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  1. Hi, I have a full day in Barcelona before flying back to UK and would like to visit Park Guell. Can anyone enlighten me on how far from the cruise port it is and the best way to get there please?
  2. lynda


    Thanks you all for your comments and I will certainly bear them in mind. Lynda
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    Thanks Harvey and Jaguar01 - maybe we will just have quick look round on our own rather than pay for a tour. Lynda
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    Hiya. I joined the forum ages ago but forgot about it. Time to get to grips and communicate. I have been on several cruises and we tend to do our own trips when in port but am not against excursions if necessary. Our first port of call on our next cruise (in a few days time) is Casablanca. Any advice on what excursions to do would be appreciated. Is it easy to do on your own? Lynda