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  1. I have been using Google Chrome on Windows 10 for some time and Bolsover Cruise Club forum password has always been a saved password in my settings with no problems whatsoever and has only recently become a problem signing-in with no problems in the past.
  2. I am using Google Chrome on Windows 10.
  3. Well if it happens again with me tomorrow think I will pull the plug on this forum. Already lost a lot of my posts when I left after being pestered by a troll with PM and took a long time before he was banned from site.
  4. Go for an inside every time and get up on deck and enjoy all aspects of the scenery with a drink with the money you will save not having a very small balcony on Britannia. My advice for Norwegian Fjords is to go in June lovely month if you go too early it will be cold and you could be unlucky with the weather and have lots of rain.
  5. It has happened again this morning last night was on forum with no problem at all came on this morning and it says I must sign in again getting fed up of it now its nearly every day.
  6. No I have not I know when I do clear my PC using CCleaner I have to sign-in but recently havent done this and also when I have to sign-in again does not recognise my password and ending getting locked out. No other sites have needed me to sign-in again.
  7. Why do occasionally have to sign -in with username and password never used to have to do it until recently.
  8. She is a bit like Marmite either you like her or dislike her. Everybody has their own views like every singer and I am sure there are those out there would think my favourite choice is not theirs. It is a funny old world and good job we all have different tastes for me I will watch future programmes involving ocean cruises and just ignore her and turn off at the end before she sings.
  9. All sorts of rumours are being thrown about and differing information from different departments of P&O are not helping.
  10. Not interested in river cruising at all and the thought of another song by Jane McDonald pushed me over the edge and I did not watch it this week.
  11. Of course they can change it and was well documented some time ago and was all over this and other cruise forums.
  12. Yes there is a shopping centre but nothing special we went there on our first visit to Le Havre and been numerous time since and that is why we stay onboard.
  13. good job we are all different there different size ships for everyone but no doubt the traditional P&Oers will shout and moan the loudest whatever they build it will not please everybody that is an impossible task.
  14. Not one of the best ports of call we always stay on the ship when we have called there and had a relaxing day. If you must get off the ship think best option is an excursion.
  15. We have done it once, got one booked and looking at another for 2019 fantastic and proper cruising in a beautiful liner.