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  1. Captain Kidd II

    P&O ships futures.

    If it comes to survival of the global company anything could happen.
  2. Captain Kidd II

    P&O ships futures.

    I am surprised the focus is on the removal of Oceana and Aurora. I am coming to the conclusion we could well see P&O and Princess merging into a much refined fleet of mid to large ships. There is much to be said in removing the older vessels from both cruise lines then bring about efficiencies of scale by merger.
  3. Captain Kidd II

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Is the issue that the May cruise, on Cunard, may not take place? If it is cancelled then as Towny44 has said you would be entitled to a full refund. Many believe that by October sailing will be taking place again. If this is not the case you will again be due a full refund. I would also suggest you look at your travel insurance, as I have, because I would be able to claim if the FCO advisory guidance is either not to travel due to age or medical condition or that only essential travel is recommended. I realise you have have to pay an excess but at least the majority of the cist would be returned.
  4. Captain Kidd II

    Diamond princess

    Princess have been really supportive to their customers and have set a high level of customer focus which others will never meet. I, personally, would have no hesitation to book with them. What I do not understand is why the whole of the Carnival group are not giving the same commitment to customer service. I have no hesitation in booking future cruises as the virus will not be a problem for a long period if time and lessons will have been learned.
  5. Captain Kidd II


    I must be really lucky as I don’t have these problems. I just leave it up to Bolsover to sort all that out and if it doesn’t arrive I pick up the phone and let them know. Happy days 😊
  6. Captain Kidd II

    Charging IPads & IPhones on Princess Cruise Ships

    There is a 220v socket behind the bed for vacuum purposes. Your steward could plug an extension in for you so you can use uk powered devices.
  7. Captain Kidd II


    We have our next cruise in April - cannot wait 😊
  8. Captain Kidd II

    Where is everyone

    Hi All - I’m still around but have little to say (for a change).
  9. Captain Kidd II

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    I would never deny disabled or less fortunate than me the pleasure of cruising. My whole point is that it would appear that Aurora is now geared up for a certain area of the travel market to such an extent that loyal travellers of a younger age (we are both retired) consider it is no longer suitable for there needs. I know it is our choice but from our most recent experience we are seriously looking at cancelling 2 cruises currently booked on the ship as are several if our friends. We may be retired but do not wish to feel that we have effectively signed up for weeks on end in a care home.
  10. Captain Kidd II

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    I know this is going to cause comment but .....” having just disembarked from P&O Aurora the thing that particularly struck home to me was not only the average age of the passengers but their inability to move round the ship, manage to do things themselves and complete disrespect for fellow passengers. The Crow’s Nest in the morning was akin to the nursing/care home my mother was in prior to her death with many catching up on sleep, mouths open, whilst others painted etc. A friend of mine suggested the ship should be renamed Age Concern! Entertainment was most suitable for the more elderly and, as many were though of as in need of early beds, the turn down in the cabins had been stopped as so many were tucked up before the cabin steward could do their rounds. It appears that the focus is now firmly on the family friendly, larger, ships for entertainment rather then Adult only as the “young passengers” prefer these. With the way P&O are managing these smaller ships it will be a self fulfilling prophecy that they will either replace Saga as first choice for the infirmed or just be sold off. Rant over but I really am asking myself if I want to go on 2 further cruises on that ship which was so close to our hearts.
  11. Captain Kidd II

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    I agree with Towny - weak exchange rates, increased oil prices and inflation all add to the price of excursions. We usually book as soon as cruises are released as they often increase by as much as £1,000 pp.
  12. Captain Kidd II

    Luggage storage in cabins?

    I am not sure I would buy cases for an Oriana cruise - think the big picture else you might only use them once 🤔
  13. Captain Kidd II

    Would you book it?

    Perhaps it will be substantially discounted as, no doubt, it will appear on TV at some point. Who knows - you might even be paid to go on it 😂😂😂
  14. Captain Kidd II

    Just back off the Aurora

    There will be a maintenance schedule for cleaning air conditioning which must be adhered to. The usual cause of most illnesses is the passengers boarding and not declaring they have a problem.
  15. Captain Kidd II

    Just back off the Aurora

    The problem is not usually the air conditioning but people embarking with coughs, etc, who then pass on there complaint to many more by using the AC to pass round germs and spreading germs via handrails, lift buttons and many other ways. A good health hygiene routine helps reduce the risks.