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  1. Flintstone


    Many thanks for this, it doesn’t look far at all. Fred Olsen have confirmed it’s a tender, it’s my fault for not noticing the anchor sign in the brochure but just assumed that we would be in the heart of the city as we have on other FO cruises.
  2. Flintstone


    Hi we are on Fred Olsen’s Balmoral in May and visiting Stockholm. Does anyone know where it docks. I have been told it may be a tender but we have been on a larger ship and have walked in so find this strange. Has anyone been on Balmoral to Stockholm. Many thanks
  3. Flintstone


    Thank you all for responding. I contacted Fred Olsen customer services who very kindly told me we are docking at the new American terminal which is within easy walking distance of the town, which is great. Thanks
  4. Flintstone


    Has anyone travelled with Fred Olsen to Gothenburg, I understand there is now a new terminal which is within walking distance of the town. Anyone know, please.
  5. Thanks everyone for replying to this. I have now taken out an annual policy with cruise cover, even though we are only cruising for a week. I have ensured that pre existing medical conditions are listed also. I have gone through Paying too much.com and the insurer in Allclear. It was for some strange reason a lot cheaper to go through them than direct to insurance company. I rang The Postoffice insurance and the man admitted that it’s cheaper to go through a third party. Paying too much were very helpful and very clear and easy to understand over the phone. Hopefully we will never need it but its like any insurance it’s money well spent for peace of mind. Happy holidays folk.
  6. Yes, thanks for this. I am not for one moment suggesting travelling without insurance. I always have fully comprehensive insurance which lists our existing medical conditions. I too have seen what happens when people travel without any. What I am really trying to find out is, would my normal type of insurance cover medical expenses on the ship etc, and so would we be paying double for cruise insurance just to cover us for a missed port of call, or confinement to cabin for a few days through illness, neither of which I would bother claiming for - it’s a cruise and these things happen. Doubling my annual insurance for one weeks cruise just seems excessive, but if I find I now need it, then so be it, I’ll pay it. Thanks
  7. Hi does anyone have any info on the need from cruise travel insurance. Done loads of cruises and never had it before but seem to be getting pressured to have it. Not interested in missed ports, confinement to cabin etc just want to make sure covered for medical, airlifts etc Thanks
  8. Flintstone


    I also can't understand the prepaid concept. The idea is to reward and encourage staff to give good service. We always used to tip staff directly, but when prepaid tipping was first introduced we did a cruise and decided to go along with it and not tip extra at all - when we left the restaurant on the last night I felt so mean I would never do that again. So to be fair to all staff we now ask for our automatic tips to be halved and then tip individually. As a norm we would give £20 each to the wine waiter and main waiter and £10 to the other waiter. We usually give the cabin steward £20 if they have been ok, if not then £10, but usually they are all amazing. We may also give a fiver here and there. I know the cruise line should pay a decent wage, but we would never leave a restaurant without tipping. Happy cruising
  9. Flintstone

    New Today/tipping Onboard

    We always tip our waiters and cabin steward. If tips are taken off at sources we usually ask reception to halve this amount and then tip whom we like. We dont do this to get out of tipping, quite the opposite. The only occasion that we have gone ahead with the tipping policy and didn't tip personally left us both feeling very mean indeed as we left the restaurant on the last night and would not do it again. We usually allocate £20 for the cabin steward and usually the same each for the waiters in the restaurant if we have had the same ones for the length of the cruise. An odd fiver here and there also to bar staff etc.
  10. Does anyone know what the weather is like in the fyords in September please. I know it will rain in Bergen!,

  11. Flintstone

    Fred Olsen River Cruising

    Hi did any member sail on the Braemar in April to the French rivers. I am trying to find out whereabouts the ship docks in Montoir de Bretagne and if the ship laid on a shuttle bus, either into Montoir or to nearby Saint Nazaire. Any information would be greatly received Thanks Thelma
  12. I really hope not. Like you we find its a bit of a tradition to have a walk round the deck last thing at night. We go to the farthest end and look up and see how many stars appear, and like the film 2001 Space Odesey we always say 'My God it's full of stars' - sad aren't we. But seriously we do prefer the traditional ship layout and the smaller ships. Our current favourite without a doubt are the Fred Olsen and because of their size, the ability to get further into ports