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  1. Reading your love of licorice yesterday, I have spent the time trying to remember the licorice sweats they I enjoyed I think they were called licorice comforts, they were torpedo shape different colours, you could buy 2oz for the money back on Carona bottles three pence. you do come up with a different thread, on this forum which is nice.
  2. Ha do you also remember spangles and all the different flavours they were three pence I liked the acid drops in a blue packet, they came in a step type display.
  3. I loved flying saucers, bought some for my grandson he now calls them nana saucers
  4. Wow wow star Clipper last nights programme What a beautiful ship, the cruise looked amazing and a totally different cruise experience I have never thought about a sailing ship I have seen this ship in port a couple of times, but never looked into booking anything like that, but have now requested the brochure lots of different.ports, the only downside is would mean flying to and from. Can not have it all.
  5. Never a truer feed back, I do so agree with what you have said, If a crack in sink is all you have worry about your lucky. Your very eloquent so able to get your ideas across. That should help allay a lot of fears some people would have. you have kept a lot of interest in your cruise, so once again thank you,
  6. Each to there own, Arcadia not my favourite ship it's true and a two week refit is not going to do much, But having also cruised many time I like new ports to visit and the colour of the cabin or chairs in the bar does nothing for my enjoyment experence of the ship, It depends what you get out of your cruise.Just for added information I like the Cunard best, But not many new ports.
  7. I also enjoyed the program not a ship for me, but interesting that for non European passengers go on the cruise line tours, no so many do there own thing, it came over to me that there is more razzmatazz and show
  8. We always hold back enjoy the coffee and news papers, (you are diamond as well dancing queen)so can let the scrum battle it out, hold back and no real problem with the aid of bright orange ribbon on the suit cases can spot them, lots of guest don't go by the times they are given so start pushing at 0800 works for us anyway
  9. Your very welcome most of this forum are supporting we have all encountered problems but had amazing holidays afloat at the end of the day positive attitude wins the day, Good Luck
  10. Relax Master, not a scrum at all, like embarking all well planned, last cruise we disembarked at 0915 and collected the bags etc and in the car by 0930 that was in September this year so not out of date information, usually start getting the bags off about 0700 I think perhaps you are worrying about how all the cruise system works, just trust the cruise line, follow the times your given and go with flow, until you have first hand experence you won't get the reassurance your craving. I know it must be difficult for you, take a deep breath book something you fancy, and the forum will support you as much as possible one of us might even be on your choice of cruise. I failed to say you can get assistance with embarking and disembarking and lots of porters in the baggage hall, hopes this helps
  11. Dancing Queen is quite correct, also I think Cunard do better upgrades, we are also Diamond so do think loyalty pays with them, not so much with the other cruise lines.
  12. Well Mitch what a Stirling job you have done, bought a smile to a lot on this forum, and also with the situations you described bought back memories to the reader of past experiences we had forgotten about so provided us so much entrainment. I don't know if it is just cruise line that turns quite mild people into monsters, or that households all over the land have had a nice three weeks break from neighbors who were away on cruises.
  13. Think of all those people who when they get home will be asking Father Christmas for a packet of big pegs, and a warm blanket (just in case) because they have seen how handy they can be! you could not make it up could you, love it all part of people watching, and taking the mick, happy days
  14. Outside the port gates you can get a local bus to the beach, sea life centre, and other attractions for the cost of 1euro, each way. We had great fun with our grandson doing this, and even with a drink and a snack lunch time we only spent about 20 euros all told.
  15. I think master you need some encouragement to book, it does not matter Adult only or family ship, you get all sorts of people age does not matter intolerant people come in all ages, as does rude. you find such a mixed bunch on cruises you will find some you can gel with some you can't it's like that for all. bite the bullet, book something that tickles your fancy, and look forward to it, and stand no nonsense from anybody that gets up your nose, enough of the people on this forum would give you moral support, have fun