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  1. Glad you had such a nice time, so nice to read your post no moans and a well composed comment and lovely photographs
  2. You can still get room service, some things are still at no extra cost, some things are at an extra charge, if you push the room service button on the telephone, they will tell if a change apples, when I asked about the menu I was told that they are all still being printed. I did get emailed about charges being made, but the night time hot chochlate was still available at no extra charge, which we do have.
  3. Our first cruise was on QE11, I ecstatic so impressed with the Cunard experence, the atmosphere was thrilling in the cold light of day, she was a difficult ship to find your way around, the staterooms were quite small, but boy did I loved that old girl , we were lackey to sail on her quite a few times, All the Cunard ships have crew on them who we knew from those days, who greet us as long lost family. When you recall things about the ship, and story's of mishaps we all become misty eyed. she (the ship) had a magic about her, I have never found on any other cruise line. just my recollection and my opinion
  4. Oh bless you Mitch, just remember, they have washing machines on board, you can do your smells as you go, and shirts as go and while in the launderette you will get all the gossip. keep calm and have a wonderful time
  5. I am so glad you have your cruise booked Arcada is a nice ship, I remember last year outside the lido they had nice sitting area you could smoke in, so handy for a coffee, or a drink. have a fabulous time.
  6. You don't say when you are going, if the weather nice turning left out side the port gates you can walk to a lovely beach, but it is quite a walk into the town, you would turn right from the port gate, the bus does two stops one to the town second stop is about let shopping mall, I have not done this stop, but been on the bus for the pick up. In cold weather not sure
  7. Sorry for trying to help Rayo
  8. Platinum is Cunard, priories for boarding and disembarking, wifi free can't remember the length of time, 1st officers party, as well as World club, and Captians do dar, We are now diamond, but think you get Birthday and Christmas cards Oh and bottle of champagne in your stateroom on arrival
  9. Today on the news is terrible flooding in Italy, seeing photos of Liverno, and Venice the cafe chairs and tables are floating, StMarks square, is awash I bet. Brits are on cruises to that area, must be devising not to mention the poor people living in the area
  10. I did hear of a case that a couple went into Andersons bar for a pre dinner drink, a man approached themand said that they were sitting in his chair at his table, he always occupied that spot on every cruise, they told him to get lost, they were not going to leave" or move seats they reported some of the waiters went into hiding and were laughing up the corner. You could not make it up.
  11. Hi Mitch, poor you so many people are so intolerant perhaps you should ask about passing wind! all the cruise line have smoking policy, and you can get the information on the website, Cunard let you smoke on the prom deck, as does most of P&O and some have other areas on open decks another website gave the low down on all ships smoking policy for each cruise line I saw it today in my emails. enjoy your cruises
  12. I enjoyed the show last night on her med experence, But would not to sail on MSC thank you, just my opinion I don't like big ships
  13. I once saw a lady st reception saying she did not like her cabin and wanted an upgrade, she was told she could pay an extra £400 each to upgrade to a balcony, I had to laugh she was outraged, I was next to her, in the line about a missing suitcase, which had been put in the wrong cabin and guests in that cabin had ignored it, I got a bottle of champagne and a apology from the hotel services manager so I was happy
  14. Think the camil is asking for your cruise card! love the photoes, thank you
  15. We have had a stateroom change, by P&O would not call it much of a upgrade, but have had several upgrades with Cunard but have cruised with them a lot, over 20 so far, I don't know if that makes any difference.