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  1. What has happened to the Forum

    Some of the avatars are still there ( DavidH, HLM and OWT ) have you all put them on again or is it just coincidence, I too hope the like button comes back.
  2. Travel insurance for USA resident

    Try asking the question on cruise critic which has a lot of American members many of whom cruise around Europe, I'm sure someone will be able to come up with recommendations for you or possibly try the cruise line to see if they have any suggestions.
  3. Aurora to become adult only.

    Is Oriana due extensive mechanical refurbishment ?? it has only recently been in dry dock.
  4. first time from Southampton

    Ahh thank you JJ ( and Sinbad ) that's the one.
  5. first time from Southampton

    Thanks JJ .. sorry I misunderstood I thought your rail travel was part of the package, I know there is a company who do this if only I could remember who not really a problem as I can book when they do go on sale but thought if I could get the full package it would be easier.
  6. first time from Southampton

    Jenjen could I ask who you have booked your package with as I am looking for an alternative to driving to Southampton but the rail travel schedules aren't available until about 12 weeks before, I know I booked with a Company years ago well in advance but I can't remember who for the life of me. Yes the weather can be 'anything' in December .. last year we decided to leave early for Southampton as the forecast didn't sound very promising, we were so glad we did as both the M40 and A34 were closed due to accidents on the day we should have traveled.
  7. Oriana in the Canaries

    We sailed on Oriana in it's maiden season and many times since, the vibration has always been a problem despite it going into dry dock to supposedly correct the problem, I have no idea why it can't be fixed but after twenty odd years it seems unlikely they ever will.
  8. Increase in tip's for P&O

    You really wouldn't know what I pay would you just as I don't know what you pay although one thing I will say is it's a damn sight more on Cunard than it is on P&O and it is never given begrudgingly in fact our butler and assistant butler were delighted with the 'bonus' they got over Christmas and so they should have been but then as we have had both of them before they are quite aware we don't belong to the 'tightwad brigade' perhaps that is why they are always happy to go the extra mile and nothing is ever too much trouble.
  9. Increase in tip's for P&O

    We're not talking about land based holidays though, this is about cruise tipping and a system which most people recognised for years and never seemed to have a problem with, if everyone paid their share they wouldn't keep putting it up in fact if it hadn't been for those passengers who decided they would pay nothing at all there probably wouldn't have been the necessity to introduce auto grats in the first place, we can debate this until we're all blue in the face but someone will end up paying and it sure won't be the cruise lines !! I would rather pay an extra couple of hundred pounds and get good service/food etc than not pay it and see standards drop even further and that will happen unless the issue is resolved !! With regard to children being expected to pay gratuities I don't particularly agree with that but some should be careful what they wish for or the next thing they'll be charging for the 'kids club'
  10. Increase in tip's for P&O

    Depends on which 'day' you are talking about, certainly when I started cruising there were quite a lot of European crew on British ships, why do you think that has all changed ?? gratuities have always been expected granted not done in the way it's now done but via the little card they left in your cabin which recommended the amount you might wish to pay and before you say 'yes recommended' regardless of what anyone pays it is still expected the difference being now 'the tightwads' ( I love that word !! ) keep pushing the cost up for those of us who do leave them in place, some passengers seem happy to accept a few hundred pounds OBC but don't want to fork out £84 .. ( 14x£6 ) sad isn't it !!
  11. Increase in tip's for P&O

    Really HLM !!! well I have been cruising since 1989 ( almost 30 years ) and that is the way it has always been in my experience ... granted that was in the days before forums like this existed but it was always known and accepted that passengers basically contributed to paying the crew wages !! Have crew EVER been paid decent wages ??
  12. Increase in tip's for P&O

    Quote: I pay my proportion of the crews wages when I pay my cruise fare. It's a good job we don't all think this way !!
  13. Increase in tip's for P&O

    And there lies the problem PP .. we all know we are subsidising the cruise line 'wage bill' but that it is the way it has always been and regardless of whether we agree with it or not I'm sorry but I can't see how 'stiffing' the staff achieves anything, the cruise lines are only interested in their 'bottom line' so if push comes to shove they will just reduce staff even more and who suffers .. we do - the passenger because standards will drop even further !! I actually feel sorry for the crew because I can remember when two room stewards serviced about eight cabins and restaurant waiters + asst waiter looked after about three tables .. these days one cabin steward services about 18 cabins and it is the norm in the restaurant for them to look after about 6 tables and also double up as wine waiters .. the standards are going to drop because they are not 'superman/woman' but who do people penalise ?? not those who are responsible !!
  14. Increase in tip's for P&O

    I don't think that is strictly correct Sinbad, we sailed on the Ventura's maiden voyage and envelopes were still being used, I appreciate what you are saying and I believe for those passengers on freedom dining the gratuities were added to their account and they were aware of this at the time of booking. I always thought it started to become 'the norm' following the incident on Arcadia when some of the stewards walked out in protest re pay/tips and this was Carol Marlowe's solution to ensuring they returned to work with the promise she would rectify the situation .. no doubt at no cost to P&O .. the rest is history !!
  15. Increase in tip's for P&O

    My post was based purely on what has been said on this forum in the past and whether I agree or not with what others do it doesn't alter the fact if people don't tip then in effect those who do subsidise those who don't, of course we all have the choice not to pay but tbh I don't think I would be able to look the stewards in the eye if I did it. The sooner they decide to add the gratuities into the price of the cruise the better as far as I'm concerned and then it will be a level playing field for all. I don't think anyone gets upset about the way people choose to pay the gratuities HLM that is after all down to personal choice and what suits the individual, I believe when it has been suggested that some subsidise others it has been directed at those who have given the impression they have no intention of rewarding the crew.