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  1. Lovealifeboat

    Oriana sold by P&O Cruises

    We were on her N Lights cruise in March and had a great time....(although someone had switched the Lights off unfortunately! ) and we are now going on her 19 night med cruise in a couple of weeks, which will be our 3rd on her. Yes, she has a few minor issues, but we have never experienced any of the major ones reported on. The vibration is something that seems very much to depend on the sea conditions and her speed... but we have never been in the aft restaurant or aft cabins where I think most of the vibration is felt . We have experienced vibrations on all the ships we have been on at some point....its part of cruising to us. We will be sorry to see her go, and will now be looking at Aurora ...if we stay with P &O. Not interested in the very large ships.We have our first CMV cruise booked on Columbus (ex- P&O Arcadia) for July next year....hearing good reports ...so we shall see..
  2. Lovealifeboat

    How does the debit card process work on board?

    Depends on the cruise line. For example , On P&O they don't for your onboard account ( although they do when you pay for your cruise) but on Fred Olsen they do charge 1.5% for a credit catd
  3. Lovealifeboat

    Adonia cabins

    Just been on Adonia....the balcony cabins were fine from our point of view, and the balcony was quite big enough to sit out on and face the sea (unlike on Britannia)
  4. Lovealifeboat

    Another kick in the teeth from P&O.

    I am not passing judgement on their marketing practices, but the offer was taken up in spades, and did not last very long. We had an email on 7 December (went into "junk" btw) as well as by post. The original marketing said you had up February 28 to book and applied to cruises up to 2 October 2017. But the offer was actually withdrawn around Christmas I believe, such was the demand.
  5. Lovealifeboat

    P&O Cruises Summer 2018

    Hope to See you on board Captain!
  6. Lovealifeboat

    Oriana To Undergo A Refit

    We went on Oriana in June this year for the first time and certainly did not notice any excessive vibration. True, we did not dine in the aft restaurant, but did spend some considerable time out on the open decks at the aft. We also did not see any evidence of any plumbing issues (I m not saying there weren't any) , but for us this was also the first time that we did NOT have any problems with the toilets not flushing! We had problems on Azura both times, and Arcadia, and then also on every one of the 3 Cunard Queens. Not necessarily long term problems but nonetheless, it seems it is endemic on cruise ships generally. The furnishings in our cabin were tired, and the bathroom desperately needed some attention but we were prepared for this, and did not let it spoil our cruise. We have pre registerd to go on her again in 2018.
  7. Lovealifeboat

    P&O Cruises Summer 2018

    Well we have done the same...maybe even the same cruise ? X618? 6 ports we havent been to (if you include Venice which we have done on a land based holiday but never on a cruise) and includes 2 maiden ports. Price seems pretty good too for a 19 day cruise when compared with a similar length one this summer. And with just a 5% deposit, if the price fell so dramatically in the future (highly unlikely) it could almost be worth losing the deposit and rebooking. And I am afraid none of us know what is around the corner, and if we waited to find out we would never go anywhere! Happy Cruising!
  8. Lovealifeboat

    Captain and CD of Oriana currently

    In the middle of June the Captain was Marcin Branach, and the CD was a lady called Elaine......??? She was excellent. She had just arrived then so may still be on?
  9. Lovealifeboat

    Norway- July 2016- weather and spending ashore.

    We went in July last year and had the full run of weather.....glorious hot sunshine, rain, cold and gloomy, misty. So take layers is my advice and be prepared for anything! We went into a bar in Tromso a had 4 small beers and two packets of crisps.....£40 give or take a few pence! Ouch!