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  1. HLM

    Marella Dream.

    I couldn't agree more Andrew, Discovery 1 was very disappointing when it came to service and food quality, that's was what I found really difficult to understand. They appear to run the newer ships in the fleet completely different to the older ones for some reason . HLM.
  2. HLM

    Marella Dream.

    Good morning Davybe. All I can say is Marella are obviously not the top end of the market therefore expections need to be realistic. Having tried both Discovery and Dream you'll realise by now my preference, however if you were to give them a go do a bit of research before making a decision on which ship to cruise on, they are totally different experiences. HLM.
  3. HLM

    Marella Dream.

    Yes I agree Marmite and Marella seems to go hand in hand. Up until the last couple of weeks I'd of been in the not for me again camp following my Discovery experience, however this experience has changed that view. What I find difficult to understand is how Marella can run the ships in the fleet so differently, Discovery while this is a much smarter ship the service, food choice and quality were way below my expectations, yet the Dream exceeded them by far. Something I forgot to mention is BEWARE of the wifi especially with young kids in your party, as previously mentioned there was an autistic child in our party and he managed very easily to connect to the ships wifi simply by putting his grandad's cabin number and birthday in his iPad, cost was £60 for the two hours he bought through his grandad's account, reception as a good will gesture removed the cost after the circumstances were fully explained, however we spoke to another couple who's teenage son done the same and they had to pay considerably more. HLM.
  4. HLM

    Marella Dream.

    Indeed OWT, I felt for what was paid It was hard to be overly critical. To me service, entertainment and overall experience is crucial other material things such as age and condition of the ship are not overly important. I'm now thinking of looking at other ships in the fleet, more especially the Celebration or again the Dream simply because they seem to offer a somewhat more traditional experience. HLM.
  5. Having just returned yesterday from the Dream I thought I'd give a brief overview of our experience. Friends had booked a year prior to boarding and wanted us to join them, so with a couple of months to go we took a look at the price and felt it was very reasonable for what we are getting working out to around just over £100pppn all inclusive. Flight - Tui operating a Canadian airline (Sunwing), the flight was on time an very comfortable for the short 2hr 20min flight. Within an hour of landing we were on the ship having drink and an early lunch, luggage was in our cabin within an hour of embarking, very efficient. The ship (exterior) - First impressions left me slightly apprehensive as there were clear ageing signs such as rust spots on the hull etc also on the open decks again signs of age an corrosion albeit these were under maintenance constantly which was good to see and did not impact on our overall experience, in addition we subsequently found out that the ship is in for a refurb in February. The ship (Internally) - We found to be very well maintained spotlessly clean and very acceptable, another plus was that all entertainment venues (Broadway show lounge, Tides, Medusa and Watersedge etc) were all on deck 8 this took away the constant up and down stairs lifts etc encountered on other ships, I would also imagine this is a plus for those with disabilities. Entertainment - Broadway show lounge was where most of the production shows took place twice nightly 20:30 and 22:30, I'm not one for this particular type of show however with friends decided to attend several shows over the two weeks, shows ranging from Dancing Queen to Broadway Musicals, I must say we're very well performed and professional, but as I say not all my taste but that's just a personal opinion, the guest act on the first week was comedian Tank Shearman who I enjoyed the main reason was he was funny without the need to swear or be smutty etc this was also the same in his late show, another comedian was on the second week who's name unfortunately slips my mind however not very impressed and he did get a bit to close the the edge with children onboard. Medusa lounge - I must admit not much time spent here either but this is where most of the family shows take place most of which are game shows based on those from the TV, these were very popular with those with young families and appeared to be full to capacity every night, in between the resident band Musik unlimited could be found singing a variety of different sets and were very good. Tides bar - This is where our party tended to locate before and after the shows, one of our party is an autistic 12 year old boy who formed a lovely bond with Tom & Maris the resident singers, most nights he was invited up to sing and dance with them and was always greeted with genuine affection, this can also be said about the waiting, bar staff and fellow passengers. Tom & Maris without doubt are probably the best onboard act I've seen on any ship, not just because of the warm welcomes but their genuine and wide ranging singing talents. Watersedge - This is where the casino and late night entertainment occurs, this again is very well attended and music goes on until the early hours either in the form of the resident band or the disco, spent several late nights there's and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, I think it also needs to be said that although Marella is now fully AI I personally never came across any unruly behaviours, yes there were a few worse for wear but all in good humour and spirits. Food and drink - The buffet restaurants were found on both poolside decks 9 & 11 serving both a wide ranging choice of hot and cold foods, from basics such salads to burgers, pizzas chips etc to fresh carved meats every day, in addition there was also omelette stations and more especially for the kids fresh ice cream which was help yourself. Drinks menu was very good with a large variety of choice, however there was an upgrade option of £50pp a week if required and that would have included the whole selection of premium brands such a grey goose gin for example, but I didn't see the need as the AI list was more than adequate and also covered speciality coffees etc. The MDR (Orion) restaurant was on deck 4 this opened for all meal times for breakfast, lunch and dinner all of which is open dining. Our party only used this in the evening this was excellent, having sailed on Discovery 3 years ago I was apprehensive as the choice on there was very limited, however I needn't of worried the food choice was fantastic a choice of around 6 meals per course, if for any reason nothing suited there was the always available menu offering seared chicken, pasta and fish dishes etc nothing was to much trouble and I dear say if you wanted something other than offered it would've been got for you. Crew - Again I will make the comparison with Discovery chalk and cheese, Discovery we waited and waited for service, the complete opposite on the Dream in fact we rarely needed to order they saw the glasses were getting low and simply brought the drinks over, similarly in the buffet, empty plate were taken away promptly. I won't go in to detail regarding itinerary as most of the ports were standard across the Med which most would of been too these including Palma, Trapani, Monaco, Sorrento, Palamos, Toulon, Cititaveccia etc, etc. The highlight being Monaco where we were treated to late night fireworks display, we moved from our originally anchored position and re-anchored closer to the action for a full twenty minute display which was absolutely incredible. So in summary, I am aware that Marella,Tui or Thomson as they are known do receive a lot of mixed reviews and I dear say justifiably so in some cases, but I can only speak from my experience and I'd go back in a shot on the Dream. Any questions feel free to ask. HLM.
  6. HLM

