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  1. *Dancing Queen*

    what currency to use in Croatia

    Never had a problem with Euros in either place, the only place we found in Dubrovnik who wouldn't accept Euros was to purchase tickets to walk the walls but they do accept CC so not a problem.
  2. *Dancing Queen*


    Ooops I forgot to add the 15% service charge which would take the cost to £18.74 and £24.11 respectively ( hope I got the maths right I did it in my head !! )
  3. *Dancing Queen*


    Hi JJ I'm not questioning what you say just trying to offer an explanation because it would certainly appear if you had single measures they have charged you for doubles ( I'm resisting the urge to say 'ripped off' because I would like to think Cunard wouldn't do this ) tbh if every time you went into a bar it was costing you £26 per round then I think this is something you need to take up with customer service because something isn't adding up. Unfortunately the drinks menu won't copy/paste so to give an example of what two G&T's would cost using Bombay Sapphire with canned/bottled mixers. 1 oz $6.95 + mixer $3.50 = $10.45 x 2 = $20.90 converted to GBP = £16.29 2 oz $9.95 + mixer $3.50 = $13.45 x 2 = $26.90 converted to GBP = £20.97 The fountain mixer is $1.75 which would reduce the price further, I do have to agree with you until a couple of years ago the fountain mixer was foc .. I don't like it anyway so never benefited. If you want to check other prices here is the link to the PDF file ( scroll down to page 8 ) . https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/marketing-assets/pdf/life-on-board/qe-golden-lion.pdf I know like me you are a Cunard fan but it's things like this which leave a sour taste so I would definitely take it up with them and ask them for an explanation.
  4. *Dancing Queen*


    I've just had a quick look at bar prices ( I don't sign the receipts so I genuinely don't know the prices ) a 2oz measure ( double ) averages between $10 - $12 depending on what you drink so it does look as if that is what you were served, personally I think it is rather naughty of Cunard because if people want doubles they will ask for them whereas you don't expect to have to ask for a single.
  5. *Dancing Queen*


    Are you sure you weren't served 'doubles' as this seems to be the 'norm' now unless you specifically ask for a single, most of the waiters do ask but not all of them. I would agree with you about the shops, since the new franchise took over they are not only over-priced but very limited in choice too.
  6. *Dancing Queen*

    Where is everyone

    Sorry to hear this Davybe, all the best and I hope your treatment goes well xx
  7. *Dancing Queen*

    Britannia refit

    If P&O are replacing the shops franchise with the same one as Cunard then it is nothing to get excited about !!! When we were on QE earlier this year the Jo Malone shop had very limited stock and certainly not the more popular fragrances, other perfumes/aftershaves etc were also very limited and had a substantial price 'hike' over previous cruises, gone were the well known brands like Joseph Ribkoff and what little 'designer wear' was on offer was actually 'outdated' stock which you would have been buying from John Lewis 12 months ago !! As a smoker I couldn't believe I was unable to purchase B&H Gold ( probably one of the most popular cigarette brands !! ) the same problem with some of the more popular alcoholic drink brands too - as an example a bottle of Baileys which I can buy in Tesco for around £16 was over $30 - not that I tend to buy what is supposedly duty free alcohol as I don't consider it worth the effort of it carrying home when Tesco/Sainsburys can more than price match.
  8. *Dancing Queen*

    Britannia Fight Night?

    We had a large group of 'travellers' one year on a Caribbean Christmas cruise who caused havoc throughout the whole cruise, P&O eventually put them off the ship at the last port of call but imo should have done it much sooner, the men were fighting, the kids were fighting even the women were fighting it was very unpleasant if you happened to be in an area they were in, they threatened to put one of the croupiers overboard, the kids were throwing sun loungers and anything else which wasn't fastened down overboard and yet it still took P&O nearly 3 weeks to disembark them.
  9. *Dancing Queen*

    Britannia Fight Night?

    Or start charging US prices and not allowing any drinks to be taken on board, that would soon stop the assholes !!
  10. *Dancing Queen*

    Just back off the Aurora

    I don't know if there is any credibility in this but someone told me to wipe the air conditioning unit with 'Tea Tree Oil' - I do this every time we board and I don't get chest infections/colds etc. I've probably just been lucky but it seems to work for me
  11. *Dancing Queen*

    Trying it on??

