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  1. sinbad10

    P & O going down hill

    Loads of officers but no actual baggage searches being done when we went through just one officer with dog sniffing as you went past in single file and this is what was causing the queues. People though are taking risks because they either dont know that they are limited to 1litre of spirits and 200 cigs or just getting carried away with cheap prices.
  2. sinbad10

    Steward Standards

    Think it might be down to the fact that you were unlucky enough to have a poor cabin steward we were on the same cruise and had no complaints with our cabin steward and the standard of cleanliness of the cabin. If you had problems perhaps you should have reported it to reception.
  3. sinbad10

    P & O going down hill

    No they havent altered baggage hall and it was chaotic on Saturday not helped by the fact that Britannia didnt arrive in Southampton until 0830 and as first independent passengers didnt get off the ship until 1115 and then there was 2 queues the full length of the baggage hall with people trying to get through customs with everyone checked by one Border Force sniffer dog causing further delays.
  4. sinbad10

    P & O going down hill

    Returned today from our cruise on Britannia. Having done many cruises in the past with P&O but have not done many in the last five years only 3 on Britannia compared to doing 3 a year since 2000. I have been critical of P&O that is why we have virtually stopped cruising with them and to be honest was not looking forward to our cruise on Britannia. But I have to be truthful and say the food throughout the ship was as good as it was on the maiden voyage with plenty of choice on menus at dinner and served good portions and food was always hot. We did freedom dining and always asked to share a table and varied our meal times from 6-30pm until as late as 8-30pm and was only once told we needed a pager and there would be a wait of 20 minutes which wasnt a problem this however turned out to be no longer than less than 5 minutes. Staff throughout the ship always happy and polite and as this was the first cruise since dropping of auto gratuities service was excellent with no dropping of standards. The only downside was late arrival of Britannia into Southampton and not leaving the ship until 1115 and the chaotic disembarkation procedures which would put me off ever going on Iona especially trying to find your suitcases in the baggage hall which today caused massive queues and it was a further hour before we left the CPS car park at 1215.
  5. sinbad10

    Cruiseville equivalent

    IMO cruiseville wasnt very accurate and didnt give very reliable past prices.
  6. sinbad10

    Room comparisons on P+O

    We had a balcony cabin on the aft of the ship and dont know if all the same but the one we had you would struggle to get 2 adults , 2 children on. Other than that she is a beautiful ship with plenty of differing areas to entertain and is our favourite P&O ship.
  7. sinbad10

    Jane back on Friday.

    Did she sing.
  8. sinbad10

    P & O website troubles

    There are many complaints on other cruise forums and P&Os Facebook page about the new website and P&O are fully aware of complaints. Cunard replaced their website with a new version exactly the same as P&O a while back and have had many complaints as well. Obviously same IT team who have not learnt the lessons from mistakes made on Cunard's website.
  9. sinbad10

    Jane back on Friday.

    No its all about Jane MacDonald very little about cruising or ports and as for her singing "man overboard".
  10. sinbad10

    P & O going down hill

    Embarrassingly for you but I think she meant she had no water in the shower and taps to wash and shower not in bottles to drink.
  11. sinbad10

    Currency in Baltic ports

    Depending what ports you call at but we have always taken a small amount in their own currency if euros is not their currency but many do just use credit cards but I like to have a bit of local currency in my pocket for drinks/snacks.
  12. sinbad10

    P & O going down hill

    It has been seriously cut back on many cruise lines it used to be a main feature and an extravagant spectacle on Cunard ships.
  13. sinbad10

    Newbie Cunard dining seating question

    Cunard should have explained what was available and what you booked. The only dining times if you are booked in Britannia Restaurant i.e. inside or balcony stateroom are 6pm and 8-30pm and if you have booked a Cunard fare then you would choose your stateroom and which dining time you want which should be guaranteed but size of table can be requested but not guaranteed and you wont know size of table until you get onboard. If you have booked an Early Saver then you will not have picked your stateroom or dining time as this is at the choice of Cunard but the fare will be cheaper. Whatever table you are designated whether it be a table for 2,4,6 or 8 you will have the same table for the duration of your cruise and the same table mates. Tables for 2 are very limited and are never guaranteed even when you book early.
  14. sinbad10

    P & O going down hill

    There were issues on Britannia even from the early days that people were going to the Grab n Go on port days and literally stripping it of all the sandwiches and wraps to take ashore which is not what it is intended for and dont blame P&O if they have stopped filling Grab n Go on port days if that is what they are doing.
  15. sinbad10

    Viking Sky in SOS Emergency

    Majority of passengers on the ship never left and stayed on until it was towed into port so theres will not be a problem they will take it off themselves then fly home. Those that were evacuated I should imagine arrangements will be made for them to return to the ship to collect their personal luggage or arrangements will be made for it to forwarded to their home address by Viking.