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  1. Less about Jane and more useful information.
  2. micradot

    How much did you pay???!!

    I agree. Just enjoy the cruise and don't worry about what other people have paid.
  3. I personally do not want to be on a ship with 5,000 passengers. The Arcadia is big enough for me.
  4. micradot

    Afternoon Tea On Cruise Ships

    Don't do afternoon tea. Too much stodge. Prefer early dinner.
  5. micradot

    Afternoon Tea On Cruise Ships

    Never do afternoon tea
  6. micradot

    Drinks Package

    The drinks package on Fred Olsen is much higher if you purchase it on board. Best to buy before you sail. Not sure about other cruise lines.
  7. micradot

    Are you Brand Loyal ?

    I have been very loyal to P&O. The food on Oceana was dreadful in march. Worst food on any of the 20 cruises I have done. Poor quality, minuscule portions and not hot. It would appear there is a problem in the kitchen so the food is going cold quickly. It is back to Fred Olsen. P&O, in my option does not value loyalty.
  8. micradot

    Is Fred Olsen's Drink Package Worth It?

    Now that Fred Olsen has increased the price of the drinks package from £10 per day to £15 per day let's hope he improves the quality of the spirits. Spanish whisky and dreadful gin is not acceptable. Why can't we have Scotch whisky and London gin? My friend said her pimms was like water and cocktails not much better. Are we being taken for a ride!!!!!
  9. micradot

    Is Fred Olsen's Drink Package Worth It?

    Just booked a Fred Olsen cruise for next year. Drinks package has gone up to £15.00 so if you are getting the package for £10 I would go for it. One double whisky cost £5.50 last year on Boudicca, (Spanish). A glass of soda to go with it was about £1.25.
  10. micradot

    P&O 2019 - Oceana Based In The UAE

    Just returned from a cruise on oceana. Loved the ship but not the food. My vegetarian food was the worst I have had on any ship including 12 P&O cruises and 12 on other lines. Food was poor quality, poor choice, not well cooked and at times barely warm. My husband's bacon at breakfast was inedible. It was discoloured and looked old. One man told me he had given up bacon on board because it was such poor quality. I spoke to a number of fellow cruisers, all of whom commented on the declining standard of food. Yes it was like Butlins at sea on the lido deck with burgers,fries and very loud music dominating!! How far down market will P&O go? On a positive note there was a good selection of regional bottled beers and cider available but at £3.85 a bottle very expensive. Similar beers are 3 for £5 at our local coop!!!
  11. According to oceana captain, the new ship will have a walk round promenade deck. Just back from cruise on oceana. Like the ship but not the food. Poor quality, poor choice, small portions, food not hot. My baked potato Was cold and old. I think I could taste the packet in the soup. Not for me the big ships. P&O have gone too far down market.
  12. micradot

    What makes you think river cruising is boring?

    I have been on a Rhine river cruise with Viking. Excellent but poor choice of vegetarian food. River Douro cruise was also excellent(saga). Unfortunately no flights from the north at the time, only Gatwick. I refuse to fly from Gatwick nowadays when I live close to both Liverpool and Manchester airports. NB as previously reported there can be a problem also on the Douro if there has been a drought.
  13. micradot

    Cruise lines finally catering for beer lovers

    I can recommend St. Peter's gluten free bottled beer. On p&o and Fred Olsen.
  14. I have just returned from a Christmas cruise and wondered why salon treatments on board ship are so much dearer than on land. For example reflexology was £60 for an hour's treatment on board. I pay £25 for an hour's treatment in my local salon. Other treatments were also much much more expensive.
  15. micradot

    Table Size? Do You Have A Preference?

    My husband and I prefer a round table for eight for same reason as others. We were put on a very large table on royal Caribbean but changed tables because It was too large and difficult to converse with others. We are just about to set off on Fred Olsen from Liverpool. We have booked a table for eight!!!!