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    Cruise Refund

    It's not the role of Joe Public to be providing interest free loans to holiday companies whether those companies are in a risky financial situation or not. It is unacceptable that refunds are taking so long and people have every right to be annoyed by this.
  2. Mayway

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    £6.35 today having opened at £6.20. Further delay in operations probably hasn't helped. Don't think Carnival is safe at all - had more issues over the last week or so.
  3. Mayway

    Azura Better than expected.

    We didn't like Azura at all - but I think she was the wrong ship for the ports we visited - we went to the Norwegian Fjords in May (sorry LesleyB). The seascreen is a bit of a waste of time when it is raining, so much preferred Ventura's covered pool. Then again, it's been over 4 years since we last cruised with P&O so lots of things may have changed by now.
  4. Mayway

    P & O going down hill

    We became completely disillusioned with P&O following the Christmas cruise on Arcadia in 2014 and haven't sailed with them since. However, comparing P&O with the Queens Grill on Cunard is unusual (chalk and cheese?), so presumably you always cruised in a suite with P&O?
  5. Mayway

    No fly Caribbean cruise ........

    We did this cruise over Christmas and New Year in 2009 - you will have a fabulous time. As to the weather - I always think it is best to cover all bases!! On our first day out on 18th December, we crossed the Bay of Biscay and sat on our balcony and enjoyed the sunshine with a glass of wine! As we got closer to Madeira the weather changed, and it was reasonably warm in Madeira itself but rather wet! We managed to dodge the showers during the day. We left Madeira and the weather turned - we had horrendous weather and it was only on the evening of Christmas Day that the Captain said the weather would start to improve. We were told exactly the same as you have been so far - that once you get to Madeira the weather will improve - but please note that it doesn't always xx. We had an amazing cruise - but we felt like we were still on the high seas when we docked in Antigua - I can assure you the island was moving !!!!!!
  6. Mayway

    Buffet or MDR

    On Fred, which is our current line of choice, I have not seen a lot of the things that are said to be done in the comments. Fred's buffets are very civilised, and very comprehensive. We eat in whichever restaurant the fancy takes us - some days we just don't want the formality of the MDR at breakfast and lunch. We just about always eat in the MDR for second sitting dinner though .
  7. Mayway

    Just Curious !!

    When we first decided to cruise we were recommended Bolsover by a friend who also cruised. Our initial impressions were good, but there were a couple of issues during the booking (not least the fact that P&O effectively cancelled our back to back cruises) that made me doubt that they were actually working for us and not the cruise line. Another issue was the moving of a cabin on the replacement cruise that we booked - which I left them with as I left work and which they failed to complete. So we've never used them again.
  8. At Avonmouth there is no specific parking for Blue Badge holders but the car park is very close. In addition, you drop your luggage off at the entrance and the porters take it away. Similarly, many disabled people were alighting at the entrance and were wheeled directly into the building, often by the porters, while the driver went and parked the car. It is very flat and very easy, though be warned the departure loung is nowhere near as sophisticated as any of them at Southampton.
  9. Mayway

    Was BoJo Right

    I agree; they will never get my vote in a million years - but then, living in a constituency where hell would freeze over before the Tory was voted out (Alan Duncan) then I use my vote as a protest. 20 years ago, I could probably name you 20 politicians on either side of the divide with ease. Now there are very few that stand out. Possibly because they don't really have to do their jobs any more - Europe does it for them. They are just 'voters' in the exact same way as we all are - a sad state of affairs for our great country.
  10. Mayway

    Was BoJo Right

    I put an element of trust in Theresa May and look where that's got me. The woman is worse than a buffoon. I did say in my post that 'he relishes the persona he has created'. The majority of the Tory party are finished as far as I am concerned - they are as Liberal as any Blair Labour politician, and certainly worse than the few LibDems we have left. The 'comfortable' people of this country have sat back while the elite have taken hold - I believe the power of the 'elite' is even greater now than it was before WW2 - and boy, is that saying something.
  11. Mayway

    Was BoJo Right

    I rather like Boris and will defend to the end his right to his opinion - why are we all so 'scared' of people stepping outside the box and not kowtowing to PC views. I think it is really offensive to call him a buffoon. He obviously relishes the persona he has created, but he is nobody's fool. I'd also love to know what is wrong with 'populist views'. I do not belong to the 'elite' so therefore consider myself to be part of the populace. Nor do I see myself as being misguided. Just my opinion for what it's worth.
  12. Mayway


    Well I can honestly say that some of the comments on this thread have made me laugh out loud - absolutely hilarious. Thanks a lot folks, you've really cheered me up.
  13. Mayway

    P&O have done it again!!!

