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  1. HLM

    Just back off the Aurora

    I beg to differ with that engineer Davybe and I'd also be very concerned that if as you describe the amount of dust and dirt was "unbelievable". To enable the filters to work correctly they should be regularly cleaned and maintained if not then of course they'll spread germs such as legionnaires disease. HLM.
  2. HLM

    The Licence fee?

    This issue will hopefully highlight the fact that many pensioners are actually eligible to claim pension credits but never have, by doing so may actually make them better off. Could end up being a win win for some, free licence and extra cash HLM.
  3. HLM

    Just back off the Aurora

    I take little notice of articles such as that Davybe, for every negative one there's a positive one, most of which have no factual research behind them. I look at it like this, every NHS hospital I've ever been in has air conditioning, therefore if air con units were responsible for the spread of disease would they be there, I think not. What I don't dispute is that they can aggravate existing conditions such as asthma etc, but that's totally different to spreading disease. Like I said previously person to person and poor hygiene is the most likely cause of spreading germs. HLM.
  4. HLM

    Just back off the Aurora

    I agree to some extent, however the filtration systems in air conditioning units makes very unlikely germs would pass through. Person to person contact and poor personal hygiene is the most likely culprit for the spread of germs etc. HLM.
  5. HLM

    Jane back on Friday.

    Yes, up until the point when she decides to sing at the end. Not knocking her voice but it's just a bit to cheesy for me. HLM.
  6. HLM

    Chocoholics buffet

    It is or was always one of them things that was seen as part of cruising as was the Baked Alaska parade etc, but once I'd seen it I wasn't particularly bothered if I saw it again, shame for new cruisers though if it does completely disappear it is quite a spectacle. HLM.
  7. HLM

    Speciality Restaurants

    I agree with all three I've never felt compelled to pay extra. I've looked at several so called "speciality restaurant" menus and nothing encourages me to spend extra, infact I wouldn't pay the equivalent of $35pp at home let alone on a ship in which I've already paid. Very rarely had a bad meal in the MDR so I'll stick to that. HLM.
  8. Not being over familiar with Princess cruises I wouldn't want to overly comment on their pricing strategy, however I suspect they operate in a similar way to other mainstream cruise lines perhaps others could comment on that? I agree that time will tell, I certainly remember the time before "autograts", gratuity discussions were pretty much non existent we all paid the headline price and tipped at our discretion "happy days" HLM.
  9. How would you know? P&O like most other cruiselines change their prices almost by the hour. They know exactly what their doing, there is no way that P&O will potentially subsidise the loss of £7pppn, I guarantee they will make that money somehow and I'd bet that it will be by using the fluid pricing mechanism. HLM.
  10. But if the tip has already been built in to the headline price why would anyone want to give extra? What actually justifies "above and beyond"? HLM.
  11. Nothing sinister meant in my post Tally, just expressing an opinion. Re subsidising, I personally don't agree, as I said in an earlier post fluid pricing means some people pay hundreds of pounds more to cruise than others, I think that's unfair so if they decide to remove the gratuity in order to cruise that's fine by me, I certainly wouldn't feel that I'm subsidising them. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens in May, I do wonder if the crew will expect an envelope on the last evening, even more interesting is will people give extra, I certainly wouldn't. I truly believe the crew are going to be worse off with this arrangement, time will tell. HLM.
  12. Not suckers at all Tally, if that's the way you choose to do it then that's your prerogative in the same way as if someone removes them. HLM.
  13. Problem is Jinky we don't all pay the same and never have, fluid pricing dictates to that. Price fluctuation means that some pay hundreds of pounds more than others, would you complain about the fairness then? Therefore if that means someone needing to cancel the gratuity to afford the cruise then so be it, it doesn't bother me nor should it bother others. It can only ever be fair if we all pay the same price for the same cabin grade, but we all know that'll never happen!!!!! HLM.
  14. Absolutely 100% correct, and those who claim we are "tightwads and cheapskates" for opting out do so by making assumptions. The reward I give is between me and the crew members, no one else can possibly know. Similarly assumptions are made against those who do not use the MDR on the final night, If I don't use the MDR on the final night it's purely down to an early flight and nothing else, my reward would've already been given. If that's all people have got to worry about when cruising then I suggest cruising a not for them. HLM.
  15. HLM

    Drinks Package

    No need to apologise Sinbad, if you don't feel you could get value for money from the package then there's no obligation to buy it. For me it would represent good value for money, I could quite easily drink above and beyond the 5/6 drinks previously quoted. HLM.