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  1. sinbad10

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    With some of the excellent prices and discounts offered on brochure release these last 2-3 yrs you cannot really expect much more than minimal OBC or free coach/car parking. I know as far as we are concerned the free car parking offered with CPS for a 14 nt cruise is over £150 so cannot be complained about. We did a recent cruise on Britannia for 14 nts to the Med free car parking for 14nts and with extra TA discount paid only £900pp for highest grade inside cabin which was an excellent price and sure the equivalent prices for higher grade cabins was just as good.
  2. sinbad10

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Prices have always fluctuated and usually increase until closer to the cruise when depending on how well the cruise is selling whether they offer lower prices around the 12 week time when balances are due.
  3. sinbad10

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    Cruised Princess and P&O many times and have never been disappointed with food served on Princess whether it be quality or portion size. It is obvious P&O is aimed at British market and serve mainly British food but that is what we like about Princess the variation of food served.
  4. sinbad10

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    Why would you expect chunky chips like P&O when you were on an American cruise line and they all serve french fries and to say they came straight from the buffet is laughable because you dont know that and just because they serve them in the buffet it doesnt mean those in MDR are served from there.
  5. sinbad10

    Drinks Package

    Princess, Cunard and many others are a lot dearer so hardly extortionate and is one of the cheapest.
  6. sinbad10

    Canaries in Early December

    The weather should be OK either month once you are in the Canaries but if sailing from Southampton the weather and seas could be more inclement in December and it takes best of 3 days each way to get there and return to Southampton.
  7. sinbad10

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    You usually get a card in your cabin at beginning of the cruise telling you where the Elite Lounge is taking place and times and then what food is available on a daily basis and a special offer cocktail.
  8. sinbad10


    Why drag up a thread that is nearly 5yrs old ?????
  9. sinbad10


    I very much doubt they will let you pay in Euros it will either be in Krone or by credit/debit contactless card. In 2018 the price from Olden was 68 krone pp.
  10. Being a regular cruiser on Princess sailing from the UK discounts for 2019 have nowhere near been as good as they have in previous years.
  11. Princess have gone the opposite way they have increased their daily gratuities and have also increased service charge added to all drinks from 15% to 18%.
  12. sinbad10

    Booking excursions

    That is why they have done it they want you to book early so you have to pay for them now.
  13. sinbad10

    Just back off the Aurora

    Thanks after a visit to the doctors she is now on antibiotics. I dont think it is down to new carpets there have for many years people complaining of coughs,colds and chest infections after a recent cruise and a lot mention Arcadia cough but dont think there is one ship any worse than others. Air conditioning is the problem because when you have 2000+ people in a confined space any viral problems can soon spread.
  14. sinbad10

    Just back off the Aurora

    My wife is struggling with chest infection and has been since coming off Britannia on 18th May.
  15. sinbad10

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    Like I said food is a personal taste and for us we prefer Princess by a long way compared to P&O food wise and for cruise experience even though drinks are expensive but likewise like you we are Elite and exchange our mini bar package for 2 coffee cards and always purchase soda package which includes mocktails, juice and soda drinks and even after recent price increase is excellent value for money so high cost of alcoholic drinks being not big drinkers doesnt effect us.