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  1. legionman123

    P&O increase gratuities.

    I seriously believe that gratuities should be left to each individual to decide at the end of the cruise.why should you be forced to have a daily fee added to your onboard account. On the majority of cruises i have been on i tip at my own discretion as per the service i have recieved. I do not have an issue with tipping in the slightest for good service but feel very strongly that it is up to the individual as to who and how much you wan't to give. By adding it to your onboard account you have no say whatsoever if you receive bad service which does happen to the best of us from time to time.
  2. legionman123

    Thomson To Return To UK

    been on a couple of cruises with them. would be a good idea to cater for us in the south. Maybe southampton,dover or harwich would be easier to get to