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  1. New from P&O

    Why do we always come back to the issue of wages and gratuities with any service change? I have just come back from a week away on a land based holiday and must say the food was excellent and plentiful, the drinks flowed from 10:00 - midnight and were "free" (all inclusive) and there was nothing about htips and gratuities. These European workers were perfectly happy with their work so why do we always think people on ships are treated badly - it is not the case. If people did not take booze onboard with them then sales would dramatically increase. I you want/need a drink whilst getting ready for the evening then just purchase them from the bar and take them back to the cabin. Increased sales would be the best way of protecting jobs.
  2. What will the outcome be in Venice?

    There needs to be some kind of limit to the number of vessels, and size, that enters the lagoon. I am there in August so will be interested to see, for myself, what is happening.
  3. You are better to stay in the bar and pay the equivalent for glasses of wine. By the time you have spent your cash not only do you believe you are looking better but everyone round is looking good to! 😎🍷
  4. refitting shops on Arcadia cruise starting 14th June 2018

    No such thing as free. With fluid pricing the price goes up as does the obc but not by the same amount. It looks like the only way to get a reasonable price is book early and, hopefully, the cruise will not be cancelled.
  5. P&O have done it again!!!

    Would not be a problem for me as I prefer to either shop locally or order online. Cruise ship shops are overpriced even with any loyaty discounts.
  6. St Petersburg

    We were there in 2016 and also in the new cruise terminal. From memory we were in the city well within the hour but I believe it is dependent on time of year and volume of traffic. You could spend a full day just in the Hermitage, if you wanted, but to do trips on your own will required a visa so booked excursions are a must.
  7. Do You Give Your Cabin Steward Excellent

    Ignoring who the cruise line is, if the service is not considered by you to be excellent then how can you mark it as such? I have not given excellent, so far, as I still wait to find someone going the extra mile! The more I pay then the more I expect. If the service is "as expected" then individuals have only completed their work in a way that requires improvement to be good so no tip either 😱. Now I wait for the uproar 🤔
  8. The cruise companies need travel insurance details as part of their requirements so I do not understand how, or why, you can travel without it. We are shortly "flying" on holiday and I have noticed you need to have travel insurance with you, on the day of flying, for that. Perhaps this insurance should be looked at as part of check-in.
  9. I know many go on world cruises but 30 days last September was more than enough for me 🤔
  10. cruising good for your health lol !!!!!!!

    Hope you are recovering Mitch. Cruises are dangerous, unhealthy, pastimes. I am sure many can talk of illnesses caught whilst cruising but so far I have damaged my foot slipping off a pavement in Pompeii whilst my wife had bronchitis for over 20 days of a 30 day cruise. Mind you life would be very boring without sailing. 😎🍷
  11. Cabin Steward's duties

    Was the lemon to go with tea or in something like a G&T? I ask because the Steward will always top up requests for tea-bags, milk etc but you would not expect him to bring you the G&T as there are bar staff to do that. Wouldn't it be easier to take a bottle of slices on with you? Personally I would never mark the steward down for that unless I had a butler who did not do it.
  12. Santorini

    The trip to Oia is well worthwhile. We were tendered in to catch a coach and taken round the island. You walk round Oia, which is beutiful, but in your own time and as far as you want. The coach then took us back to Fira where we caught the lift back down to the tender. I can rreally recommend that.
  13. Following the Dress Code.

    I wonder if it is time to "leave the subject there" as points have been made but it seems to ge getting personal? we need to be helpful and friendly as there seems to be too much backbiting on social media sites these days.
  14. How many days until your next cruise?

    About 120 days to go. 🛳