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  1. Gratuities

    If we're speculating Davybe, I suppose the same can be said of those who claim to pay auto grats, I also wouldn't mind betting a lot of them actually don't. HLM.
  2. Gratuities

    As someone who doesn't have Facebook I was none the wiser, thanks for confirming Sinbad. HLM.
  3. Gratuities

    If it's booked via P&O UK or their UK agents then whatever waters they are sailing in is irrelevant, P&O UK or their agents must abide with the legislation or risk being heavily fined. Whether they are taking a risk or not I don't know, however as yet I've not seen any evidence that P&O are actually putting "Opted out" on their slips, so all of this may well be irrelevant anyway!!!!!! HLM.
  4. Gratuities

    If you mean P&O's terms and conditions, unless they've changed in the last four weeks then they are no longer valid and out of date. P&O, just like everyone else lawfully have to abide by Data protection regulations, which changed I believe as of the 25th May 2018. In short P&O can only use my information if I allow it and only to those who need to know, unless as otherwise stated earlier. It can be seen if you search GDPR compliance. HLM.
  5. Gratuities

    To some extent you are correct Davybe, eating disorders, allergies and medical problems are 'need to know' for health and safety reasons, however a waiter doesn't need to know whose opted out of the gratuity system. New data protection regulations would not allow P&O to pass on irrelevant information to all an sundry (even employees) unless approved by the customer, it's on a those who need to know basis, they can only do it if there is concern for safety or wellbeing or criminal activity is suspected, and even then only to the relevant authorities. HLM.
  6. Gratuities

    If this has been in order to "shame passengers into feeling guilty" I suspect this will be another nail in P&O's coffin for many loyal customers. In recent years their gratuity has doubled whilst at the same time service has deteriorated significantly, just recently they were giving shaming letters to those who'd opted out asking them to reconsider, now they are putting "opted out" on till slips. I think It's only natural that a crew member who see "opted out" on the till slips will give preferential to those who are "opted in" then what happens? I know what I'd do. HLM.
  7. Gratuities

    If this is now the case, I wouldn't even tip individually, no one holds me to ransom. If everyone followed suit it may well force P&O to rethink their gratuity policy. HLM.
  8. If the locals are prepared to take money that tourism brings then they shouldn't really bite the hand that feeds them. It'd be interesting to see the results if cruiselines stopped docking in Venice, I suspect it wouldn't be long before they'd be begging for their return. Me personally, I thought Venice was ok but I'm in no hurry to return. HLM.
  9. I believe the next series she will be focusing on HAL & Silversea. Nice cruiselines and as OWT says hopefully more focus will be put on the ships rather than Jane herself. And please no singing at the end, as much as I like her presenting style the singing is not needed this is the point I generally switch off far to cheesy for me. HLM.
  10. Sorry to hear this and I wish you have a speedy recovery. From memory for my insurance cover there was a question which asked if I'd been referred or if I was waiting for any hospital tests or appointments within the past 12 months which I was, I told them and subsequently paid an additional sum. Even after my results came back clear and calling them about the results, they insisted the charge remained as at the time the policy was taken out I was undergoing tests and I was fully covered, which is fair enough I suppose. HLM.
  11. Gratuities increase.

    Indeed they do take down discussions, it then only increases people's thoughts on what the truth really is. They could put the matter to bed once and for all if they just used their media platforms to put it out there. Crew are losing out because of it, I like many others nowadays opt out of the gratuity/reward scheme because of the uncertainty of where it actually goes. There are even doubts when giving it personally, but for me at least I have given it to those I wanted to have it, what they do with it after that I can't control. HLM
  12. I've only ever been asked if I have insurance, never had to prove it. I can only assume that once I advise that I'm covered, they tick the box and they've done what's required of them. HLM.
  13. Oh I don't doubt the EHIC card is very useful and indeed I take mine whenever I go on my European travels. Just in my experience they didn't want to know they were more interested in the insurance policy and continued to the private hospital regardless. HLM.
  14. Heard this many times, people think it's the be all and end all, which is isn't. Based on two personal experiences they will normally take you to a private hospital where the 'EHIC' card is ignored, once you're there what else can you do. EHIC is ok if you're walking wounded and can get to the public hospitals, if not insurance is vital as it proved in my cases. I won't bore you all with the details but Barclays insurance were absolutely fantastic and I'd recommend them to anyone. HLM.
  15. Do You Give Your Cabin Steward Excellent

    I'd agree, it would certainly be a strange idea to get them filled in only to put them effectively in the bin. HLM.