February we took the shuttle bus & just wandered to the big square near the sea via the sardine shop & although I still felt a bit on edge we did have a lovely time.
  15. Choosing from the ones we've been on so far it would have to be Oriana. She's big enough to have plenty of choice of things to do & places to go & small enough to get around if struggling to walk which you probably would be if you were on it for the rest of your days due to old age, too much food & not enough exercise.