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    Arcadia J717 carribean 7 -31st october 2017

    We hope you have a great holiday one suitcase will be fine as previous comment do your smalls and shirts in laundry good place for a gossip I have learnt loads of interesting things about stops on the cruise in the laundry. We love Arcadia will be interested to know what the single supplement was. Enjoy your holiday.
  2. Adele37woking

    Do I actually need to print my e-tickets?

    Yes I see your point but why then do they ask us to print the e tickets in the first place
  3. Adele37woking

    Do I actually need to print my e-tickets?

    Yes always print of it speeds the process up can't imagine the staff at the docks would be very happy if we all decided not to print information of
  4. Adele37woking

    Canaries on Oceana March 2017

    We were on Oceana for the 5 week cruise Feb 8th only our 2nd cruise first time on her disappointed with size of cabin which was inside never again. Our first cruise was on Arcadia had a balcony a must we were both very poorly on Oceana chest infections not having a door to open for fresh air was dreadful when you aren't feeling well a balcony is a must. We loved the ship but def needs this refit later this year not good in bad weather and afraid to say the public ladies bathrooms were a disgrace. Entertainment and food excellent and all the staff are amazing.
  5. Adele37woking

    Outside Cabin On The Arcadia.

    Hi this my first time so bear with me also we are Virgin cruisers also never been to Caribean so in 6 weeks time a whole new way of life is going to start for us after 45 years married it's about time we think. My query is have booked on Arcadia balcony cabin D45 we are assured not obstructed can anyone help I am hoping someone will know what D deck is like we understand it is near elevators can you please hep Thank you Adele x