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  1. asteroid

    Solo passengers

    I have been on lots of cruises with P&O as a solo passenger. Can anyone tell what activities and dining options there are for solo passengers on any of the other cruise lines? Thanks.
  2. Hi. My name is Lynn and I recently went on a cruise on Ventura to the Canaries. I used the Baggage Handling Company as recommended by P&O cruises to deliver my 2 suitcases to Southampton. One arrived at my cabin and the other one is still missing. The BHC say they delivered then so therefore they are not responsible and P&O say they only received one case so they are not responsible! Any advice?
  3. asteroid

    Cruise to the Canaries

    Hi. I am going on P&o Ventura on the 22nd April to the Canaries as a solo passenger. I just wondered if anyone else on here was going on that cruise as a solo passenger also. Would love to communicate with you! Lynn