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    It is worth recording that due to legislation both local and national, changes are afloat in respect to cruise ship propulsion emissions. Sulphur scrubbers are being retro-fitted, in part to reduce acid rain, sulphuric acid. Specific blends of low sulphur fuel oil are now being required within the coastal waters of a number of countries, leading to ships bunkering two fuels. Some port authorities are providing electrical connectors to berthed ships, enabling their engines to be shut down. New-build cruise ships, including one for P&O, are being specified to use LNG fuel. However, one cannot imagine a scrappage allowance being introduced. I recall that TS Canberra was sold for scrap as being obsolete in using heavy fuel oil, older members may well recall the lumps of soot across decks and furniture. A final thought with regards to CO2, the melting tundra is releasing amounts beyond our comprehension .
  2. We have recently returned from a 12 nighter round trip to Norway via Hamburg. There were as many Germans on board as all the other nationalities put together. Thus announcements in two languages and menus in the buffet (King'Court) to suit their taste. For them it was a 7 nighter, hence a lot of towels on sun loungers types, generally bad manners were the order of the day. This contrasted with the North Americans and others who were most polite. We are in two minds about the liner, some parts are the best of the twenty we have been on; theatre, cinema, and loads of space, inside and out. Including the facility to have cats and dogs on the North Atlantic run, with a London lamppost and New York fire hydrant to make them feel at home. All material things a grade up on P&O, proper ballpoint pen, ice cream and soft drinks 24/7, heated flannel to wipe ones heated brow and hands when returning from ashore. Three excellent speakers to enrich one. Entertainment was restricted due to languages, hence no comedian, the dance/song group was sixteen strong. BUT, King's Court (buffet) is to our minds awful, despite having been altered during the recent major refit. It is about half in length, full width of the ship and has two walkways going through it. Different types of foods are in various stations so by the time one has filled a plate, the food is cool. To crown it there are no trays, so the whole charade has to be repeated for each course including drinks. That is just the start, it is arranged in alcoves with natural light or large central spaces without daylight. In order to maintain a seat each couple must collect their food course one at a time, else the table is wiped and others are seated. On one occasion I ate on my own and lost my place each time I went to get the next course/drink! We did not see any assistance for those with mobility impairment, unlike P&O. Suggest that the buffet is given a miss at main mealtimes and recommend the main dining room. To take advantage of this, the only true cruise liner in operation, we suggest the Southampton-New York-Southampton round cruise would provide the opportunity to sample all QM2's facilities. However, not one starting or ending in Hamburg. 48 cruises 20 ships
  3. joro44

    P&O Cruises have sold Adonia!

    The current Ryanair cancelled bookings chaos and the intervention of the 'regulators', brings into question the degree of protection afforded to cruisers who have made reservations. The continuing growth in UK citizens taking cruise holidays seems to require similar protection to that won by those traveling by air. I am but a frequent cruiser, four times on the Adonia, not a lawyer. Suggest those of you who are members of WHICH? contact them and ask for guidance. I notice that USofA cruisers seem to get better compensation for cruise lines' malfunctions than GBR based lines offer. 48 cruises, 20 ships.
  4. joro44

    Cunard Advice for Regent Seven Seas Cruisers Please?

    Cunard has three ships, QE & QV are very similar and each has a cabin class system, entitled Queen/Princess Grills class and a further lower Britannia Club class. QM2 has a similar structure but the staterooms are larger, as is the ship overall with a substantial increase in the space per guest, including dogs & cats on the North Atlantic run. Bear in mind that it is the only ocean liner currently afloat. Incidentally it has a strengthened hull to take account of the NA in winter. If you wish to try the QM2, then I suggest a round trip to New York, this enables one to take full advantage fo the range of sea day activities. Suggest you steer clear of voyages that start/end in Hamburg else the ship would probably have some 1,000 Germans on board, with a consequential menus change and two languages for announcements. 48 cruises, 20 ships, 5 cruise lines.
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    The concept of auto-gratuity deduction has a ring of fairness to it. In this way staff are paid and the 'free loaders' also pay, thus spreading the charge across all passengers and ensuring that the staff are not short changed. From a security aspect it saves passengers having on longer cruises a sizeable cash hoard and in turn loads of cash floating about (I hope not) in the crews' quarters. From their families' aspect it can help to prevent the week willed from rash spending or even gambling. A win - win situation. By the way, I will not go into details how the money is distributed it is not simple, enough to say your 'Satisfaction Questionaire ' plays a part, as well as where and how frequently you dine for the waiters' allocation.
  6. joro44

    Loyalty from P&O transferred

    Carnival Group in USA, initiated a group wide loyalty transfer scheme a couple of years ago. I raised the issue with both Cunard and PO, with answer that they were looking into it. I trust their navigators have better eyesight. Is PO concerned that their frequent cruises would flock to Cunard and so leave them having problems filling their fleet when the schools are open? Indeed, feedback from our recent PO cruises indicate that there is considerable reluctance to cruise on the larger ships, particularly from the 'grey pounders' who often have mobility impairment, and require an excellent system of lifts, consider the Britannia.