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  1. Sapsford11

    Visiting Bergen, Norway?

    If you are visiting Bergen and looking for things to do or places of interest to see, please feel free to browse my site at http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com. I hope the advice is useful Regards Craig Sapsford
  2. Sapsford11


    I have created a site for anyone looking for things to do in Bergen, places to see and where to eat etc. Please feel free to browse http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com I hope it comes in useful Regards Craig
  3. Sapsford11

    Currency For Norway

    Hi vamp23, Yes I would definitely just use the Norwegian Kroner (NOK) as you don't want to be ripped off with bad exchange rates I run a tourist website to visitors of Bergen. Check it out if you are interested http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com. Regards Craig
  4. Sapsford11

    Arctic Awakening Spring 2015

    Hi Ian Hardacre, Glad you enjoyed the Hurtigruten trip and you plan to do another in the near future. Great to hear you managed to keep warm with tea in your thermas! Being English living in Bergen i seem to be the only one who enjoys "a proper brew" (Yorkshire Tea)! When you were in Bergen what did you get upto? Did you have much time to look around? I run a tourist site to help provide information for people visiting Bergen. Next time you plan on visiting maybe check out my site at http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com, hopefully you will find it useful. If you have any questions about the city of Bergen i will be more than gratefull to answer them the best i can. Regards Craig
  5. Sapsford11

    Bergen, Andalsnes, Olden And Stavanger

    Yes i guess that would be a bit of a push to do the whole trek in one day. Many people who don't feel up to doing the full trek or are short on time often just walk to Rundermann, then return back to Floyen. You still get fantastic views and you can easily get this done in 2 hours including breaks.
  6. Sapsford11

    Bergen, Andalsnes, Olden And Stavanger

    The Vidden Trail is a very popular walk/hike that combines both Mount Floyen, Mount Ulriken and everything in between. This is a trail that Norwegians love to do and is considered the best walk/hike to do in Bergen. Learn more here: http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com/attractions-in-bergen/vidden-trail/ Enjoy!
  7. Sapsford11

    Bergen, Andalsnes, Olden And Stavanger

    Hi all, I live in Bergen and run a tourist website about things to do in Bergen, http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com. For information about Mount Floyen and Mount Ulriken, please visit the following pages http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com/attractions-in-bergen/floibanen-funicular/ http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com/attractions-in-bergen/mount-ulriken/ Included on the site are the top attractions which are considered a must do when visiting Bergen. Also if you do get the chance to venture a short way out of the city it's well worth exploring the Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. Stopping at sites like Steinsdalsfossen and the fantastic view at Aurlandsfjord. If you have any questions i will be more than happy to answer them the best I can.