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  1. P&O's new drink packages?

    We seem to have gone slightly off topic which is fine and happens !! but to get back to the original topic it would appear the drinks package will not be popular so I wonder where P&O will go from here if it doesn't prove a success. Personally I still think it is a good deal but obviously my opinion isn't shared by others which again is fine we are all different and at the end of the day it is all about personal choice.
  2. P&O's new drink packages?

    Good point sinbad and the answer is no the wine waiter wouldn't be conveniently around to serve me or anyone else, having said that though we purchased a drinks package on Celebrity a few years ago and the wine waiters in the restaurant were excellent at keeping the glasses topped up.
  3. P&O's new drink packages?

    Sorry but I don't see anyone sneering or looking down on anyone if they choose to eat on the ship, what Tally said is a lot of people like to get their monies worth and I happen to agree with her.
  4. P&O's new drink packages?

    That's rather unfair Hthr .. I guess I must be a snob too as we enjoy eating ashore, I don't consider it throwing our money around if anything it can enhance your day in port and puts money into the local economy, I can't ever remember going back to the ship specifically for lunch but I know there are many who do for the very reason 'I've paid for it so I'm jolly well going to get my monies worth' !! I fail to see where there is any attitude or snobbery about anyone wanting to eat ashore or why it would put non cruisers off, if we were in an AI hotel we would still go out to eat and drink. Each to their own as they say, we all have to save for holidays but usually budget for extras and if that includes buying food and drink, tours etc then so be it, what is the other alternative ?? wander aimlessly around a port and then dash back on the stroke of 12 for lunch I think I'd rather stay at home.
  5. P&O's new drink packages?

    I'm not up to date on P&O drink prices having not cruised with them for a number of years but £40 pppd still seems a pretty good deal to me, taking into account I like nice coffee, soft drinks and plenty of water as well as alcohol I could quite easily tot up £40 even on a port day, assuming a glass of wine is £4.50 that would be for a single measure and even if I was buying wine by the glass I would order a large one and would probably have two over dinner so to equate that to 4 singles the cost would be £18 .. almost halfway there to the drink package cost and that's without even trying !! I also like to finish off with a Baileys or a Tia Maria ( always a double the singles don't do anything for me ) of course there will be people who only have the odd drink ( not everyone is an alcoholic like me ) and for them the drink package won't be good value especially if they are happy to drink tap water or the tea/coffee in the buffet .. I'm not.
  6. P&O's new drink packages?

    This has certainly 'grabbed' peoples attention but what has surprised me are the number of people who post on various forums and FB groups who are adamant they would not buy this package because they simply couldn't drink £40 worth of drink in a day ( not this forum I would add ) tbh it really isn't that difficult to spend £40 pppd on drinks especially on a sea day, I accept there are people who probably do only have the odd alcoholic drink so maybe I mix with the wrong people as most of our friends seem to enjoy a couple pre dinner, a couple during and a couple after and that's just the evening !! I personally think it's quite a good deal. What has amused me these are the very people who brag about how many 'freebies' they can drink at cocktail parties or how in practically every port they are 'stocking up' on cabin supplies and then say they don't drink
  7. Hygiene

    They do say soap is bad for you or at least that is what the cosmetic companies tell you when they are trying to sell you all their lotions and potions, I can remember an Estee Lauder assistant commenting on how nice my skin was and asking what cleansers etc I used .. she was horrified when I said just soap and water !!
  8. Hygiene

    Has anyone noticed you don't see so many people floating around with Tesco/Sainsbury/Asda carrier bags since they started charging for them I just thought I would lighten the thread a little , be nice .. attack the post if you must but not the poster, I find the simplest place to put nightwear is to hang it up in the bathroom, maybe some will find that strange but it works for me.
  9. Hygiene

    Oh I start off like that PP but my husband usually manages to mess it up so I give up after a few days and I just fill the bags with whatever.
  10. Hygiene

    I'm sure we all have our preferences of what we do with our dirty laundry, I personally take bin liners with me and anything once worn goes in them and into an empty case, I always wipe the drawers out before putting anything in them .. not because I don't think the cabin stewards do it but because they may not always have the time to do it thoroughly, I wouldn't have thought anyone would put dirty clothes in drawers but obviously they do !!
  11. Oriana sold by P&O Cruises

    My loyalty to P&O ceased about seven years ago .. funnily enough after a really bad cruise on Arcadia, I vowed I would never sail with them again and I haven't but at the same time I did say 'never say never'. Oriana along with Aurora have always been my two favourite P&O ships so I am tempted to book a cruise before she leaves the fleet, so yes I would say if Oriana holds special memories for you go back one last time and say farewell to the 'old girl'
  12. All inclusive trial?

    Good point Sammy, I must admit I hadn't really thought about all the different cabin grades so yes I can see how some would feel a little confused when booking.
  13. All inclusive trial?

    I can't see how booking a cruise is any more confusing than booking a land based holiday, most of the land holidays I have taken have included room/food and I would add not 24/7 food, drinks/speciality restaurants have always been an add on ( unless it is all inclusive ) just as they are with most cruise lines. I haven't taken a land holiday for years but I find it far more confusing having to add this amount on for luggage or an amount on to ensure you can sit with the person you are travelling with, paying for airline food ( although probably not a bad thing !! ) whatever happened to just turn up at the airport and no-one cared how many cases you had as long as they didn't exceed individual weight limits, seats were allocated on arrival so there was never any question you wouldn't be sat with your partner, even airport transfers are now an add on with many airlines so it isn't just the cruise lines out to make money they are all at it. Give me the ease and simplicity of a cruise any day of the week, all the better if a drinks package is available but it would never be a deal breaker for me, I don't think I would ever consider a full all inclusive ie: tours/speciality restaurants because I would be paying a higher price for much of what I didn't want but I accept it would work for some.
  14. Aurora refit

    I can't say I've seen any announcements about additional cabins but would have thought if this is the intention then it will be at the aft and therefore the tiered decks will disappear.
  15. New from P&O

    I think the crew would tell a very different story, the spin doctors may have sold them more tables/cabins = more tips but it will also mean more dissatisfied passengers = less tips. I have always supported the auto gratuities but the more I read on forums I'm beginning to ask myself who is the biggest fool here !! I accept paying tips is part and parcel of the stewards wage and I don't have a problem with this but what I do have a problem with is paying for a service if I don't get it and with the best will in the world the stewards can only do so much in a day so customer service will suffer.