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  1. sinbad10

    Cruising on TV

    Watched Majestic Princess on The Cruise last night and even though we love Princess didnt stop me thinking it was a bit "naff" with some of the daytime activities. Used to seeing making and throwing paper planes in the Atrium and dropping an egg from top floor of Atrium and somebody has to catch it without breaking it but "elevator game" and "golf on the stairs" reached a new level and to an outsider would definitely look like "Butlins at Sea".
  2. sinbad10

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Fluid pricing has been a common practice throughout the whole travel industry for many years but only really been bought to our attention due to the internet. In the good old days you would go into local TA book a holiday and pay the price and you would never know what happens later with prices. Unfortunately its human nature to moan if a price goes up unless you have booked prior to increase but if the price goes down and we then book we are "over the moon" because we have got a bargain we cannot have it both ways. I booked a ski holiday less than 2 weeks ago for January and the price is now £80 lower but equally it could have gone up its the gamble you take.
  3. sinbad10

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    but better than laying out £200 for a cple on 14 nt cruise when others are paying nothing at least its fair now.
  4. sinbad10

    Cruising with Cancer

    The chance of her getting travel insurance is very slim if not impossible and although it might be her last chance to cruise it is too much of a risk if no insurance cover and also very expensive. You say her specialist says she would need antibiotics into her quickly which might be a problem in the middle of an ocean. I wish her all the best and pray for a miracle so that perhaps she can cruise in the future.
  5. sinbad10

    Cruising with Cancer

    Apart from the insurance cover problem would she want to put her life at risk by being at sea many miles from land and even then possibly in a foreign country.
  6. sinbad10

    Celebrity Pricing?

    Yes know it well but never stayed there and looking at prices of £95pppn for bed, breakfast and 3 course dinner in a standard non sea view room makes cruising even more good value for money for what it includes on top.
  7. sinbad10

    Celebrity Pricing?

    Holidays everywhere whether it be a cruise or land based holiday seem to be increasing some by a high margin. We always go to Austria in January and prices compared to last year are up over 10%. We looked at a short land based holiday in the UK (Torquay) in the summer and the hotel we were looking at wanted over £100pppn so comparing it with a cruise and what you get I think the days of balconies at £100pppn unless at a very late deal with no choices is more than likely a thing of the past.
  8. sinbad10


    We have done over 40 cruises and only ever been offered upgrades 3 times the first was our first ever cruise on QE2 in 1997 and the other 2 were on P&O one on Azura maiden voyage when we were offered a paid upgrade which we accepted because it was a bargain price and another on Aurora which we refused ( in the days when you could refuse an upgrade with P&O if offered one).
  9. sinbad10

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Problem is quiet a few incidents of people being caught trying to smuggle large amounts of drugs on/off cruise ships have occurred over the years and I dont think anyone should be immune from checks whatever there age or circumstances. The rules are well known and if anyone exceeds them by however little deserves to be caught and suffer the consequences of their actions.
  10. sinbad10

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    The problem is passengers collate around the atrium area and near to where you disembark to get off from early hours even when told not too and P&O staff allow it instead of insisting they move and go to their designated areas.
  11. sinbad10

    Cruise Log

    We saw an owl circling Queen Elizabeth during the day on our cruise to the Canary Islands last October.
  12. sinbad10

    lest we forget

    The ignorance of some people never seems to astound me these days, they should be ashamed of themselves.
  13. sinbad10

    Princess cruises from UK

    Trouble is cruise lines cannot just "magic" ports that will not perhaps be able to take the larger ships or the infastructure of these ships perhaps without the use of tenders and we all know what a pain they can be. We all would like different ports but its easy just to suggest it without the naming of such places and whether it is practical that cruise lines can dock there and I am sure they have investigated many times to try and find new ports. Princess for 2019 have dropped Gibraltar from Med cruises and instead calling at Ceuta in Spanish Morocco which I am sure have some moaning because of not being able to buy cheap fags/booze end of the day you cannot please everybody.
  14. sinbad10

    Princess cruises from UK

    Having done many cruises with P&O we now cruise with Princess and Cunard and have had some excellent cruises with Princess all from Southampton. IMO a step above P&O.
  15. sinbad10

    weather- is it worth trying to anticipate

    No we were too far from home and then the wife threatened me with "have to purchase some onboard" and knowing the prices and we had 2 sea days before we hit our first port of call managed to see a sign for superstore on A34 and found a Tesco's 🤣