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  1. sinbad10

    Where is everyone

    We are currently on roundtrip Transatlantic on QM2 and the cruise is excellent in every way and seen no reduction service or quality of food, which has been excellent. I suppose if you compare from years ago standard shave droped but so has the price you cannot have it both ways.
  2. sinbad10


    Also if you take into account that drink price quoted earlier in thread if they were served a double and spirit measures being larger on Cunard then I dont think that you can say that Cunard spirits are a lot more higher than P&O. Having cruised on Cunard in last 12 months I do not think that 2 single measures of a spirit and mixers would cost £26 which would be approximately over $30 chances are they were served and charged for double measures.
  3. sinbad10


    There has never been an 18% service charge on drinks on Cunard that is Princess that increased there's last year. Cunard charge 15% service charge on drinks and bottles of wine/champagne.
  4. sinbad10


    Dont forget that spirit measures on Cunard are 1oz (single) 2oz (double) and 1oz is virtually 30ml compared to standard size of 25 ml on P&O ships. Drinks are more expensive but not as expensive as on Princess.
  5. sinbad10

    P&O 2021 and 2022

    Younger clientele in general spend more money whilst onboard and you cannot blame P&O for looking for new younger cruises to replace those older more traditional ones that will be no longer able to cruise with P&O. they have to look at the future and have to fill Iona and another large ship in 2022.
  6. sinbad10

    single cruisers turned over again

    Unfortunately this is common amongst many cruise lines and also other land based holiday companies and hotels. They have all always been quick to over charge singles and also families during school holidays and I dont see anything changing in the near future.
  7. sinbad10

    Where is everyone

    Having worked for 34yrs in a uniformed emergency I know what rank and uniform does to some people at first hand and can make some into bullies because they hide behind the rank and discipline code.
  8. sinbad10

    Where is everyone

    I was one that left this forum due to his abuse and personal attacks and lost all my posts count. He now frequents, but not as often, another cruise forum I use but I use a different user name where he doesnt.
  9. sinbad10

    Where is everyone

    There is no problem having strong views and beliefs but there is a different in that and being rude and offensive which Solent Richard often was and when you are banned from varying forums even though he puts a differing spin on his own blog then that tells you something. Not sorely missed.
  10. sinbad10

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    Same in many cities around the world including the UK.
  11. sinbad10

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    The last time we docked in Lisbon it was at a new terminal just north of the big square and pedestrianised shopping area and was a short walk along the front.
  12. sinbad10

    Britannia refit

    I dont think prices or what is available will change much it just seems to me that the tender to operate the shops onboard Britannia has come up for renewal and Harding's have obviously lost it. The new company have more than likely offered P&O more money for the opportunity to have their shops onboard.
  13. sinbad10

    Cruising from Liverpool?

    It is easy for Princess to use Dublin and Le Havre and possibly Liverpool in the future for their British Isles cruise because they do it repeatedly throughout the summer. There has always been a small minority of Americans who have flown into London then cruised from Southampton and have requested to disembark at Le Havre so they could visit Paris for a few days. It made common sense rather than stay just an extra night to Southampton then have made it harder to visit Paris. This time people started the cruise and did full 12 nt cruise in Southampton, Dublin or Le Havre but as well as Americans there were an increasing number of Irish and French onboard because of the ease of booking a full 12 nt cruise. The problem with Liverpool is that facilities at Dublin and Le Havre was acceptable for the small amount who embarked there as most still embarked in Southampton. I cannot see in the future Dublin, Le Havre or Liverpool ever being used for a complete ship disembarkation/embarkation because of facilities and infrastructure.
  14. sinbad10

    Cruising from Liverpool?

    I can see it being a part turnaround port but not as a complete turnaround port for the major cruise lines. It is fine building a new cruise terminal and surrounding roads but needs a lot more infrastructure and cannot see it attracting many American cruisers flying into Manchester and sailing from Liverpool. Just returned from British Isles cruise with Princess where people could actually embark the ship and start their 12 nt round BI cruise from Dublin, Le Havre as well as Southampton and can see it being used for this but not for whole ship embark/disembarkation.
  15. sinbad10

    Britannia Fight Night?

    But did you know as a fact that those portraying drunken, selfish behaviour were on "cheap deals" or is it just you assuming this. Without proof it is a disturbing and wrong assumption to make.