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  1. So, with the Caribbean being one of the main places to visit at this time of year. I'm sure that this is pretty much what's on everyone's minds as well as mine? I'm booked on the transatlantic voyage to the Caribbean on Azura. My itinerary at the minute is: Southampton, Madeira, St. Maarten, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados. I PRESUME St. Maarten and Dominica will be off the cards? So, my debate is if they cancel them ports of call and just replace with sea days, should i cancel the cruise? I doubt that P&O Cruises will do anything for me. I believe we won't see anything of Barbados as we're just flying back from this port? Has anyone had any updates on their cruise to the Caribbean yet?
  2. I’m just trying to research whether or not some cruise lines give people the chance to visit their ships for the day. I’ve read a few comments on here and on other sites where people have mentioned that they have “visited” ships before for a look around. Is this an option to do? If so can anyone offer any advice on which cruise lines do this? It would be great to be able to view a cruise line before actually booking just to see what it is like on board before spending a large sum of money.
  3. samfox01

    P&O 2019 - Oceana Based In The UAE

    WOW Dubai, that's awesome! I think it'll do really well, P&O guests will like the fact they've chosen somewhere different plus, having the benefit of a british ship, like not paying over the odd's for drinks ect on-board. I quite like the idea!
  4. samfox01

    New York, New York

    OOH how exciting, I'm going in May, I'd be keen to know the answers too! I’d like to do an open top bus; I wonder if this is possible?
  5. OMG!!!! Get me on this cruise? How long is the cruise? It's about time so young talent was on these ships a little more often.
  6. Loads of my friends always think I’m mad when I say I want to do a river cruise. They think it sounds boring and dull and they think it's for older people, but I love the sound of it and the ships look really nice too. I like the thought of being able to see lots of different places and to be right in the heart of ports without the need for shuttles or long transfers. Plus most of the river cruises you get the excursions included too which is a massive plus. Seeing sights and all the architecture in different places, that you wouldn't usually when doing a land based holiday or even an ocean cruise. I am definately going to look at booking for next year i reckon? Can any one suggest which one might be best suited for me? I don't see how they can be boring, when there is so much to do?
  7. samfox01

    How much is that lifeboat in the window?

    My friends have just booked Britannia 25 November. Their is 3 of them, (2 adults & 1 child). They said they priced Clearview Balcony and Obstructed, and the difference was £700. I told them to see if they could get a photo of the obstruction, and its literally the top of a lifeboat stuck in front of their balcony, so it's not obstructing their view once stood up. Only if they were to look down! I just encourage people to not let the word 'Obstructed put you off!'
  8. Gosh, so I have just come back off a Caribbean cruise and wanted to get off my chest the experience I have had. Myself and my husband met quite a few couples that droned on about not ever would they book an obstructed view cabin. We booked in an obstructed cabin with our agent Bolsover Cruise Club and were so grateful for the advice we received from, the lady gave us the price difference between an Obstructed view and a Clearview, I think it was a difference of about £150pp!! which is quite a lot, well we thought so anyway! After some sound advice, the lady advised us to have a look at the deck plan to where to obstructed view cabins were, and if we were lucky, we may be able to get one that just fell in-between the lifeboats. She even asked the cruise line for an actual image so we can actually see what the view would be! After speaking to some of the couples we met on the ship, it started to aggravate us that the obstructed view cabins were getting some hammer, my husband actually said how lovely they actually were and the size of the cabins and the inside were no different to any other cabin, and if booking with a good agent who knows what they are talking about will get you a good obstructed view cabin. Basically, don't let people sometimes put you off. If it arises in the future of you booking an obstructed view cabin and there is such a massive price difference. Get your agent, or even call Bolsover as they will get as much information that you need to make you feel at ease.
  9. samfox01


    I haven't sailed on Britannia only Azura. The reviews i have generally read, and the feedback from past travellers is that the britannia doesn't have any lifts apart from the middle of the ship. With the Britannia being a large ship i would find this quite irratating, and apparently the balconies are smaller if you are thinking of a balcony. Azura i can say is lovely, the outdoor space is very well laid out, very spread out, and seems to have a lot of space, the sea screen outside is pretty special too. Whatever you choose i'm sure you will have a fab time!
  10. samfox01

    Your Favorite Christmas Tune

    This is also my favourite!
  11. Extremely excited to see the itineraries tomorrow!
  12. I seem to be seeing everywhere that P&O Cruises have announced Adonia will be launching a new cruise programme for 2017 into 2018, my parents loved this ship, good to see a smaller ship back into the cruise market! What are people's thoughts on Adonia?
  13. samfox01

    Recent Changes

    I don't get it either Kerry304, I think it's so much nicer to look at too.
  14. samfox01

    New Forum Look

    Oh no, Why is everyone saying they don't like it? I think its now in the right Century!
  15. samfox01

    Two ladies

    What about Azamara cruises? Or Seabourn Cruises? If you go in the Winter time, i think maybe Caribbean or something.