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  1. Hey Tell us what song you're listening to right now, preferably with a link
  2. Moneten

    Favourite Musical

    Les Miserable is my Favourite Musical
  3. Moneten

    Your Favourite Christmas Song

    My favorite traditional Christmas song is O Holy Nigh
  4. Moneten

    What Book Are You Reading?

    Hey everyone What books are you guys currently reading?ž I just start to read the book Game of thrones. Hour of the Wolf
  5. I also love to watch Wimbledon on summer
  6. Moneten

    Your Favorite Series

    Hey guys .) what's your favorite tv series?
  7. Moneten

    Underwater Museum!

    ohh this is great
  8. Moneten

    What Are Your Plans For The Weekend?

    Spending the weekend with the kids. Hoping to get a walk out if the weather is kind. If not. Maybe sledging
  9. Moneten

    Are You Worried About Retirement?

    Actually, no, I didn't worry at all. I was too dumb to worry. It was before the internet era and before the commercialization of everything, including retirement information. Most information was gained from observing others, listening (or not) to others' advice and reading a very few books and articles that addressed the subject. Based on those inputs (we didn't say that, then) and on my very strong desire to do what I wanted to do, I decided I could retire very early. I was so young that there was a high probability that I would be able to return to work, at least part time, if my optimistic expectations were not met. Had we had the internet and the plethora of opinion and information we now have on the topic, I fear I would not have taken the chance I did.
  10. Any suggestions for a week away in November with my hubbie? I saw an interesting cruise on Naples coasts - here. It's my 30th so would like somewhere memorable/special. I'll also be 6 months pregnant (so somewhere which has good health facilities and nowhere where lots of medication is required). Somewhere warm would be nice..... We are big archaeology fans and we read that this cruise offers lots of visits to archaeological sites. We have already been to Pompeii and I would love to get suggestions on how to spend the day when the visit to this site is planned.. We actually fancy staying in Naples and doing Rick Steves' self guided 'slice of Naples' walking tour, but some people think it is a waste of time...? Thanks!