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  1. I agree Davybe I love to see children enjoying themselves on a ship which is probably why 'adult only' wouldn't be my first choice, I would however make an exception for Oriana as it is one of my favourite ships.
  2. We have done Xmas cruises for many years but only once on an 'adult only' ship ( Arcadia ) and I said never again but I think it was more to do with I didn't like the ship, not being a family ship it obviously pushed the age of passengers up but tbh I didn't find that a problem, without a doubt with no families on board the age demographics will increase but Oriana is a well loved ship so I would think a lot of passengers in the 50+ age group ( whose children have flown the nest ) will consider it .. I certainly would. Oriana is a lovely ship and we have sailed on her many times .. go and enjoy even if it is full of 'oldies' which I doubt it will be I find some of the 'oldies' are more fun than some younger people.
  3. I would always have a balcony for the Fjords as the scenery is just beautiful, of course you can always go into the public rooms or out on deck ( weather permitting ) but it really depends on how much time you would normally spend in your cabin, it is unlikely in May the weather would be good enough to spend a lot of time on your balcony (not impossible though) I've been to the Fjords in June and had wonderful weather I've been in August and it's been freezing so it's really the choice of deciding how a balcony would work for you and would you be disappointed if it wasn't warm enough to sit out.
  4. Ahhh I echo everything you say JenJen I loved the 'Old Girl' too although I found it quite an easy ship to get around as long as you used the central staircase, we had a few years break from Cunard so I was delighted when we went back to the Queens to see lots of 'old faces' not just crew but passengers too. I have lots of happy memories of QE2 and could talk about it for hours.
  5. As far as I'm aware Fleet the only Islands which P&O visit who have closed ports at the moment are St Maarten and Tortola, there are many other islands they could re-direct to and I'm sure they will if it is necessary, it is very early days and cruise lines are working with the port authorities at the moment to determine the true extent of the damage tbh I would say just be patient for a couple of weeks by which time I feel sure any itinerary changes will be known.
  6. I would think most of the cruise lines will be offering some sort of financial help as it's in their interest to do so.
  7. Maybe the OP isn't aware there is more than one cruise line with Platinum status Ray, I didn't know and I've been cruising a long time, we all ask questions at times and maybe aren't quite as specific as we could be, let's hope Miss Italy comes back with a little more detail and someone will be able to help her.
  8. If you are platinum status I would imagine you have reached this level through previous travel so could you be a little more specific about what you are not sure about, which ship ?? are you joining it at a port you haven't previously embarked from ?? I'm sure there will be someone who can advise .. the only ship I am familiar with which has a platinum level is Cunard ( I'm sure there are others ) with Cunard they embark suite passengers first followed by diamond members then platinum members.
  9. This is a link to the new ferry schedule which you might find useful. https://www.ferry.nyc/routes-and-schedu ... -brooklyn/
  10. Funnily enough it doesn't surprise me when headliners avoid eye contact, I accept they are there for the passenger benefit but they are also entitled to some privacy, some people fall over themselves if they see 'someone' wandering around or in the buffet and make a beeline for them I've seen it happen many times, just like at the cocktail parties there are always one or two who hog the Captains attention I love to just stand and observe it can be very entertaining I'm sure we've all met Mr and Mrs 'aren't we popular' I will smile and say hello to anyone regardless of who they are but intrude on their space ... never.
  11. We were on a cruise Jane McDonald was on a few years ago ( Oriana ) nothing false about her at all, what you see is what you get, no airs and graces whatsoever, I'm not particularly a fan but the two shows she did we're superb, she also seemed to enjoy mixing with passengers and was often seen around the ship chatting to anyone around, I would call that pretty genuine. PP it has already been done from a passenger point of view, did you not see the Princess programmes, based on them I certainly wouldn't be encouraged to book Princess
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but RCI would normally give OBC in $US, are you sure the £38.52 is not the $US converted to £GB so you haven't actually got less than you thought you had, apologies if I have misunderstood your post but it seems a logical explanation to me.
  13. Only one word to describe it EMBARRASSING, apologies to any BT fans out there but she sounds well past her sell by date.
  14. We have done this a couple of times via CC roll calls Sheila and it works very well or has for us, as you say it doesn't have to go beyond the tour but nice if you do meet someone you have a lot in common with, I was very apprehensive the first time we shared but then thought it is no different to any other tour just fewer people and what's the worst that can happen .. you don't get on !! fortunately the people we have teamed up with were all charming but at the end of the day if they weren't all we have to do is share transport with them.
  15. I have to agree with you Land Ahoy the F&C at the Magpie are the best I have ever had, it's been a few years since we were last there maybe another trip is long overdue.