    One of the reasons P&O stopped 'cabin shares' was because many single passengers would book them to save money ( understandable ) but then complain they couldn't share for various reasons from snoring to hygiene issues and would demand to be moved. Many years ago we shared a dining table with a delightful 'threesome' ( husband/wife and sister ) all were well into their seventies at the time, unfortunately the travel agent hadn't done their research very well as they were sharing a cabin and no-one thought to tell them it consisted of 'bunk beds' we were horrified when they told us they were taking the mattress off the top bunk and placing it between the two lower berths at night, I assume they replaced it each morning otherwise the cabin steward would probably have spoken to someone about it, after checking with them that they would be comfortable if one of them moved to another cabin I spoke to the purser on their behalf and within the hour they had a second cabin FOC, needless to say they were very grateful for the intervention as they would never have dreamt of demanding an upgrade nor expected one, genuine people who had they not mentioned it in passing would have just made the best of a bad job. Had quite a few upgrades over the years but then 9 times out of 10 we do go on the upgrade list but only when we have a good idea what we might be upgraded to, we wouldn't do it for all cabin grades.
  12. *Dancing Queen*

    Cunard Christmas Canaries Cruise

    An excellent choice Nimrod and I'm sure you will love QV . We have celebrated Christmas on a ship for the last 30 years and I don't think it is as 'Christmassy' as it once was but don't be put off by that as it is only my opinion and probably due to the fact we don't join in a lot of the events as we once did, we tend to host a cabin party these days and share the day with friends we have met over the years - it works for us our own little family away from home !! The atmosphere will be there from the minute you step onto the ship, it will be beautifully decorated and of course Christmas music will be playing which all adds to the excitement of what is around the corner, as Davybe says Christmas day will be a sea day there will be various activities happening around the ship so really it's down to you and what might be of interest to you, one thing I particularly enjoy is going to the Queens Room to see Santa arrive on Xmas morning, even though we don't have children I do like to see the excitement on the children's faces in anticipation of the present they are about to receive oh and you won't be forgotten either Santa will pay you a visit too, another event which always used to happen but hasn't for the last couple of years ( although that might be down to whichever cruise director is doing the organising ) is an afternoon pantomime, now I'm not particularly a pantomime person but Xmas isn't Xmas without one is it !! the ships choir will also entertain you in the evening assuming you are in the Britannia restaurant ( they don't do it in the other restaurants ) Christmas dinner is served in the evening - do keep an eye on the times in the daily newspaper as they tend to alter slightly for Christmas day to allow for a more relaxed experience for both passengers and crew, you will find the crew love to take part in the celebrations and many of them will be wearing their Xmas hats so do think about taking a couple of your own as they seem to really appreciate passengers making the effort too plus the paper hats you get in the crackers are a bit 'naff' anyway, another nice tradition albeit an American one is the crew go around the ship on Xmas morning giving out small glasses of Eggnog - a bit like Marmite you either love it or loathe it. I always take Christmas decorations to decorate the cabin but that is personal choice some do, some don't, you might like to take a few Xmas cards too from home to give your cabin a more homely feel plus a few blank ones because table mates tend to give them also. There won't be much else happening after Xmas day but then it will be pretty port intensive so that is to be expected, New Years Eve is always a grand affair and of course the bonus is being in Madeira for the fireworks which are spectacular I think you will be suitably impressed. Please ask away if there is anything specific you want to know and I will do my best to answer you, we too hope to be on this cruise but at the moment my husband is awaiting some test results so we are unable to commit ourselves until we know the outcome. Wishing you a very Happy 70th Birthday in advance and the icing on the cake is that you will be enjoying it on the very beautiful Queen Victoria.
  13. *Dancing Queen*

    P & O going down hill

    I used to love the 'midnight buffet' and especially on QE2, we would very often give the MDR a miss and go to the buffet instead but that was in the days when we were never in bed before 3.00am
  14. *Dancing Queen*

    P & O going down hill

    If I could just pick up on your comment about the lifts .. there are many ships where the lifts don't go to all decks it isn't just P&O.
  15. *Dancing Queen*

    Viking Sky in SOS Emergency

    I believe around 500 were air-lifted off and those who were able to went back once the ship was docked and packed their own belongings.