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  1. Jenjen

    Packing why is it so stressful

    Sorry Mitch but won’t you be away on the 1st of October? My friend using a ironing pad on the table and sits to do all her ironing, I am sure lots of things available to make it more comfortable for you to carry on with ironing your shirts
  2. Jenjen

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I was stressing about things to those who are now solo travelers I am ashamed of myself, because it’s nothing compared to going away without your loved ones, your very brave, if I only have dark knickers to worry about it’s not the end of the world, if I leave a mess upstairs the burglar will think somebody beat him too it, thanks guys, happy holiday to you all
  3. Jenjen

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I mean the discarded hangers and dress covers when packing, and yes I buy a pack of hangers from the pound shop, which I leave in the cabin, no it’s the mess I make packing, that I ment
  4. Jenjen

    Packing why is it so stressful

    The clothes are not the only problem you have a pile of coat hangers and the will I won t I yes I will, think I need a fleece, maybe cool on the sail out, and back and all the bits and odd and ends clothes I think I will take then maybe not, the end of cruise packing no problem do itthe afternoon of the last day.anyway I have done most of it, my other half does his own, he is very good, but I would A never let him pack for, B pack for him, last thing I need is a long white dress and black bra and knickers, see Gentlemen that’s another we ladies have to think about!
  5. We are going to cruise for 17 nights, going on Tuesday next, so why do I find packing such a stress? I write lists have all the extras together,, does anybody else feel like this?
  6. Jenjen

    Info required

    As I said just my personal opinion we have 40 plus Cruises under the belts and never had a problem with Cunard! Our two with another line I said never again even if we won it. Nothing wrong with Princess we have done a few with them, and quite a few with P and O, best part with P and O is they have many different ports
  7. Jenjen

    Info required

    I think you first cruise sets the bar, and that line becomes you favourite and many other cruisers I have spoken to feel the same. our first many years ago was Cunard on the QE2 so needless to say that’s our favourite but have done four other lines but still think the best, Just my personal opinion of cause.
  8. Jenjen


    Love the last night of proms, never thought about flags from sailaways
  9. Jenjen

    2020 bookings?

    In our experence, the best price and OBC is when a cruise event is on, when all the cruise lines are putting out the best possible deals, I have only once booked while aboard a cruise ship, so I am not is a good position to say what is best, just what I have experienced for us nothing like a cup of coffee and a session on the lap top, plus the Saturday newspaper.
  10. Jenjen


    In my humble opinion a day is just not enough, the foot paths are even hot making getting around difficult. I think to do all you want to do and see your better to do a city break, three or four days, that’s what we did, and still did not do the it all I think you can get a flavour of the city, by coach tour, but not the full thing, only my opinion and we are still able to get round. hope you enjoy.
  11. Jenjen

    How soon do you book.

    We book well in advance the cruise we are on in next (18Th September) was booked March 2017 a new year cruise last August 2017 our two for next were book in Spring this year and last month booked for March 2020. in our experence you get the best price, the cabin we want, and all the other benefits. it is of cause personal thing I like a plan, my Grandsons always say What’s the plan Nana,
  12. Jenjen

    Using your Mobile.

    It so depends on your experence, my Father was taken Ill and went into hospital I wanted to know how he was even down to still alive, phoned home daily, my grandson was also ill when we were away, some people we became friends with, the man lost his credit card, so needed to phone his bank, nothing to do with gloating, he had no coverage with his phone but I did. be glad you have not had my experence and take care who you disapprove of using the phone.
  13. Jenjen

    2020 bookings?

    Like Towny44 said that’s what we have done in the past and got some very good deals, we have booked for March 2020 and got a the 5% deposit and double Bolsover discount
  14. Jenjen

    Cunard Drinks Package.

    Being a diamond club member of Cunard have sailed with them many times, I am fed up with them they seem to apply everything to QM2 even the cunarder mag was all about the Mary, you can bet the T and C will be on the side of Cunard, this is hard for me to say, the only thing is they will put it onto the fleet in time.
  15. Jenjen

    Extension leads

    I once forgot that three pin plugs were upside down on a ship we were on forget which ship, but reception told to bring my phone and charger down to them and they would charge it, maybe that what they want you to do. just to say would never charge anything overnight or when I’m not at home yet alone when away.