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  1. Captain Kidd II

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    Thank you for your comments, sinbad10, and as you so rightly say food is of a personal choice. My wife has been in the catering and industry for 30 years and it is only our personal view that, in comparison to P&O, the breakfast had fewer choices and was not as good. At lunchtime in the Buffet there were fewer salad choices and certainly not to the standards portrayed on the TV. Selection of an evening meal in the MDR was often difficult with little choice if you are not a fish eater, which I am not, and there was not even a steak as a fall back. In short we ventured on this cruise with high expectations believing Princess to be a better experience than P&O which, again in our opinion, it was not. I find P&O provide good value for money cruises and am certainly looking forward to sailing with them again in the near future.
  2. After a dozen sailings with P&O we decided to try an alternative cruise line for comparison. We thought we had heard good reports of Princess so booked a 7 day cruise to France and Spain to try the Sapphire Princess out. We arrived for embarkation well ahead of our allocated time. At 10:35 we handed our car to CPS and by 11:35 were sitting in the buffet on board the ship. To say this was an excellent experience was an understatement and something P&O should certainly get to grips with. We were fortunate to have qualified as β€œElite” passengers, the highest level tier, due to our P&O loyalty points which only places us half way up the P&O ladder! Our Balcony cabin had a good, large outside area with 2 chairs, footstools and large table. Inside was rather disappointing as it was quite small and insufficient seating to allow both of us to sit on seats rather than the bed. The bathroom was also small but the shower was very good. Overall the cabin was very clean and kept that way by our steward throughout the cruise. The ship seemed to have a very happy crew who were very helpful and friendly. I did wonder if this was due to the significantly higher auto gratuity charges of $14.50 per day per person. I thought the ship seemed jaded and in need of a refit. It did not seem that disability friendly but it did make a change to see signs in Chinese and English. Entertainment we excellent and varied. One of the things I was particularly looking forward to was the food and have to say I was very disappointed. We have had much better menus on the various P&O ships we have sailed on and with more variety and if a better quality. We tried the speciality Steakhouse and have to say our local Miller & Carter is much better with a price about the same as the Speciality restaurant surcharge! The best part of the menu were the chocolate desserts. Drinks were expensive with a Β£7 supermarket bottle if wine costing $42 and drinks seemed to be around €10 a drink. The ports of call had me scratching my head as the ship was as much as 2 hours travel away from the advertised port. We went on a ship organised excursion to Santiago di Compostela as we wanted to see the Cathedral there only to find there was very little to see inside due to renovations being undertaken until 2020. A warning would have been good but the trip, for us, was still worth it. Disembarkation was again excellent being timely and very efficient. For the first time cruising we could spot our bags immediately. Would we book another Princess cruise - probably not unless they were stopping at particular ports that other cruise companies were not offering.
  3. Captain Kidd II

    Viking Sky in SOS Emergency

    It reminded me of 18 months ago when the engines failed, due to fire, on Aurora mid Atlantic - out if range of helicopters. We were lucky that the seas were relatively calm. Most important thing was to get the engines working so the vens could be used fir lunch.
  4. Captain Kidd II

    What's with the silly pop up???

    No pop ups this end either. Is it a Windows isdue rather than an Apple OS one?
  5. Captain Kidd II

    Would you pack this??

    Thanks Davybe, what an interesting article. I think everyone should carry duct tape as it can be used across the mouth to prevent all thise boring comments being made, wrapped round the forms to have gratuities being claimed and placed. Across lift doors to prevent unauthorised access by those terrible physically fit passengers getting in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I am sure there are other uses which others can add.
  6. Captain Kidd II

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    With flexible pricing you cannot tell what will happen. More people book summer holidays after Christmas so the prices will go up. Sometimes there is a drop 12 weeks before sailing but it is all dependent on the popularity of the cruise. If there is a cruise you really want to go on, and the price is right for you, book and do not check for change. Just enjoy the cruise as there will aleays be someone who has paid less.
  7. Captain Kidd II

    How Does Music Affect You

    I do not mind any music provided it is well played. I must say that on some cruises this had proved a difficulty.
  8. Captain Kidd II

    Renewing a Passport.

    At least, with the Post Office, you know there are not any problems with your application and your photo is ok. Get things wrong and you can be playing ping-pong.
  9. Captain Kidd II

    Princess cruises from UK

    I booked a 7 day cruise, for next year, sailing from Southampton just as a taster. Looking forward to the change. 😊😎
  10. Captain Kidd II

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I agree with this. Discount us calculated on a per item basis after OBS has been fully used. As auto grats were charged on day 1 then it effectively came off any OBS. I am lucky as I get shareholder OBS. If you take auti grats off then spending OBS takes longer before discount is applied to amounts charged to your credit/debit card. I am certain that OBS will be reduced in due course to compensate fir the removal of autograts as this would help to balance the figures.
  11. Captain Kidd II

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    It just goes to show some threads never die! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. Decent scrambled eggs using proper eggs.
  13. Captain Kidd II


    We were on her in August and must say he cruise was just as good, if not better, than when we first went on her 8 years ago. She has a personality of her own which is like Marmite but we have always enjoyed her. The quality of food, like all ships, is dependent on who the Executive chef is. I could name one P&O chef from whom we have never had a good meal including a 30 cruise! Bearing in mind how many people sail on her each year there are bound to be a few who have bad experiences but that is life. There are many more who love her.
  14. Captain Kidd II

    Grand Harbour hotel

    We use the Holiday Inn Express junc 7. Price is reasonable with quiet comfortable rooms. Breakfast only ok but we do not need much as we have more than enough food on the cruise.
  15. Captain Kidd II

    Fake reviews ?

    I usually write and honest opinion on Trip Advisor and read other comments as well. Never been paid for them and certainly never tried to bribe for discounts etc.