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  1. Jenjen

    Amsterdam Tourist tax?

    We were in Amsterdam overnight in January this year, the Tax hadstarted then, we had no problem we were docked next to Queen Elizabeth (ship ) so two cruise ships, but the Elizabeth sails around midnight. From what we were told the port authorities wanted to regulate how many visitors went into the city, so it could be the port authority that had made the cruise ship dock away from the city, which means the cruise lines have no choice just my deduction of cause
  2. Jenjen

    Are the Critics Right??

    I don’t think it’s demographic it’s more traditional I don’t understand half of the young stand up so say comics goes over my head. I find more slap stick or life observing more humorous Victoria Wood, Les Dawson style both sadly gone.
  3. Jenjen

    Would you pack this??

    Funny the things you find you need, have difficulty finding and buying to solve a problem, then never travel without it But then never need it again, my holiday bag is full of such stuff, now out of date, or dry as bone, however seem to need the glasses repair kit, my sun glasses, or reading glasses I have one arm falling off or a screw missing so my pound shop kit gets used most holidays.
  4. Jenjen

    Cruise ship on TV

    I thought it was interesting washing, drying,and ironing 1000 pieces of bedding in an hour, amazing I know shows my mentality I’m interested in the hospitality side, I have no experence in that area. i could not cope in a ship that size but can marvel in the operation side just my personal opinion
  5. Jenjen

    Back to Back

    Thank you all for your information, we will now do the Dubai to Malta, we booked that one last year, then will the India from Dubai back to Dubai another time. yes I think P and O are missing a trick, because they would be getting a good deal from us,
  6. Jenjen

    Back to Back

    Yes DQ it was a P&O I phone Bolsover, and she got back to me the next day, the cruise prior to the one already booked come up £300 saving on total price, that was not each , we think we will do the Indian cruise Dubai to Dubai at another time, we were not offered 10% off both cruises !
  7. Jenjen

    Back to Back

    We have now got the back to back price, which was not impressive don’t think we will eg £300 saving after not having to have Dubai flights x 2 I always thought you got good discount. Thank you for all your help.
  8. Jenjen

    Back to Back

    We are going to look at doing a back to back flying to Dubai, and then to India, back to Dubai, at which point we would do the cruise we have already booked doing the gulf and flying home from Malta. my question is do you have to leave the ship, and go through the embarkation process again? No something we have ever done
  9. Jenjen

    Which Ship?Has that Wow factor?

    The most wow factor was the first time on the old QE2. It’s been said befor I know but I think your first ship is magic, and maybe sets the bar high nothing has eclipsed it for me
  10. Jenjen

    Drinks Package

    Nothing to do with the cost, We do not take any drinks on board, because we don’t have alcohol every day, I would not have a drinks package, maybe other would think it good value, it’s up to them. only my opinion
  11. Jenjen

    Drinks Package

    £80 a day on drinks 🍷 you have got to joking I think more of my liver no way would we drink that much, and £11/22 a day on coffee would be overdoing it for us, maybe if it was cold and wet and did not go ashore on port days. Im sure if you are heavy drinkers you would use it, but most of our friends would not.
  12. Jenjen

    taxis at barbados

    When we were there the taxis and minibus were all the time we were docked, they offered all sorts of trips, and well worth using they know the sailing times for each ship, and were used by a lot of the crew. enjoy your cruise.
  13. Jenjen


    We have also done this, yes it was easy, also did the little train from the fish market, that was easy, and inexpensive enjoy your trip
  14. Jenjen

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    We book a cruise earley, get the cabin we want and pay what we think is a good price, however I do look at the prices and availability of cabins for interest not to see if others have paid more or less on that cruise. however, if by booking early we end up paying more we would stop booking earley, and book later, as we have seen in the past, the cruise we book earley goes up by. £1000 each Which means we can have another holiday we give ourselves a fixed yearly budget for holidays, weekends, and city breaks so how much we spend determines what we do. Just our own ways.
  15. Jenjen

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    We have a cruise booked for May it has gone up £450 each but I have always advocated booking early gives the best price, with low deposit and quite good OBC . The price has always gone up from starting price sometimes by over £1000