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  1. Spadger44

    Would you pay to reserve your sunbed?

    I think the only way to reserve a sunbed or indeed a theatre seat aboard a cruise ship is to sit on it. If you leave it, then someone else can use it, and you will need to find another one ( which under this system would always be available).
  2. Spadger44

    P&O Policy reagrding taking alcohol on board

    I am pleased about the new policy on taking drinks aboard and the ban on inappropriate clothing. Too many people are using short cruises as stag or hen parties with the sole intention of getting as drunk as possible as quickly as possible and spoiling the cruise for everyone else. Royal Caribbean, have had the policy for some years that one may bring bottles of drinks aboard from various ports of call as long as they were surrendered to security for safe keeping and delivered to your cabin on the last day of the cruise. P&O's policy of allowing one litre of alcohol per passenger upon initial embarkation seems perfectly fair to me. I for one am getting fed up with the number of chavs downgrading what should be a special experience to most.
  3. Spadger44

    Balcony or no balcony?

    I wouldn't bother with a balcony on the Brittania, the balconies are miniscule, with only just enough room for two chairs, but then we weren't impressed with Brittania at all: souless and totally lacking in "wow factor".
  4. Spadger44

    How much did you pay???!!

    I agree, one shouldn't compare the price paid by other passengers. A bargain is only when both buyer and seller are satisfied with the deal: just leave it at that.
  5. In most of the replies I've read regarding formal nights people want formal nights retained: it make the evening special. I for one object to how cruise holidays are being downgraded because they want to attract the people that can't be bothered to make an effort.
  6. Spadger44

    P&O launching drinks packages

    We have been on several cruises with Celebrity where the price included a drinks package. We didn't find any evidence of people abusing the system by drinking excessively, in fact, we have booked another cruise aboard the Celebrity Silhouette. The drinks package played a big part in our choosing of the cruise line.
  7. We have done three of these "ship's visits", two in Southampton aboard the Oriana and Grand Princess, and once in Portsmouth aboard Fred Olsen's Boudicca. All were around £25 per person and included a three course lunch with wine and a guided tour of the ship. We boarded around 10:00am and disembarked around 2:30 pm. All visits were good value and informative. I believe there is a website regarding ship's visits, but on the 3 occasions we visited was by invitation through postal leaflets.
  8. I always pack the cases for my wife and I. We always make sure there are a mix of complete outfits for both of us in each case, so that if one goes missing, it's not disastrous and won't ruin our cruise.
  9. Spadger44

    Onboard Photographers - What's Your Opinions?

    Considering the fact that the production cost of these photos is near zero, I think they are grossly overpriced, if they halved the price, they'd probably sell three times as many. With modern digital photography, the only costs are some photo paper and a little printing ink.
  10. Spadger44

    what makes you book ?

    The itinerary is important to me, as is the cruise line. I try to avoid having to fly to the USA as I find their customs and immigration very off putting they seem to be paranoid. I do like drinks packages as they make the cruise somewhat all inclusive. It's good to know what the bottom line is going to be.
  11. Spadger44

    Is Sea-Sickness All In Our Heads?

    I do believe that seasickness is a real illness and is not in the imagination. It is caused by the brain being confused by the fact that the balance mechanism in the inner ear informs the brain that you are moving, but the eyes when focused on interior parts of the ship tells your brain that you're not. This is why it is recommended that you go onto the open deck (weather permitting) and focus on the horizon. Fortunately for my wife and I, we don't suffer from this problem. I think you need to re-educate your brain to accept the fact that yes, it's a ship and it is moving. Once you can do this, the problem should disappear.
  12. Spadger44

    Which Cruise Line/ship Would You Like To Experience?

    I would love to cruise on Titanic 2, but I doubt it will ever be built. For those who don't know, multi billionaire Clive Palmer proposed building a replica of the doomed ship. Just Google Titanic 2 to find out more.
  13. I'm not influenced by the external appearance of cruiseships, most of the mega ships look like floating blocks of flats anyway. I think the smaller ships have more attractive profiles.I still believe RMS Titanic was beautiful.
  14. Spadger44

    Formal Nights

    I agree, cruising is the only holiday left that one can "dress for dinner". Indeed, when my wife and I first started to take holidays abroad in places like Spain and Italy in the mid 60s, one was expected to dress for dinner.
  15. Spadger44

    P&o Gratuities

    Thoroughly agree.