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  1. Jenjen

    Cruise Log

    Owls I have never ever seen on a cruise ship, I thought they flew at night and hunted, we did once have a robin who used to sit on the rail of our balcony I’m not sure but think it stayed on the ship maybe enjoying a free cruise it did like the biscuits we put on the table
  2. Jenjen

    lest we forget

    Some people are so self obsessed it makes you wonder I would have been shocked to have witnessed the callousness We must remember them
  3. Jenjen

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Nice photos as usual Mitch did you have more rain? I know it does not last long but it’s a pain, We had heavy rain in Barbados and we were doing a beach tour and barbecue so ended up sitting in a mini bus for longer that I would have liked hayho happy days
  4. Jenjen

    Renewing a Passport.

    Just my opinion of cause, but we use the post office it’s the most reliable and over the application with a fine tooth comb and it is secure in these days of identity fraud We like the peace of mind.
  5. Jenjen

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    I must admit I stay in the laundrette when my stuff is in the dryer, because once somebody took my things out and also another dryers clothes and put both together in a laundry basket my pure cotton white shirt had a some navy blue shorts on the top of it, needless to say I could never get the stain out, I was unhappy to put it mildly, hence now sit with a book until my stuff is dry. When we did the Caribbean we had some heavy rain, it did not last long but we got so wet. hope you continue to enjoy yourself
  6. Jenjen

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Well I am surprised about the price match on duty free, thought it was just something that was said at duty free so very well done. it is cold but sunny today here, so I am very envious of you in the sun and love the photos and the time you give to us posting on the forum well done 👍
  7. Jenjen

    Princess cruises from UK

    We went on the Crown Princess from Southampton and took both our elder Grandsons, we had a wonderful time, the shows were the best we have ever seen at sea. The drinks package was very good value, we had two balcony cabins next to each other, and the screen between the balcony was opened which was great, the boys thought the food was better than P&O and Cunard and that the crew were more friendly we were also surprised that our past cruise history was taken into account and all four of us were given elite loyalty status so got invited to all the party’s nothing negative to say
  8. Jenjen

    Discount codes./ coupons

    Had a free coffee today while shopping, have a bag full of coffee cards, Tesco, boots I have £60 on that nectar card has about £50 on it my Husband laughs about my loyalty cards but it mounts up, not forgetting Waitrose getting a free newspaper with the shopping, so Yes I like coupons, and loyalty cards. like
  9. Jenjen

    Flooding in Venice.

    Such a shame must be awful for the people in Venice, Have to say, they can’t blame cruise ships for rainfall
  10. Jenjen

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Well done Mitch, nice to read your post, enjoy your cruise, look forward to your next input.
  11. Jenjen

    one sleep to go... lol

    Have a good time Mitch, I do a toilet flush bleach down the drains etc, then my husband uses the toilet, and washes his hands, so the bleechhas gone, hey ho we are still alive.
  12. Jenjen

    weather- is it worth trying to anticipate

    An umbrella is no use in a hurricane, but always pack one, hope it does not see light of day.
  13. Jenjen

    How much did you pay???!!

    I hate this how much did you pay topic, whatever you paid, somebody has paid less, and more, I think it should be in the T/C not to discuss it, Actually it used to be for staff discount Just my opinion
  14. Jenjen

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I get a print out to see how much OBC has been used,because your loyalty discount only comes off when your OBC has been used, so IF you want to perches a higher value product it can mean that it will be 10% less, which can make a big difference, having said that the merchandise on P and O is not so good.
  15. Jenjen

    No fly Caribbean cruise ........

    We have done this cruise twice, first time quite good weather all the time second time was in March and very cold first four days, and last three days were very cool, having said that just come home from the Greek islands cruise and we were caught up in a hurricane so you never can tell. But the sea days are lovely (well we like them ) get into a few good books, and nice people to chat too. Happy Holiday