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  1. New format for cruising with Jane McDonald

    I think it starts this Friday
  2. Oceana Dubai

    Hi, I'm looking at booking a cruise on Oceana where you fly to Dubai, i just wanted peoples thoughts on her? I sailed on her a few years ago but only for 2 nights so think its hard to judge by that. Previously sailed on Ventura. For some reason i imagine her to be old, run down and small? It's not all about the ship as its the destinations we are interested in but just wanted peoples feed back? Thanks
  3. I've just had a look at this, if i had the money it would be amazing.
  4. P&O New Ship name

    Today's the day they name their new ship..
  5. I'm not sure if I'm surprised at this figure or not. When I hear people debating travel insurance, it really makes my blood boil. I don't understand how anyone would travel with it. It's not even just for the big things like hospital trips etc, but for the little things like lost phones/cameras etc.
  6. Bid for an Upgrade?

    I've heard of bidding for an upgrade on airlines but never on cruises.
  7. Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea

    I will be watching it on Saturday and if i was on board i would still
  8. Currency help

    I bank with Halifax Old world traveller and have come across this card online when they try and flog you their other services. I'll look into this as it sounds very good.
  9. The port you would always avoid...

    I loved our stop off in Jamaica as we did an excursion. They then took us to a market on the way back to the ship (wasn't advertised) and it was pretty full on, most people ended up leaving the market as soon as they walked in. It was an experience to say the least. x
  10. Galley Gosh

    This looks really interesting. Id'd like to do the bridge tour next time.
  11. London-Perth Direct Flight With Qantas

    I know the feeling Dancing Queen. I hate falling asleep on the flight, waking up to see you still have hours to go. I recently flew London-Singapore direct and that was one hell of a flight. at £340 return though, it was far too good to pass on. x
  12. Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships

    I would LOVE to go on Symphony. I sailed on both Anthem & Harmony and thought they were incredible.
  13. Aurora to become adult only.

    I've just read on P&O's facebook that Aurora will become an adult only ship from next year. I personally see this as a positive change and that they have listened to their customers after they announced the 2 huge ships that are joining the fleet. What does everyone else think?
  14. I've seen recently that Thomas Cook are starting to offer a service where you can pay to reserve your sunbed. They will send a pool plan a few days before you travel for you to pick your sunspot. I know sunbed wars do happen and people take it very seriously but would you pay £22 to reserve your sunbed? Is this something you want to see introduced on cruises?
  15. Are drinks packages value for money?

    if you wait and add on the drinks package when you board could you use the on board spend for this?