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  1. I really don't understand why so many people are getting upset about the restrictions to be enforced with regard to 'spirits' taken on board, if we are to believe what most folk say then they only want a drink whilst 'getting ready' so I would think 2 litres would be more than enough for the average two week cruise if it isn't then the provision is there to order more via your cabin steward. Personally I think 'some' of those doing the most complaining are those who have no intention of 'flashing their cash' in the bars, we wouldn't go to our 'local' and take our own 'booze' so why should it be expected that P&O or any other cruise line should welcome it, it's rather like the charge which has been brought in for room service .. too many people using it as their own personal 'butler service' on sea days so have therefore spoilt it for everyone. Cruise prices have never been cheaper and yet there are still passengers who want to take the #### !!
  2. I agree with you PP .. we have had some nice gifts from P&O in the past and if I remember correctly we always got a gift when we moved up a tier .. ahh the good old days
  3. Oh I wouldn't say Cunard don't give you anything Sinbad, we've always had slippers in the cabin plus as Diamond members we get 8 hours internet time each ( value £167.50 pp ) a complimentary meal in the Veranda restaurant and a complimentary wine tasting, ok maybe these things won't appeal to all but it is slightly more than a 'pin'
  4. Cunard gave a rather nice Wedgwood dish.
  5. We have been cruising over the Christmas period for thirty years now and we thoroughly enjoy them in fact we have just returned from Queen Victoria which was superb. Obviously Mayway hasn't enjoyed Xmas but tbh any cruise is what you make it although I would agree we found P&O to be lacking in recent years hence our move to Cunard, I also think we probably expect too much from the cruise lines .. after all at home Xmas is basically 'one day' now and if you blink you will miss it. There will certainly be a Christmas atmosphere on board with P&O and especially if you are planning on going on a child friendly ship, give it a try it sure beats staying at home.
  6. I think there is a little confusion here .. the travel agent receives a % payment so to speak from the cruise line, I believe in the form of they buy the cruise at a much reduced rate to what the customer can, they then add their mark up to it to sell to us and from those profits they pay their cruise consultants a set amount for each booking they take which isn't much, this is of course is only hearsay told to me by someone who works in the industry so I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong. Basically what the travel agent earns from this fiasco will be no different plus they will earn additional commission on whatever they resell be it with P&O or some other cruise company it's the consultants I feel sorry for who will be taking all the flak on the end of a phone and for what .. peanuts !!
  7. I agree OWT, with so much advertising that Thomson is now to be known as TUI unless people ( cruisers ) belong to forums like this Marella will mean nothing to them .. if I were a newbie I would certainly be looking for a name I recognised and it wouldn't be Marella.
  8. This is something my husband has always fancied doing but unfortunately we have never been there at the right time, one Boxing day we went to the local church service, we are not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I would recommend this on any of the islands it's quite an occasion and the local people are very welcoming
  9. Good point Ray and yes a lot of the taxi's do drop off at the dock gate which I've never found to be a problem but I can understand it could be if like your wife someone was struggling with the heat.
  10. We've walked from the port into Bridgetown many times, I've read it isn't recommended but we have never felt threatened or worried, I would say it's a nice leisurely half an hour stroll, there are always plenty of taxi's outside the terminal building and also a local bus which only costs a couple of dollars but the walk along the coast is lovely.
  11. Dinner at The Cliff, expensive but a wonderful experience, I would also agree with Land Ahoy the catamaran/swim with turtles trip is one not to be missed and the lunch and rum punch is pretty good too
  12. In my opinion it's a start although like most things it is a few who spoil it for the majority, we have only done one short cruise (not P&O) and I said never again !! unfortunately we were doing a back to back and the three day one just happened to be stuck in the middle of the two so our only other choice would have been to disembark and stay in Southampton for 3 days which seemed silly, all I will say is there were some who were 'bouncing' off the walls from the minute they boarded which put us off so as a result we didn't bother using the bars and from what I heard it was probably a good choice, I happened to be at reception the morning we arrived in Bruges and witnessed the police board and escort two passengers off .. no idea why although rumour had it it was something to do with a fight !! I don't have a problem with anyone enjoying themselves but it would appear the notification is to deter a certain 'type', I can't say we particularly saw anything inappropriate but I have read of others who have, I also know a lot of people like to add a short cruise to either the beginning or end of a longer one and are probably reluctant to do so if they feel/felt as I did. I also think restricting the amount of alcohol passengers can bring on board is a good idea, like most I enjoy a tipple on the balcony or when getting ready but more and more you see people 'popping back' to their cabins for a 'top up' they don't even try to hide what they doing, again it is the minority who have/are spoiling it for the majority I'm just surprised it's taken P&O so long to realise this, the bar takings must have been down for years Just to add please don't be put off by my comments I'm sure they are all different, if you are looking for something this year I can thoroughly recommend Bruges at Christmastime it's lovely.
  13. Many of us would agree with you Cruiser1 and many won't, this is a topic which 'crops up' every few weeks so I would get your 'tin hat' at the ready For what it's worth I sit on your side of the fence and would like to see them included in the price then everyone pays the same as for the increase in price if we're talking P&O it would only equate to £84 pp on a 14 day cruise so hardly a fortune.
  14. Ahhh that's probably where we go wrong but with a 4 hour journey ahead of us we just like to be on our way asap, ha ha I have bright orange ribbon as well as bright yellow/pink/green it certainly helps you spot your luggage easily
  15. It wasn't actually a question loveholidays what I said was it depends on who you believe, according to P&O they say 100% of the gratuities go to the crew they are intended for, the crew say if they don't score excellent on the feed back forms they don't get the full % share of them, I don't dispute what you were told but read this or any other forum and people are told different things tbh I have never discussed gratuities with any crew member nor have I ever had any crew member ask me to mark them excellent on the form as many claim they have been asked to. It is most unlikely even if I was asked to I would as we are not doing the crew or ourselves any favours by doing so, there are many good and very good stewards but very few are excellent, perhaps it's just me but I expect my cabin to be cleaned to an acceptable level and my food order taken and served to me .. I pay for this service in my fare and to be excellent they would have to go way beyond this ( which I might add I do not expect ) I do not have any problems paying the recommended tips and just accept as I always have this is part and parcel of cruising, if I have any complaint it is against the 'fat cats' who have cut back and cut back put more and more work on the stewards which in turn results in a drop in standards which isn't the fault of the stewards they can only do so much in a day but then we are expected to say everything is excellent when in truth it is far from it.