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  1. Posted in error.
  2. Yes I quiet agree but I am comparing cruise ships of 2000+ passengers to hotels as you did in your comment " So if hotels that are catering for the masses can do it why can't ships. A week at this "All Inclusive" hotel including flights from London and transfers is £450." that no doubt that the hotel in Morocco or many have 2000+ diners every day so unfair to compare.
  3. Princess cruises have a policy of no alcohol to be taken onboard at ports of calls for cabin consumption. It has never caused a problem if any is seen when scanned or you tell them you have alcohol then you are directed to a seperate table where it is taken off you and you are given a receipt and it is returned to you at end of cruise. Never been a problem or ever seen any great queues as a result.
  4. Actually thinking the number of staff needed to prepare and cook meals and maintaining a high standard. You would need a lot more staff to prepare and cook equivalent number of meals served on a cruise than in a hotel more and larger machines in kitchens to prepare/cook and keep warm and this would increase costs so therefore would increase the cost of staying at the hotel.
  5. But how many breakfasts and evening dinners were they serving at this hotel nowhere near 2000+ and can be many more sois easier when it is a lower number to serve better quality.
  6. no I was thinking along the lines of comparing quality of cruise lines with hotels as the thread is stating and think mass market have a good case for charging extra for speciality restaurants and think the food served in mass market MDR is of a good standard as high as a lot of hotels who do not serve over 2000 evening meals a day.
  7. It is irrelevant what it costs at the supermarket but just bare in mind we have just returned from Cunard where they sell virtually the same beers and no doubt being part of same company buy in bulk from same supplier for delivery to Southampton for both P&O and Cunard. Cheapest beer same as on P&O was approx £6 which still makes P&O good value for money.
  8. The stewards are not less attentive because how do they know that like many do you opt out and then give cash at the end of the cruise. I for one have never believed that staff are told who has opted out of auto gratuities during the cruise.
  9. Do not know of many hotels that serve 2000+ meals in the evening and on some of the newer ships it is considerably more.
  10. On our last Azura cruise one family wore track suit bottoms and football shirts every casual dress night in MDR and on the Formal nights they put the track suit jackets on so they had a "suit" over their football shirts and were still allowed in MDR.
  11. Can never understand why people join the bun fight of trying to find a table in the buffet at breakfast/lunch and then have to go and serve themselves and by the time you get back to your table it is cold. Much more relaxed and refined to have breakfast/lunch in MDR where you are guaranteed a table and have it served by a waiter.
  12. Whatever the cruise lines want to call it whether it be tips/gratuities/service reward or whatever it should be given as intended as a reward for good service over and above what you would expect. Very cleverly cruisers have been brainwashed by cruise lines to feel guilty if they dont pay and the common reason used on many forums is you are "stiffing" the staff. It is the cruise companies who are "stiffing" their own staff by paying poor wages to boost their own profits. If they were given as intended for good service then there might be some that have not had good or poor service and do not think that they deserve tip/gratuity/service reward (stupid name thought out by bean counters of P&O) so therefore nobody is freeloading.
  13. How2 do you actually know they had removed the tips had they actually told you or are vyou guessing because they did not attend MDR for final night. We have sometimes not easten in MDR on final night of cruise for varying reasons but not because we have removed tips. The staff are not told who have removed tips and unless they acually told you they had then it is very wrong to assume that they have when you could be co.mpletely wrong
  14. I can see an opportunity for P&O and their bean counters to make some money if you reserve a sunbed before 8am there willl be a charge and a further charge for those that want to reserve a sunbed around the pools. If you look at his other thread on forum he has had internet/computer issues.
  15. But what is the purpose of giving twice you would never dream of going into a restaurant or hotel and give tips on your first day or as soon as you arrive and then again give tips at the end of your meal or stay.