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  1. HLM

    Where is everyone

    Hi Sinbad, hope you continue to have a great time. I note that as expected we've made the latest addition of the aforementioned persons blog under the Bolsover section of "cruise forums revealed". I make no excuses about being banned on that other site, like others before me I was banned as a result of sticking to my principles and standing up to this trolling bully, his continued obsession with us just backs up our opinions of this so called gentleman. Hope you're having better weather than us here, have safe journey home. HLM.
  2. HLM


    Inclement weather etc is beyond the cruiselines control, I believe the point being made here is the excuse that there is "no berth available" which is not acceptable when these berths are booked in advance. P&O or any other cruiseline shouldn't put ports of call on their itinerary if they haven't secured a berth, by doing so is deceitful in my opinion. HLM.
  3. HLM


    Yes I'd agree, especially when these berths are allegedly booked a year or two in advance. The question is, why put ports of call on the itinerary if the know they haven't got a berth? HLM.
  4. I agree Pesky it's not fair, but as I said before most of us get screwed over one way or another. Examples like School holiday prices, kids having to pay adult prices, fluid pricing etc, etc. The fact that is we know the downfalls of cruising, but we still do it!! HLM.
  5. HLM


    Hi Jenjen. I agree, when on holiday you expect to pay extra that's part and parcel of most things, however when prices are that high it's a matter of principle. I'd imagine it's a catch 22 for Cunard, the less people spend the higher they price things to make up for it. That makes an interesting business plan. HLM.
  6. HLM


    That's good information Jenjen. In your opinion do you think people are spending less because prices are so high? HLM.
  7. HLM


    I'd agree DQ, in line with most establishments you should be served a single and given the option to "double up" should you require. This was insinuated on other forums that they are "doubling up" (not just Cunard I might add) without being requested. I would assume the "service charge" goes directly to the servers so intern bumps up their earnings, I can see their logic so unless challenged they'll continue to do it. HLM.
  8. HLM


    Hi Sinbad, thanks for confirming. With that in mind I think it supports Jenjen's observations on their prices being rather high. HLM.
  9. HLM


    Hi Jenjen, I agree that does sound rather expensive, is there still an 18% service charge on top or was that included in the prices you gave? HLM.
  10. I wish I knew the answer Mitch, I wonder if you email the cruiseline requesting an explanation they may be forthcoming with a reply, unless you already have of course. Wouldn't mind betting the answer would be something around supply and demand. Unfortunately cruise pricing in general hasn't made sense for a long time. HLM.
  11. Quite right too, at point of sale ask the question if they want the sale they are more likely to give you a little extra. No point complaining afterwards as they've got your money by then. HLM.
  12. It's horses for courses though Rayo, We've always paid a premium for having to travel during school holidays, it's very rare that we've been given any incentives such as OBC because the cruiselines know full well that the cabins will be sold. Like I implied earlier, one way or another lots of people pay extra in certain circumstances, it's not just single travellers. As Sinbad said earlier the likelihood is it's not going to change, if you feel that strongly the only way to do it is vote with your wallet or purse. HLM.
  13. Unfortunately cruise pricing in general has always been very unfair at times, what with fluid pricing and prices dramatically changing overnight, then some getting OBC or free parking etc and some don't and indeed single occupancy pricing. The kids holidays aside, I remember my first cruise when I naively booked a four berth cabin thinking that the third person sharing would make it cheaper, nothing said by the agent who took the booking, I subsequently realised that I could've booked two double cabins, been more comfortable and made a reasonable saving. Didn't make that mistake again, but it obviously wasn't in the agents interest to tell me as it gave them an extra cabin to sell. Lots of things are unfair, but it's ultimately our choice whether to book or not. HLM.
  14. I can certainly understand your frustrations Mitch, but equally I can see why cruiselines and others want a single occupancy supplement. I would assume the presumption is that two people spend more than one, hence the reason for the extra cost. I agree with Sinbad regarding school holidays, I took the hit for years when my kids were young and still do as my wife works in a school, but I have to accept that or not go away at all. HLM.
  15. HLM

    Where is everyone

    Hi Sinbad, unfortunately you're just one of several present and former members he takes great pleasure in continuing to abuse, and all this from someone who claims to have been a senior officer in our armed forces. Shocking isn't it? HLM.