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  1. davecudworth

    Save The Waves!

    I'm all for RCI's "Save the Waves" campaign but how can they justify printing hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs, most of which I assume are ultimately shredded? Just a thought
  2. davecudworth

    Royal Caribbean Gratuities On Drinks

    Thanks for the replies everyone - I assume that the fact that we had previously sailed from Southampton was the answer :-)
  3. Have I missed something? On previous RCI cruises we have prepaid the gratuities and therefore drinks purchased at bars and in the theatre have been charged "at cost" i.e. without gratuities being added. We have just returned from a cruise on the Brilliance and on the first night gratuities were added to a bar bill (we prepaid our gratuities as usual). I queried this at customer services and was informed that this has always been that case but, having checked the receipts from our last RCI cruise on the Adventure in May 2014, this was clearly not true (i.e. gratuities were not added to the bar bill on that cruise). We were offered a number of explanations including that the T&C's are different if you sail from Harwich rather that Southhampton! Has RCI changed its T&C's regarding prepaid gratuities in the last year or so?
  4. davecudworth

    Royal Caribbean Drinks Package

    Just returned from a Baltic Cruise on the Brilliance. We had a drinks package and there is no limit to the amount that you can drink - just to the drinks available (in our case wine to 9$ per glass, beer and soft drinks (but not bottled water)). If we had purchased the package on board, at 42$ each per day,we could not have justified the cost but it was included in the cruise cost this year. What really annoyed me is that, although we had prepaid our gratuities, we were charged them on drinks that we purchased from a bar - this has not happened to us before on RCI. Needless to say we stuck to the "free" drinks so RCI lost out on that one!!
  5. davecudworth

    Tables For 2

    My wife and I prefer a table for two and the only time we have shared is on the Britannia in May as we were with our two daughters and their husbands - so that was clearly by choice. We intend to ask for a table for two on the Brilliance of the Seas next week and on the Britannia in October, although we have discussed the possibility of sharing (but I think that sharing with one other couple that you don't know might be difficult whereas tables for 6 or more might be more "do-able"). I like the P&O system of issuing pagers but we have rarely had to wait for a table for too long on any cruise. However, I'm not sure I agree with the argument that you wouldn't share in a restaurant on land so why should you share on board. If you cannot get a table for two on land you usually have the option of choosing a different venue, whereas on board this option is not generally available (unless you pay extra for speciality dining). In this respect I do sympathise with the cruise lines, but would welcome more tables for two in the main restaurants if space allows it. At the end of the day it's all about personal preference and we're just grateful of the opportunity to cruise!