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  1. TrentAnn

    Where is everyone

    En route to Cornwall for a weeks break 🏄‍♀️
  2. TrentAnn

    Britannia Serenity Pool

    There wasn’t a charge for the Serenity Pool/Bar area when I was onboard in April this year. Should you choose to visit the adjacent Retreat area this is chargeable, I believe on a daily or weekly basis. Hope this helps.
  3. TrentAnn

    Britannia Serenity Pool

    Hi BanburyBlue, I was on Britannia in April this year and the Serenity pool / sun beds etc., were available to use by adult passengers. Much quieter area to relax in away from the main pool area. Enjoy - I certainly did 😎
  4. TrentAnn

    Luggage storage in cabins?

    My suitcases are 29cm deep, I was able to store them closed under the bed recently on Britannia. Possibly leaving the cases open to reduce the depth would be an option if they’re a tight fit.
  5. TrentAnn

    Azura Better than expected.

    Pleased you enjoyed your first cruise & have now become addicted 😂
  6. TrentAnn

    Steward Standards

    Having recently returned from the Canaries on Britannia, I couldn’t fault my Cabin Steward, he always seemed to be one step ahead of me and kept the cabin spotless, plus cleanliness throughout the ship was to a high standard. I did have a survey form mid way through the cruise asking if and how they could make my cruise any better. Had I have had any issue I would have raised it at the time with the relevant department.
  7. TrentAnn

    P & O going down hill

    Thoroughly enjoyed my recent cruise to the Canaries on Britannia, reading varying reviews I was pleasantly surprised with the ship and would certainly cruise on her again. My disembarkation experience was different to some of the other forum members. After waiting in the dining room to leave the ship at 8.15, we were asked to proceed to the gangway and baggage collection where I found my cases without any problem (they are brightly coloured)! Walking through Customs there were a number of Police and one sniffer dog, by 8.45 I was sitting on the Eavesway coach - all going very well .... Our coach made its way to the dock gates where passengers from Azura were due to join us for their journey home. Waiting on the coach for over an hour for them to arrive, we were informed there was a problem with their disembarkation (this has been covered elsewhere on the forum). Hopefully when I cruise on her next year they will be more organised.
  8. TrentAnn

    Azura Better than expected.

    Your first cruise will be extra special, the one you’ll remember with much affection. Go and enjoy yourselves, not having anything to compare with means you’ll be able to form your own opinion. Look forward to reading your positive or negative feedback when you return. Just a word of caution .... cruising is addictive 😂😂
  9. TrentAnn

    Room comparisons on P+O

    Thoroughly enjoyed my cruise. I hope you have the same experience should you decide to sail on Britannia.
  10. TrentAnn

    Azura Better than expected.

    I'm due to sail on Azura for the first time after her refurb in April, taking in four ports I haven't visited before. Sailing from Southampton means repeating many ports, so I tend to choose my cruises by itinerary and not by ship or cruise line. I always try to travel with an open mind and as 'Davybe' mentioned 'Marmite' .... it wouldn't do for us all to like the same cruises and ships. My experience sailing on Ventura three years ago to the Greek Isles, was a relaxed happy ship with pleasant staff and good entertainment. Hope you have the same experience 'Countrygirl' - I have yet to try Arcadia.
  11. TrentAnn

    Azura Better than expected.

    Thanks Davyb for your thoughts on Azura, I'm due to sail on her for the first time next year to the Med. Disembarkation from Britannia a the weekend was very efficient, we thought there may have been a problem on Azura as we had to wait 50 minutes on our coach for some of her passengers to join us. Hope the same Azura turns up for us both next year.
  12. TrentAnn

    Room comparisons on P+O

    Having returned from my first cruise on Britannia at the weekend, I agree with sinbad10 a beautiful ship. Balconies are small compared with other ships, my cabin was Port side on F deck midship and found the balcony adequate for one person - Personally I feel two adults and two Children would be very cramped. Azura and Ventura have spacious extended balconies on C deck (my favourite deck) which are part shaded and part open, they will accommodate four people comfortably. Hope you find your ideal cabin, and cruise.
  13. TrentAnn

    Speciality Restaurants

    Not only on P&O sinbad10, I know of people who regularly cruise with Cunard and Princess who will not pay any extra for tea or coffee when it's available FOC in the buffet .... each to their own, I enjoy my speciality coffees and will continue to pay for them.
  14. TrentAnn

    Got any Snow

    No snow, an exceptionally heavy frost overnight in Stafford. Lake frozen over at Trentham Gardens, the ducks weren't happy 😂
  15. TrentAnn

    Brittania 7th April

    Thank you afcandrew, I'll be looking into your suggestions regarding Lisbon. Pastel de Nata sounds a very tempting option! for