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  1. Security at Southampton

    I am sure workman/contractors are not searched and have to go through x-ray machines every time they enter the ship which might be numerous times while docked in Southampton on changeover day. Having said all that the reports are in the Sun and Daily Mail so not the most trustworthy and reliable papers for reliable reporting. I remember when Aurora suffered a severe case on Noro Virus years ago and it hit the press and the TV and was reported in Daily Mail showing a photograph of a P&O ferry.
  2. Bid for an Upgrade?

    It is not a "money making gimmick" but cruise lines selling vacant unsold cabins for a fraction of the price that you would have paid if you would have booked initially. A"win win situation" it is better than expecting a "free upgrade" not knowing where you would go on the ship and if you agree to this at beginning of booking process then you cannot refuse "free upgrade" which you have no control of.
  3. New from P&O

    I suppose the spin they have put on it to the staff about the serving of more tables is that the more people they serve the more gratuities they will get.
  4. IONA

    Nothing but it was exactly the same with Britannia.
  5. Gratuities

    It was a 7 week cruise not 7 night cruise that Cruising lady was commenting about.
  6. Gratuities

    I suppose it is computer programmed to appear on all receipts to given to a named person who has removed auto gratuities and is easier to do it that way than to have it done differently wherever the receipt is from.
  7. Gratuities

    Below is a reply from P&O on their own Facebook page when they admitted what Geoff Davies said when he started this thread. I hope all those that have not believed or rubbished his comments now hold their heads in shame and start looking at P&O through clear spectacles and not the rose coloured where they dont believe that they can do no wrong. "We were trialing the written receipts for the gratuities on board earlier this year, and whether or not we decide to maintain this will be decided by our management. The reason for doing this was to offer guests an opportunity to opt back in to the tips if they decide they wish to, so this would never be done to upset or offend any guests in anyway"
  8. Gratuities

    Well I have one cruise booked on Britannia for next May which for some time I have been seriously thinking about cancelling but this is the final straw and finally pushed me over the edge and after 30+ cruises with P&O since 2000 will not cruise with them ever again.
  9. There has been consumer complaints about this practice going back many years and also been the subject of many consumer tv programmes but nothing has changed and dont see anything happening soon.
  10. Same has happened with high street TAs with land based holiday they put prices in the window and when you go in and enquire the holiday is still available but at a higher price been happening for years nothing new.
  11. Oceana Dubai

    The problems you encountered i.e. unstable crossing and nowhere to sit in the shade is because the ship was built by Princess for the American market for 7 day cruises to Caribbean that is why she has a nice atrium and the cabins and storage are smaller.
  12. Oceana Dubai

    One thing for certain Oceana is a lot older and smaller than Ventura but havent sailed on her for many years so cannot comment on her condition. Oceana was originally built for Princess cruises and was Ocean Princess and entered service in 2000, Ventura entered service in 2008.
  13. Do You Give Your Cabin Steward Excellent

    Princess have for many years always had at the end of the cruise a "cookery demonstration" in the main theatre of ships but there is no cooking but comical sketches done by members of staff and they have even got their own "ditty" about 7 being the magical number for your questionnaires and this was still done as recently as 2 weeks ago. You are given the impression that the staff want you to mark on all questionnaires 7 or above but dont really give reason why but it is easy to guess. The only difference between P&O and Princess is that the questionnaires are not paper version left in your stateroom but are sent online for you to fill in when you get home.
  14. Fluid pricing has been part of holiday company pricing for many years not just cruising and will not be changed. In the good old days of Teletext I once phoned a company and booked a holiday to Cyprus came off the phone and within minutes the price of the holiday had gone down in price so it is nothing new and a vital part of "supply and demand".
  15. I agree that the OBC given is not "free" that is why in my statement it was in exclamation marks many people book thinking it is free but they do not see that the cruise fare has been inflated to cover OBC so in effect your are actually paying for your "free" OBC. The same applies to parking and coach travel it is all included in the Select price giving you the impression its "free" when you have paid for it.