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  1. you can still be rail travel and hotel accommodation with SuperBreak on their website.
  2. Have you thought that some dont mind paying the higher tipping rate on other cruise lines because you get better service than you get on P&O. Never quibbled about the price of tips on Cunard or Princess because IMO you get better service and happier staff than what they are on P&O these days not like they used to be when we had some fantastic cruises with P&O 2000-2010.
  3. Sorry but having cruised on both Oriana and Arcadia(we loved the ship) in the past as a couple in our 50s we stopped cruising on adult only ships because we felt amongst they youngest and a very old demographic and music and entertainment directed at 70/80 yr olds we said we would never cruise again on an adult only ship with P&O. Also whenever you sat either having a meal or coffee they did nothing but constantly moan about "the good old days of P&O" and Canberra and it got very boring.
  4. They might be not well paid in the eyes of a UK resident but as waiter, cabin stewards have no connection with the UK whatsoever and if you compare the wages received on a P&O cruise to their home countries average wage where they live it makes them very well off when they go home.
  5. Do you honestly think that if everyone on the ship paid Service Reward that P&O(Carnival) would never increase it again......I very much doubt it. That is the problem increase of Service Reward but many agree that the service has deteriorated IMO it has dramatically since we started cruising with P&O in 2000 and ended with the cabin steward on Oriana in 2014 changing the bedding during our 16 nt cruise and unbeknown to us until we got suitcases from under bed to pack and found all the dirty bed linen for the cruise stuffed under the bed. I dont think there would be anywhere near as many people complaining about the increase if they were getting a good service but all aspects of P&O cruises seem to be to increase or start charging for many things and poorer service due to less staff. I for one would be happy to pay more if I could cruise on P&O how it was in early 2000s but think that is a distant pipedream that will never return. Finally why should there be any difference between a cruise and a holiday in land based hotel the waiters and the people that clean your room they both work just as hard and I am afraid the "its tradition" no longer holds.
  6. Soon to be £98 then times this by 2 if you are a couple =£196 and if you are a family of 4 with 2 children above 12 =£392 no small amount in anyones books and I very much doubt many couples leave £196 in tips at end of 14nt holiday in land based holidays.
  7. Out comes the old saying "stiffing the staff" the only people "stiffing the staff" are P&O (Carnival).
  8. we were also on Ventura maiden voyage and we have had envelopes left in our stateroom for years after. Auto gratuity was introduced with the Arcadia incident in mind but mainly because of freedom dining. P&O carried on leaving envelopes in staterooms for a lot longer because many still preferred that way instead of auto gratuity.
  9. Auto gratuities was not introduced to encourage people to pay gratuities but for years P&O had the simple envelopes left in room and the only way to tip anyone on the ship was to give cash. With the introduction of Ventura in 2008 and Freedom dining knowing that people were not going to have same waiters for duration of cruise it was introduced for that reason.
  10. If you get cruisers picking food up and then replacing it back in the buffet then not putting hand gel on should be easy to some. That is why I very rarely use buffet on a cruise.
  11. Do you honestly think or believe that they keep the cash that you give them. The last time I gave cash to waiter and assistant waiter on a P&O cruise I gave them both envelopes and the assistant waiter said thank you very much and then gave it straight away in full view of us to the waiter. If he is allowed to keep any money given to him in cash why did he hand it over to the waiter without even knowing what amount was inside.
  12. Some cruise lines charge children whatever the age they are not just only over 12s.
  13. Princess currently for those in inside/balcony cabins charge $13.50pppd (approx £10) and also includes children who pay full price.
  14. P&O havent accepted Princess cruises towards the Peninsular Club for a few years. When they did you got half the amount you would get on a P&O cruise.
  15. I would sail with Queen Elizabeth/Victoria not adult only but out of school holidays attracts very few children.