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  1. sinbad10

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Certainly do not think, and I know this might upset a lot on here but can only speak personally, that Bolsover are not coming out of the present situation very well. I have a cruise booked in May and being responsible like many others held back from contacting Bolsover because my cruise wasnt imminent. Me like many others are now in a worst position due to the change of policy by Cunard/P&O on 19th March have now seen a worsening of terms offered. Worried about the rumour that the government might be changing the law so that as advised by Bolsover in above post to hang on as my cruise will more than likely be cancelled soon and have a full cash refund this might not be the case and only a credit voucher will be given and only a cash refund after 2 years. With this in mind I phoned Bolsover and even though I appreciate the situation they are in not surprisingly she advised me to cancel my cruise now and receive a FCC of 110% rather than transfer booking. I have 5 cruises currently booked with Bolsover for 20/21 so struggling for varying reasons to book even more. Every question I asked all she said was you will have to contact Cunard direct which we all know all they will say is speak to your TA. Feel that Bolsover are not being helpful in the customers best interests and advising everybody to have a FCC as it protects there own future and Cunard's with no thought or help and was not interested in the fact that having 5 cruises already booked I should find the time, space and money to book a further cruise.
  2. sinbad10

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    They were higher day before yesterday and then they fell again yesterday and have now risen again so very volatile and still a very big gamble and you could still lose a lot of money.
  3. sinbad10

    P&O ships futures.

    Believe depending on contract signed that Iona 2 will be either cancelled or very seriously delayed and that because of their age I think Oceana's and Aurora's futures will be in very serious doubt as P&O will streamline their fleet to cut costs and keep the larger ships where profits will be higher. I think even with the loyalty of many past cruisers some will decide not to cruise again and where in recent years cruising has increased year on year I think many future cruisers after recent publicity will change their minds and not cruise. P&O I think will struggle to fill 20000 people in cruise ships week in week out so will only end up with a streamlining of the fleet.
  4. sinbad10

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Thank you for you prompt reply with regards to your statement highlighted above is this statement not correct and the reason why cruise lines and travel agents waiting to cancel further cruises after the current date so that the law will be changed by government with regarding cash refunds as published in the Independent https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/package-holiday-refund-rules-suspended-abta-coronavirus-a9417261.html. Surely cruise lines and TAs have prior knowledge of this and once again sending out incorrect information just to protect their own self interest and not at the customers interest. Your statement and advice that I wait and Cunard will be forced to give me a full refund therefore an incorrect assumption in that cruise lines and TAs are just biding their time so that the government will change the law to the benefit of cruise lines and TAs with total disregard to the passenger and the information being given at best misleading or at worst not printable. I eagerly await your response.
  5. sinbad10

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    i cannot claim on my travel insurance because I have no reason to make a claim or for them to pay out as FCO guidance doesnt apply to my age and have no medical reason. As it is at the moment the cruise has not been officially cancelled by Cunard and if it is then obviously I will get a full refund. Up to today I could claim part cash and part FCC but that has now been taken away from me and can only have FCC which as I said previously is no good to me. Presently I am hoping for Cunard to cancel the cruise so that I can get a full refund if they dont then I have to cruise on what will more than likely be a roundtrip TA with very few cruisers onboard and little or no entertainment at all and no prospect of getting off the ship in New York or to have a total loss if I cancel.
  6. sinbad10

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Borrowing $3bn https://travelweekly.co.uk/articles/363253/carnival-corportion-agrees-3bn-in-borrowing-as-cruises-halted and the collapse of their share price, payment of new build ships yet to be delivered or built and the high chance that they will struggle to attract new customers to fill super cruise ships after recent publicity putting off new customers.
  7. sinbad10

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    My cruise is with Cunard.
  8. sinbad10

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Think you would be better off buying shares in loo roll manufacturers than Carnival at the moment as there is a very high chance of Carnival going under and it will not be only loo roll going down the toilet.
  9. sinbad10

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Whilst I appreciate the unprecedented times that are happening currently I am very upset that by being responsible and not contacting Bolsover or Cunard because my cruise is scheduled to depart on 6th May and so is not imminent my position has worsened. As of today I can no longer have part cash and part FCC if I cancel the cruise but now can only have FCC which is no use to me. I already have 2 cruises booked through Bolsover with Cunard one for October 2020 and 1 for November 2021 I also have 2 further cruises booked with them with P&O for May and August 2021. I cannot physically book another cruise next year but will not allow me to use FCC on existing booking and so was going to cancel and have at least part of my cruise payment in cash. This because I have been responsible and wiated before contacting Bolsover I am now in a worse position. There is now a strong possibility that my only option is to cancel and have a FCC of 110% of value of my cruise which like I stated previously is useless to me. Therefore I will lose my full cost of cruise so Cunard will not lose out and I should imagine if this happens Bolsover will still receive their commission. So its a WIN WIN situation for Cunard and Bolsover and I lose everything. Great customer service from both Cunard /Bolsover thank you very much.
  10. I am absolutely disgusted with Cunard's new change of policy that they have introduced as of 19th March that those with cruises booked after 11th April cannot cancel and receive part cash refund and part FCC. They now have replaced it with FCC of 110% with no thought of those that already have future cruises booked with them and cannot physically book a new booking. So in effect they are hoping that if my cruise is not cancelled by them with which they would have to legally give full refund in cash they are hoping like me I will lose all my money paid in full to Cunard and they will benefit completely. Nice to really find out what they really think about their customers and how they treat them. Absolutely shocking compared to Princess, fellow Carnival company, who have treated their customers far better and with far more respect. Also I am sure that many especially those over 70 who have cancelled and not yet booked another cruise using their FCC that Cunard hope that they die which I am sure some will unfortunately then Cunard will gain again and suffer no financial loss.
  11. sinbad10

    Diamond princess

    I personally think cruise companies will take a long time , if some do at all, to recover from this and the publicity of people being kept in cabins at sea or in port. People who havent cruised before and were thinking of doing so I am sure will have second thoughts and those that have done many cruises, myself included, will seriously think of ever cruising again. After the one in May we have 3 more cruises booked but are seriously considering cancelling and having a small loss of deposits compared to a greater loss at a later stage.
  12. sinbad10

    Diamond princess

    Unfortunately some of us have cruises booked and having already paid the final balance the cruise company I have booked with are not interested one bit unless I or my wife has serious underlying health conditions. If I cancel they have told me I will lose 50% cost of cruise.
  13. sinbad10

    Scarlet Lady

    Not for me I am afraid.
  14. sinbad10


    They are the same with the same staff there is just as many complaints about Cunard's new website and the problems encountered. Most of the staff in Southampton have been amalgamated for both P&O and Cunard.
  15. sinbad10


    Not only P&O IT system but also Cunard IT system.