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  1. HLM

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Jenjen, stay strong. HLM.
  2. I think it's the uncertainty of any new arrangements that will ultimately cause the most concern for cruise lines and travellers alike. If I had future cruise credit then I'd consider thinking of something a fair way ahead, but without it no chance, I just can't see how in the current situation the industry can ensure the safety of it's passengers without some sort of vaccination or effective drug in place, my thoughts are the same with flying not a chance of getting on a plane at the moment . HLM.
  3. Hi Towny. Hopefully for you by February things will have significantly improved and restrictions if any will be minimal. On the other hand if things have not significantly improved restrictions could potentially include cruising with facemasks, very limited ports of call, allocated dining times, no self service buffet etc etc, I can't see many wanting to cruise with those type of restrictions in place, especially at the current prices I've seen. Just my opinion, but unfortunately I think we are at least a year away from cruising normality. HLM.
  4. I personally haven't commented on the original post because I don't have an opinion either way. Regardless of what the CDC or CLIA's opinions are cruising of any sort will not get back to normal for a very long time either here or the US, Spain I believe have very recently announced that no cruise ships will be entering their ports for the remainder of this year others I'm certain will follow. I certainly don't want to cruise again whilst various enforced restrictions are in place. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1301949/Spain-coronavirus-holidays-travel-covid-cruise-cruises-news HLM.
  5. Good afternoon AA. As with most forums people tend to use 'view only' and those simply viewing as guests cannot post, only signed in members can. As of a minute ago only myself and Towny are signed in members, and I never sign out. If people have something constructive to contribute I'm sure they will but in the current situation cruising related topics have been done to the death and most forums are very quiet. HLM.
  6. HLM


    I agree Towny, the buffet is my main eatery for breakfast and lunch only using the MDR for dinner in the evening. Obviously going forward there will be some initial changes as has already been said such as staff serving as they do during norovirus outbreaks but I wouldn't like to see that continue long term, I prefer to serve myself. As for queuing it'll happen whatever they do whether that be at the buffet or MDR. Here's hoping we get back to normality sooner rather than later. HLM.
  7. HLM

    Will holidays be the same again

    Not wimpish at all Jenjen. Not me personally and without going in to detail I've seen first hand what this virus can do, I certainly won't be taking any chances, especially like some of those idiots who hit the beaches over the weekend and the protesters yesterday. I'm by no means staying in but certainly "Staying alert" as per the guidelines. Take care. HLM.
  8. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    I would be very surprised if P&O & Cunard were deliberately holding back refunds as that would be in breach of consumer regulations, they like several other major cruise lines are all simply struggling with the unprecedented demands. As for higher prices going forward that's nothing new, it's always been the higher the demand the higher the price and due to this virus the demand for future cruises was always going to be high which intern pushes prices up. HLM.
  9. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    I agree, in an earlier post I said 60 days should've been ample time to arrange refunds, however when I looked at the bigger picture and how in depth it is I changed my mind, sorting this mess out must be an absolute nightmare. Like you said no one is realistically going anywhere soon so people may as well sit tight until the refund arrives or alternatively take the FCC. HLM.
  10. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    But as Towny has already said the monies have already been paid so in theory shouldn't be missed and just to add the Government in my opinion have been very generous in their financial package to those furloughed, my wife being one. In addition there has been no additional onboard or normal holiday spend therefore people should've actually saved money and be in a better financial position as a result. I can certainly empathise with those waiting for refunds and they will get them, just as everyone did when Thomas Cook collapsed, people just need to be patient in these unprecedented circumstances. HLM.
  11. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    Although the high street stores were closed most are still operating and taking bookings. I had a land based holiday booked with TUI for the beginning of April this was sorted out over the phone very promptly in the circumstances, I initially asked for a credit then changed my mind and within 21 days had a full refund so obviously not all staff are furloughed. Bolsover as you must be aware are still operating taking bookings and payments etc, what they appear not to be doing is assisting you in getting your money back. Hopefully you will get your refund soon. HLM.
  12. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    But that's not the consumers fault that's for the TA to take up with the cruiseline. Without going back and forth I'd still expect Bolsover to take some responsibility as they've taken the booking, it's easy just refer everything back to the cruiseline. But I appreciate that's just my opinion. HLM.
  13. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    My understanding obviously differs from yours. I pay a travel agent to arrange an sort my preferences regardless of the current times, consumer advice appears to agree that the contract agreement is with the seller. 5% is all well and good but not if all they do in crisis is defer you back to the cruiseline. HLM.
  14. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    It may well be incorrect Towny but as I said earlier I'm not sure of all the legalities. I just think that if Bolsover took the payment then they have some responsibility, however if as it sounds that all Bolsover do is liaise with the cruiseline and take a commission then I'd be inclined in the future to book direct. HLM.
  15. HLM

    Cruise Refund

    I think people like yourself have been more than patient, even in the current situation 60 days should be ample enough time to reimburse those owed. I note they are quick enough to contact when requesting payment for booked cruises or deferring to a future cruise credit, if they can take payment they can reimburse in my opinion. Hope you get sorted soon. Take care HLM.