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    How does the debit card process work on board?

    On our last cruise in Sept with Royal Caribbean I registered a credit card on embarkation, there was nothing put on the card and my available balance was not affected. They debited the full amount from my credit card the day after we disembarked.
  2. The Bennett's

    How much did you pay???!!

    My reply is always "what I was comfortable with - if i had thought it wasn't good value I wouldn't have booked it in the first place".
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    Members List and Smilies

    Just click on the members name on the left of a post, you then get the option to select "Message"
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    In My Gondola

    We did the gondola ride as part of the excursion package from the ship, as the goldola was full the whole experience was spoiled by the goldolier having to tell the clown sat at the front to sit still as he was going to capsize the thing. The gondola is not a particularly stable boat as it has a flat bottom, so the next time we go to Venice I will happily pay for just the two of us to take a trip. Another tip is that if you approach the motorised water taxis you can get a very good negotiated rate for a private trip round the canals. I approached the ones next to the drop off point just down from St Marks Square, we got him to agree a 1 hour trip for 4 people for just 125 euros.