    Britannia Fight Night?

    Reports suggest that the incident only involved 6 people, in the grand scale of things you'd of been really unlucky to witness the incident. I suspect incidents such as this happen on most cruises only difference being a journalist was onboard hence the incident was reported widely. As was said above some say they saw it some say they didn't, who do you believe? HLM.
  7. HLM

    Britannia Fight Night?

    Both P&O and Hampshire Police deny there was a "clown" involved in the incident, seems yet again it wouldn't have been a story without a little exaggeration. Just like the launderette tales that have done the rounds for years. The truth will out in the end. HLM.
  8. HLM

    Britannia Fight Night?

    Yet again they've made it a mountain out of a molehill, Just so happens that Richard Gaisford of GMB was onboard. Need we say more, I believe he described it as a "Bloodbath on Britannia" appears to be nothing more than a scuffle rather than a bloodbath. Not nice of course, but neither is over enthusiastic journalism. Can't say I've ever witnessed a bloodbath on any ship, the odd petty argument yes. HLM.
  9. HLM

    What a win

    Well all I can say is people can shout their mouths off all they likes but it won't change the result. In all sports around the world there's always an element of luck and misfortune, England on this occasion had the rub of the green and are world champions, New Zealand played an exceptional part and their true sportsmanship and professionalism has shone through following it, which is a great example of how sport should be played both when winning or in defeat. The likes of Simon Taufel are obviously green with envy of our achievements hence their comments, never mind eh they are the losers unlike us HLM.
  10. HLM

    Drinks Package

    As I said in an earlier post STC, there is no obligation to buy therefore there's no extortion to you personally should you opt not to buy the package. Very few cruiselines, if any allow one of two cabin occupants to buy the package and it's pretty obvious why. I could quite easily get value for money from the package and I'd certainly not be spending most of the days and evenings sat in bars, it does only equate to 5/6 alcoholic drinks a day that's certainly not excessive when on a cruise, that's without coffees and soft drinks. Just my opinion but I think it represents good value. HLM.
  11. HLM

    Just back off the Aurora

    My thoughts entirely. HLM.
  12. HLM

    Just back off the Aurora

    Once every 12 months would be the bare minimum, in a highly populated 24hr environment such a cruise ship it's recommended that it should be at least 4 times a year. Who enforces it is another matter?? HLM.
  13. HLM

    Just back off the Aurora

    I beg to differ with that engineer Davybe and I'd also be very concerned that if as you describe the amount of dust and dirt was "unbelievable". To enable the filters to work correctly they should be regularly cleaned and maintained if not then of course they'll spread germs such as legionnaires disease. HLM.
  14. HLM

    The Licence fee?

    This issue will hopefully highlight the fact that many pensioners are actually eligible to claim pension credits but never have, by doing so may actually make them better off. Could end up being a win win for some, free licence and extra cash HLM.
  15. HLM

    Just back off the Aurora

    I take little notice of articles such as that Davybe, for every negative one there's a positive one, most of which have no factual research behind them. I look at it like this, every NHS hospital I've ever been in has air conditioning, therefore if air con units were responsible for the spread of disease would they be there, I think not. What I don't dispute is that they can aggravate existing conditions such as asthma etc, but that's totally different to spreading disease. Like I said previously person to person and poor hygiene is the most likely cause of spreading germs. HLM.