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  1. We did the turtle trip and the guide was pointing out all different sights on the way and i always remember him pointing out The Cliff restaurant and saying its call this because you want to jump off a cliff when the bill comes
  2. I think they do it on the first cruise in December.
  3. Give them a call Allie, I think they have a tickets team who can probably help you, better to just double check.
  4. The itineraries are incredible. Something different to consider for sure. It's one of those once in a life time places for many people.
  5. I've stayed at the Westin Time Square, really nice hotel and excellent location, felt it was overpriced though when we went but when i checked it a couple of weeks ago for a family member i thought it was quite reasonably priced. x
  6. It’s not uncommon to board a ship to find that cabins are not yet ready to accept new passengers. Due to the size of modern day ships it’s understandable really, especially when previous passengers are still departing the ship at around 9.30-10am and new passengers are welcomed on board from midday. I expect it now, so am I always ready to head for a bite to eat or a drink when I get on board whilst I wait. I also sometimes take a couple of bits in my hand luggage if we have flew to a hot destination, like a change of clothes. It’s part and parcel of the holiday for me now but I’m interested in knowing who people think are the best at getting this turned around? Who regularly turns the cabins round quickest and who provides the best services for guests whilst you wait? From my own experiences, I think Princess are good at this. Royal Princess was impressive the last time I was on board. I think Royal Caribbean do well too which i didn't really expect given the size of their ships. I’ve never had to wait long with either of those lines, in fact I have had times with Royal Caribbean where I’ve boarded and my cabin was ready and waiting for me.
  7. The itineraries look really lovely for her. It's my Mum's big birthday in the Jan of 2019, i think she will be eyeing up one of these for sure, trying to get her to try other company's other than P&O!
  8. I received an email a couple of days ago with some incredible prices on for the longer cruise to the caribbean from Southampton. I'm sure they were all the begining of next year, one had a couple of USA ports in too as this is the one that stood out to me. The prices were really really good.
  9. When I was in school, my mum always took us out a couple of days before the main school holiday, sometimes more than a few days and we would be off a week or two, I certainly don't think it did me or my sister any harm. If anything, we both learnt the importance of travel and try and get away to new places as often as possible to see the world. And when we do both decide to have children, travelling with them is already very important to us.
  10. I only know of P&O doing them, do any other companies offer this too?
  11. Just checked on P&O site and they are £75 per person, but they are popular so must be worth the money
  12. I have a feeling P&O do charge for this but are really popular. I have £70 in my head for soem reason?
  13. Hi Waves, when I went on Harmony last year, I think we got a key card like normal at check in then the watches were in the cabin?
  14. I know the 'A British First' cruise sold out yesterday just from the people that pre-registered.
  15. I would certainly be interested if they did decide to do this! I was really tempted by the Independence of the seas ones a couple of weeks back.