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  1. Their problem, not mine. HLM.
  2. I'm well aware that other cruiselines request a higher gratuity, but that doesn't bother me as I pay the way I choose. The gratitude from the crew when personally receiving my reward more than makes up for the few minutes it takes for me to put the money in a cash wallet, envelopes are a little tacky in my opinion. As for freedom diners, maybe they do maybe they don't, who cares? HLM.
  3. I vaguely recall this coming on a previous thread somewhere, I think it was something to do with where the ship is registered and the different countries they visit making it highly improbable that crew from varying countries could pay tax. But having no real knowledge myself and going on what others have said I may be totally wrong. HLM.
  4. I as you know am one of those who believe tips shouldn't be expected, but that's what forums such as these are about, if we all agreed there'd be no point. God forbid they ever sort this tipping lark out, the forum would die a quick death, unless of course we start on the smokers now there's a thought!!!! HLM.
  5. And if I'm correct they also pay no tax contributions? HLM.
  6. Surely if the staff are avoiding the so called group then they would have every right to remove the autograts, regardless of circumstances the crew should remain professional at all times. You obviously overheard the groups conversations, but what about those who haven't heard how would it look to them if they see the crew deliberately ignoring passengers? Biting off their nose to spite their face comes to mind. HLM.
  7. Actually Tally you weren't the first to use the term someone else did, that aside I can't say I've ever experienced what Mitch came across but I'm sure they do exist, but even if they do it wouldn't bother me I'm there to enjoy myself, I can't be worrying about something that is totally out of my control. HLM.
  8. So why then do you continuously use the term against people that you have no idea of what they've paid? Ocourse there are people out there who pay nothing, equally though there are people out there who claim they pay all and sundry, but are they really telling the truth!!!! only they know. Personally I couldn't care less what others do, and no should others. HLM.
  9. The problem being DQ is as Sinbad suggests, P&O's standards have dropped considerably so much so I'd go as far to say they are awful in certain service areas, like Sinbad my cruising finished with P&O after a particularly bad experience with room stewards. I removed gratuities for that reason, yes all missed out but that was not my problem. I used to pay them but have since chosen to reward individually, if I could've removed the room stewards part of the grat I would have, but the system doesn't or didn't allow at the time, hence part the reasoning behind the way I choose to pay now. HLM
  10. Well you live and learn, in all the years I've been cruising I can honestly say I've never experienced what you describe. Perhaps I should take a little more time involving myself in what others do. HLM.
  11. Your use of the word "tightwad" just show your ignorance. I always pay more individually than the recommended amount, it's the system I detest. I suppose it could be said you're the "tightwad" for paying less than me!!!! HLM.
  12. Good post Mitch, the only question I'd raise how do you identify those who do neither? HLM.
  13. Perhaps with a little research DQ you'll learn something, crew were on a decent wage back in the day and were never reliant on gratuities. HLM.
  14. I liked your post until I saw "tightwads", it really does you no favours. HLM.
  15. Four years ago £3.50pppd was good value and service was also pretty good, however since then service has significantly deteriorated and the gratuity has doubled, people will only put up with it for so long. When the most loyal P&O cruisers are bemoaning the increase, P&O should take note there are other cruiselines out there more than willing to take their business. HLM.