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  1. got2getatan

    Britannia Theme Nights ?

    Cannot get any info if they do theme nights on the Britannia. Going on a Caribbean cruise next month and do not want to be caught out if possible. Thanks
  2. Just got through to p and o help line and they say I should be OK on this cruise. The nearest I will get to a yellow fever zone will be Aruba and I have been here before with Fred Olsen without any problems. There is a list of ships/cruises on the p and o site concerning yellow fever awareness and my cruise is not listed. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi, been on a Caribbean Cruise in 2008 and will be cruising next month same sort of area on the Britannia. When I downloaded my E tickets today I noticed that I could be asked for proof of my Yellow Fever vaccine. Cannot remember being asked for before and assumed that I would be ok if I had not visited an effected area in the last six months. Local GP surgery not much use and advised paying for a vaccination at a private clinic. It's not about money, just don;t want another if I I don;t really need it. All my other vaccinations are up to date. Thanks..
  4. Just wondered if anyone had cruised around Iberia in November? Wife would like to celebrate a special birthday on a cruise from Southampton to be aboard on 21 November 2016. Never sailed from Southampton at this time of year and am I guess it's pot luck on the sea conditions. Is it all rain coats and gloves at this time of year? and do we need to stock up on the seasick tablets for the Arcadia or does she sail well. The sea conditions don't really bother me but when it gets rough the wife starts to look for icebergs and her life jacket. Thanks.
  5. got2getatan

    Outside Cabin On The Arcadia.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I seemed to remember someone telling me that all the obstructed outside cabins look out onto a tender.
  6. Hi everyone, am thinking of booking on the Arcadia November/16 and wondered if anyone can recommend a good Outside cabin. Never sailed on the Arcadia and did not want to stick a pin into the deck plan. Thanks.
  7. got2getatan

    Booking A Cruise - Well In Advance Or Not.

    What about booking a June 2016 cruise when I am on the Britannia in November. Do gain anything by booking this way.
  8. Just done this via phone and received a total of £150. Just need to take some ID with me on my next cruise in case they ask. Well done the forum.
  9. got2getatan

    Booking A Cruise - Well In Advance Or Not.

    Thanks for all your advice but the hospital has just made the decision for me. Just been told I have IPF so the bookings will be a couple of months in advance and sailing from Southampton next year and as many cruises that I can fit in. Thanks again.
  10. We have only cruised a few times but we have always booked 12 to 15 months in advance. We are not bothered where we sleep or what time we eat and I know by booking early seems to attract free parking and on board spending which does not amount to much when a fellow Fred O passenger told me he saved £650 by booking later than sooner. I suppose every cruise company is different but other than our one trip with Fred the other two have been with P and O. We have a Caribbean cruise with the Britannia in November which we booked May 2014 and we are looking to book on the Azura for October 2016. I bet this subject has been covered many times, sorry.
  11. got2getatan

    Caribbean Cruise - Luggage Labels.

    Thanks. Have seen some holders on the Thanetdirect site for a few pounds which would be better than anything I could make.
  12. Hi, just joined the forum/club and I thought I would start off by asking a silly question. Only been on the odd cruise and this time We have opted to print our own luggage labels at a later date. Would it be a good idea to get a few e ticket label holders from somewhere. we are flying from Birmingham on 20 November to join the Britannia in Barbados. Thanks.