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  1. I like you have always thought P&O bar tariffs were very well priced, all things considered. However is it just coincidence that they are changing their taking alcohol on board policy, and now possibly increasing onboard prices? I suspect in the near future they'll introduce the 15% service charge in line with other brands such as Cunard. If they do they really need to up their game. HLM.
  2. But aren't some football shirts personalised with people's surnames on the back, do they ban them but not the ones without any names. Just like several of P&O's policies they are open to interpretation, and let's be honest here they probably won't enforce the new rule anyway. HLM.
  3. That's why I used the word "assume" Sinbad, it's another one of those rumours that does the rounds on these forums that no one can give a definite answer too. My assumption is based on pure speculation I've no evidence to support it and I've not experienced it personally and I opt out. I have read on numerous occasions that people felt that the crew knew they'd opted out and service changed as a result, but as you say lots give cash rewards at the end so it'd be rather naive of the crew to take that type of attitude. Who knows? HLM.
  4. That's something that has puzzled me. I can only assume that they will be less attentive to those who've opted out, if so I suspect all they'll achieve by doing that is alienating customers who'll most likely decide not to return. Sounds like a good business plan HLM.
  5. Well at least you didn't say you subsidise those who opt out, thank god for small mercies. HLM.
  6. I agree with what you say and YES it should be knocked on the head but it WON'T, not by the cruiselines anyway. The cruiselines have taken control and manipulated the gratuity to boost the profit margins, by using the auto grat system to subsidise crew wages they can lower the headline prices. Add to that the 15-18% additional service charge on some lines, it's not a bad little earner. As someone who already removes the auto grat It doesn't overly bother me, however as time goes by the more the cruiselines attempt to take from me the less I'll reward their staff. HLM.
  7. Each to their own Clare, but I can never understand why anyone wishes to pay twice. You say "you might get better service" but surely service should be good anyway. I can understand your reasoning, but I can say this from experience that you need to think that whilst your steward is giving you "better service" he or she is being less attentive to other guests who may well decide to reduce or remove their gratuity or possibly make a complaint to the hotel manager, so that little extra at the start may not actually be doing your steward any favours. HLM.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking Tally, they can't even enforce the relatively easy sunbed policy. Also where do they draw the line and what exactly does this mean "novelty or clothing personalised with images/slogans will not be permitted" ? Will be interesting to see what happens in January when it come in to force. HLM.
  9. Certainly not being obtuse, I actually find the suggestion quite offensive. Unless you're going round asking everyone who pays and who doesn't you can't possibly pass any judgement. No one is freeloading off me, people choose whether they pay a gratuity or not, I personally don't care what anyone else does. At the end of the day the only people who truely benefit from auto grats system are the cruiselines, if you're happy with that then you carry on doing it the cruiselines way, I'll continue and do it my way as I have an element of control of where my money goes, I certainly won't lose any sleep worrying about what everyone else is doing. HLM.
  10. I don't get it, in one breath you're saying it's ok for people to cancel their tip as long as they pay in cash, then in another breath you're saying you are disadvantaged by it. I pay my tips discreetly, I don't discuss with anyone onboard, therefore how can you say I'm putting greater pressure on the cruiseline to increase their tips, you can't be disadvantaged if you don't know what I've done? You're making assumptions. Like I said earlier, if people just enjoyed their cruise instead if worrying about what others are doing the tipping argument would disappear. HLM.
  11. For me personally It has nothing to do with affordability, for my own reasons I just choose to tip in a different way it's as simple as that, why you see that as a disadvantage is beyond me? That said some may well of paid up to 50% more for their cruise than you, so affordability may be a factor for some, so if they choose to opt out that's fine, after all on most mainstream cruiselines they are optional so not obligatory. The best way to deal with this issue is for people not to worry about what everyone else does and do what's best for them. HLM.
  12. I personally don't believe what P&O are telling me, in fact I don't think P&O know what they are telling people most of the time, one day they'll tell you one thing the next day something completely different. Above is just one of the reasons I choose to opt out and reward individuals personally, that way I know it's gone initially to who I wanted it too, some argue that they have to poll all tips and some say they don't but that's not my worry. For some members on here to suggest that people like me are "mean, tight wads and miserable gits" is ludicrous, I probably give out more individually than I would with auto grats, the only difference is I gave it to who I wanted, which makes me feel better. HLM.
  13. What you're saying is that your pay is salaried, therefore you'll get payed regardless of the hours you work, I'm the same I regularly do more than my contracted hours and don't get payed, equally I sometimes do less hours so it's swings and roundabouts as far as I'm concerned. My wife also works in a school and like another post mentioned several teachers where she works have taken term time holidays, she gets very frustrated by it, but when she asked it was refused, she not a teacher by the way but a kitchen supervisor, one rule for one and one rule for another, when she's challenged it all she was told that it was "exceptional circumstances", what can you do when you're effectively told to keep your nose out? Others have been off sick, but miraculously come back with a tan, how strange. You're very fortunate if you've not seen any of this where you work, but it is rife in some places I can assure you. HLM.
  14. In terms of this forum, it simply implies that the more you post the higher the rank you'll achieve. HLM.
  15. Strange that, did you not mention the 60's in you previous post? and there you are telling me that we are talking about now 🤔. As I said provide the clear evidence that those who holiday in term time against those who don't have worse results then I'll be convinced. HLM.