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  1. We are all responsible for keeping it 'Alive & Kicking' - let's all start some interesting topics and see whether we can really get things going! It would be a pity to see it totally die... NS
  2. Can this really be true? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2855807/Canadian-lobsters-discovered-coast-YORKSHIRE-experts-blame-cruise-ship-diners-trying-save-animals-throwing-overboard.html
  3. Thanks for the three responses, really useful... NS
  4. Hi all, I am putting together an article on the prices of drinks on various cruise lines \ ships and I am going to based my research on the 'good old' G&T! The type of information I am seeking is; The different types of Gin available on the various cruise lines \ ships The cost of a 'single' G&T on the various cruise lines \ ships Whether there are any 'specialist' bars relating the Gin on the various cruise lines \ ships I am going to focus on 8 cruise lines initially, they will be; P&O Cruises Cunard Cruise Line Princess Cruises Celebrity Cruises Fred. Olsen Cruise Line Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Holland-America Norwegian Cruise Line Any information that you are able to provide would be gratefully received, I am in conversation with the cruise lines but personal experience is always the best content! Many thanks NS
  5. Thanks for the 'heads up' - I've now entered, fingers crossed! Re the not being on Facebook posts, why not join? It's free to join, you don't have to disclose any personal information and there is no obligation to continue using it after you have entered the competition! Just my .2 cents! ;-) NS
  6. I last cruised 20 years ago on NCL 'SS Norway' and 20 years later I have cruised for the 2nd time on board P&O Cruises Ventura I was really impressed with Ventura, apart from her colossal size she is very elegant and spacious. On board we had an outside (restricted view) cabin which despite having a lifeboat suspended outside of the window, allowed a considerable amount of light in! Because there were 3 of us (wife & daughter) we had 'upper berth' beds above the standard 2 singles, this worked quite well and my daughter enjoyed 'climbing the ladder' each night! We ate in the 'main' restaurants (Cinnamon & Saffron) on 3 nights (Freedom dining) and in the speciality restaurants for the other nights, East was my favourite but The White Room, Glasshouse & Beach House were all very enjoyable! Entertainment wise it was ok, the Headliners Theatre Company certainly 'saved the day' with their 3 shows, all of which were excellent! We visited (Livorno) Pisa, Florence, (Naples) Capri, Dubrovnik and Venice and all were amazing despite the weather being quite atrocious at times (yes in July!) All in all, a great time was had and I will certainly not leave it as long before my next cruise! I have added some images to the gallery section of this forum, please feel free to check them out!
  7. I'm taking my wife and 11 year old daughter on Ventura in July and when we arrive into Naples we are 'torn' on whether to visit Capri or Sorrento (or maybe both) - bearing in mind our daughter would happily spend 7 days in the pool I am conscious to plan our excursions so they have something that appeals to her too! Any thoughts \ recommendations on these 2 places?
  8. I am taking my family on a Ventura fly-cruise in July and although I have 'cruised' once before my wife has not, she was recently told by a 'friend' that they has a really bad experience with the passengers occupying the cabin next door. Basically, they were very noisy in terms of singing (after having had 'one too many'), arguing (loudly) and then 'making up' (if you know what I mean?! My wife asked me what we would do if we were unfortunate enough to have 'noisy neighbours' - I said that I would ask P&O to move us but I wondered if anyone else had suffered from such a thing and if so, what did you do? NS
  9. Thanks for the info, better 'dust' my tux down! :-)
  10. I'm on Ventura in July for 7 days (mainly) around Italy - I'm guessing 2 formal nights (on each of the 'sea days'), is this about right? NS
  11. ...including Barcelona, Monte Carlo & Rome - does anyone have any advice how to make the most of each port in the limited time (roughly 8 hours) that we'll be there? I'm particularly keen to plan the day in Rome as I know there is so much to see... Thanks NS
  12. I think travel to Brazil next summer (2014) will be expensive due to the World Cup being held over there - now that is something I'd love to be in Rio for!
  13. Not personally but I found some good information about the ship here; http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/cruise-lines/holland-america-line/ms-rotterdam/
  14. Here you go, lots of info available here; https://ask.cunard.com/help/cunard/search?nlpq=pet+dog&kb=&x=20&y=13
  15. Has anyone ever met a celeb onboard a cruise, someone who was holidaying rather than performing?! I'll start off - I once met Bill Tarney (Jack Duckworth) on the Aurora a few years ago - really nice fella, sadly no longer with us...