    My OH (male) would be lost without his daily wander around the on-board shops - I hate shopping, he loves it! He would be horrified with this, especially if some of the days affected were sea days where he would be bored out of his mind. Part of cruising for a lot of people - whether expensive or not, browsing costs nothing - and it is unacceptable that cruise lines can do this with minimal notice.
  14. Saw Jools as part of Squeeze in 1987. Squeeze were great. Love Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford. Not sure how Jools 'made it' over his far more talented colleagues, but made it he did. Funny old world.
  15. CMV seem to have a package for everything and everyone, soft drinks, coffee, liqueur coffee, beer - you name it. All seem to be pretty good value and you can add them once on board.
  16. I agree with the post above - I too have no desire to go on a ship that large. However, I will give an opinion in that P&O fit in exactly with most people's idea of modern cruising - glitzy ships with no soul. Only my opinion of course.
  17. Just got off the Marco Polo on Sunday after an amazing Round Britain cruise - Fabulous weather and got into every port and 4 of them were tenders. Amazing little ship - we loved her - and definitely understand your choice.
  18. Mayway

    Christmas cruises

    Sorry, I specifically answered the question with regard to P&O as that is what you requested - not any other cruise line. I am sure there are many cruise lines out there who offer a wonderful Christmas experience, I just don't think P&O are one of them. What was awful - well all I can say is that food wise and 'special guest' wise and ambience wise, it was very, very ordinary. As Dancing Queen says, Christmas is basically one day now - it's a shame that P&O couldn't even pull the stops out and make that one day on board special. You pay a premium for a Christmas Cruise and frankly I expect more than a gingerbread village. As I said earlier, I only answer this from a P&O perspective as that is what you asked.
  19. Mayway

    Christmas cruises

    Have been on several P&O Christmas cruises and the latter ones quite frankly were nothing to write home about - definitely wouldn't do it again. In fact we haven't used P&O at all since our last Christmas cruise in 2014. I am sure there will be many to come along to tell you how great the Christmas cruises are and way back when I would have agreed. However, our last was awful and we will never cruise P&O again.
  20. Mayway

    Tulips and Chocolates

    We have only done 3 cruises with Fred but enjoyed every one immensely. The whole experience for us is much nicer than P&O but then we prefer smaller ships and aren't worried too much about loads of dining venues and loads of things to do. Cruising for us is all about the ports we visit and the MDR dining and the on-board ambience. We stayed overnight in both Antwerp and Amsterdam on our last cruise on Balmoral in early December last year - both perfect ports for overnighters as both are within walking distance (Antwerp just across the road, Amsterdam about 15 minutes) of the centre. You will have a great time I am sure. Bear in mind though that the majority of Balmoral's outside cabins are in an L shape configuration - gives more space in the cabins, but can be more inconvenient in other ways lol. We thought she was a lovely ship and had a fantastic time on her.
  21. Mayway

    Brilliant Boudicca

    Off on Fred again tomorrow on Balmoral - our first time on her, and she is due in for a refit when we return (Braemar is currently undergoing a refit). We love Fred they offer a really enjoyable cruising experience and River Song really paints a true picture.
  22. Mayway

    shorts required???

    As afcandrew says, once you're there the weather should be lovely - the climate in the Canaries is all year round so usually a minimum of about 20 degrees. However getting there and back will be pretty cold. Northern Tenerife however is usually cooler because it's the wrong side of the volcano - if you want the sun, take a trip to the south - it's basically a concrete jungle down there, but it is warmer.
  23. Mayway

    Oriana X801 6 January 50 nights cancelled?

    On the first cruise we booked - Christmas and New Year 2009 on Artemis - we booked for 28 nights going from Barbados through the Panama Canal and to Acapulco and then back again. This was cancelled a few days before the balance was due; P&O said something about it being changeover day and people having to travel over the Christmas period - as if 'people' didn't know that before they booked! The compensation offered was £50 pp per cruise. I see that little has changed. ps The £50 pp was in the form of OBC for the next cruise booked.
  24. Mayway


    I think I've said this before. Only ever agreed to an upgrade once and that was when we booked an obstructed balcony on Adonia - there only appear to be two of them so we thought it was worth the risk. It was. We were duly upgraded free of charge to an unobstructed balcony - and very nice it was too.
  25. Mayway

    What to wear Christmas Day

    I would agree about the formal for dinner on Christmas Day. Unfortunately I would also agree about the 'horror' of Christmas jumpers aplenty during the day. Call me old-fashioned - well frankly call me what you like - but Christmas jumpers for me, fall into the same category as football shirts - November 5th is the best day for them Whatever you choose to wear, I hope you have a fantastic day.