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  1. I like her bubbly personality and the way she presents the show I also like her voice, however I don't see the need for her to sing at the end of every show, it's all a bit to "cheesy"for me, if she really has to sing perhaps the compromise is to let her have a guest spot now and again in the theatre whilst onboard, HLM.
  2. I've done similar in the past Mitch choose a place where others seem to think they own, never been challenged though, if I were I'd simply say "you should of got up earlier" just to rub that extra bit of salt in the wound. HLM.
  3. Nor would I Tom, but the crux of the matter is that they are chargeable and unfortunately here to stay, profit "rules the waves" The likelihood is that by the time the new ship goes into service most things on board will be encounter an additional charge, I suspect within ten years the 'Easycruise' way of cruising will be well underway, pay for your transit everything else you pay for 😳😏 I actually think we will be even be paying to watch the shows in the theatre soon, or putting coins in side slots to ride the dodgem cars etc on American lines. 🤑 Perish the thought. HLM.
  4. I can imagine there will be some innovative features, but can't imagine P&O going down the RCI, NCL route, they are somewhat still quite a traditional cruiseline. That said, tradition goes out of the window when it comes to certain things like "profit" and what I can be sure off is the additional cost restaurants and activities will be there in abundance as they are on Britannia and fast becoming fleet wide. HLM.
  5. Quite right Sinbad, I've read on numerous occasions where people say they've been upgraded only to return and explain it was infact a downgrade. I believe this also occurs when booking select fare with P&O, tick the upgrade box and end up being in an inferior cabin, they then re sell your cabin at a premium rate. If I was ever offered an upgrade on boarding I'd certainly be asking to see both cabins before making a decision, I certainly wouldn't ask for one on arrival. HLM.
  6. That really surprises me Sinbad, I'm no Jane McDonald fan but from what I've seen of her she comes across as a what you see is what you get kind of gal, no heirs or graces. I enjoyed the last series, however we could've done without her having to sing at the end of every episode, with the exception of amazing grace. HLM.
  7. What happens when service is below your expectations? You've paid for poor service without any recompense. What I'd like is for them to disappear altogether, no mention of them in your fare, pay your price and tip at your leisure should one feel it necessary. HLM.
  8. In my experience when we've not been able to dock or be tendered, we've either been compensated or an alternative port has been found. I'd lay money on it that somewhere in your contract it will clearly state that the itinerary is subject to change, they can't guarantee all ports of call for various reasons, health and safety being just one. HLM.
  9. I wouldn't say I disagree, but like the Concordia when it came to crunch, it turned out to be a free for all. Panic set in and people were piling on to any life boat they could find, some only half fill when they were lowered. In reality there's no sure fire way, I suppose we have to take whatever way they decide to do it seriously, unlike some I've seen in the past. HLM.
  10. With regards to gratuities I do what suits me not the cruiseline. HLM.
  11. And Celebrity and other lines believe people would assemble indoors and wait a crew member to turn up with paddle saying follow me, really? It'd be pandemonium, people on the upper decks would not go to the lower levels to meet and greet, they'd go straight to their designated muster stations, probably without a life jacket. All sound good in theory, but put in to practice it doesn't work, unfortunately we saw that with Costa Concordia. HLM.
  12. If that's the case I see no reason to have a drill. Basically what Celebrity are saying is it's each to their own. HLM.
  13. I very much doubt a cruise ship would go down in seconds, there'd be plenty of time to put a life jacket on, whatever type it is. Regardless of type, I truly believe people should be made to put the jacket on during the safety drill. The most effective drill I ever done was with Thomson, you were made to attend your muster station on deck and put your jacket on, those who didn't were promptly told to do so, that's how it should be, not watching a video in the theatre like some lines do. HLM.
  14. Are they not designed like that for a reason? My understanding is that if you do find yourself floating in the sea the crew members on the life boat can hitch you out without the life jacket going straight over your head. Just my opinion but everyone should be made and shown how to put their life jacket on, in the event of a real emergency the crew ain't going to have time to do it for you. HLM.
  15. I agree OWT, been on several AI cruises including Thomson and never had a problem with anyone who's had excessive alcohol. Actually in my experience alcohol enhances the atmosphere onboard. HLM.