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  1. P&O's new drink packages?

    This is not about how or when, or were you eat that has no connection to a drinks package, how people spend the time on a cruise is up to them we are all on holiday, and enjoy different things, what is wrong with going back to the shipfor lunch, you may have had enough walking around, or staying in the port having lunch, whatever makes you happy. some people a drinks package is worth the money, to others it’s not worth it simple, get it or don’t
  2. Hygiene

    This thread has become both funny and nostalgic. As a child we were lucky enough to have a bathroom, but it was Sunday night to have a bath, then Monday morning the bathroom was cleaned, my Mother used to use a tin of pink stuff called Chemico boy did it clean and shine the bath and anything else we had to have a stpit wash on all other days.
  3. P&O's new drink packages?

    Would never spend that much on drinks, so not worth it for us will still buy what we like, when we like it.
  4. All Freedom Dining on Iona

    This is one ship not for me/us just my opinion as usual
  5. Southampton Car Parking

    Not used them ourselves, but when we looked the holiday inn park and stay came up very good value, and our friends canseled there parking, and also staying at the holiday inn cruise and stay package. good luck finding a good deal.
  6. Hygiene

    I do a pound shop run as well pop up bin, coat hangers, room spry, (for the bathroom) plastic freezer bags, forallsorts of things,including medication, sun glass repair kit, if I have lost the last on, watch battery’s , small screwdriver.and of cause the anti bac wipes.my night things go under the bed in the suit case I use as a draw. We are are all different. as for kettles, I read a artical in a travel mag about those, I try and forget that and just trust my luck, nobody has passed urine in it
  7. P&O Cruises Oriana leaving the fleet

    Yet another old girl being put out to grass, and a big new big girl taking her place, but the old girls friends, will stay well away from the new big girl, just my opinion of cause.
  8. Aurora refit

    Yes I would say the new cabins will be in the places the hildrens club was, when the did that on Oriana they did not use all the aft space, you could still sit out from level 8 upwards, why do you say Aurora will be next, could be Oceana nothing benn said about her for a long time, or am I just out of date?
  9. New from P&O

    It does all come back to tips, which I for one are fed up with, I pay mine for service, having said that, I do know there is a waiting list of people who want to work on cruise ships, and once they get a contract want to keep it,so I don’t for one minute that most staff are very happy, once they get over the homesickness as I understand, that’s the thing that makes most staff unhappy.
  10. Security at Southampton

    I am very surprised the security at Southampton always seems very good, we have never had a problem, I have seen people having to turn out bags they are carrying I do think that journalists work on a way to get the story they want so as undercover newspaper people would work hard to find a loophole
  11. Gratuities

    I don’t see it makes any difference, because they know you will tip for good service, or not for bad service, you also have the questionnaire which determines how much of the tips they have, but do we know this is being done or the letters to say you have opted out and to reconsider. we were on Ventura three weeks ago, and did not see any letter, or pressure put on passengers to pay auto gratuity I would just do what you normally do
  12. Ventura cabins

    We were in B246 three. Weeks ago so higher deck, but a great location using the lifts by the theartre they are not so busy we like that position on any ship so would be our choice you have plenty of storage space and have never found you get any extra rock and roll in rough seas have a great holiday
  13. I also have seen it like this the shuttle bus took a long time to get in, it was very hot, so we came back to ship, I think my other half and I had a few words, as you I
  14. Hi

    Nice to welcome a new member Hope you enjoy the forum
  15. P&O have done it again!!!

    Booking well ahead as we do it’s the risk you take that things, ports, etc will change, we booked the Ventura over a year befor the cruise, not knowing it would be a strictly come dancing themed cruise, when we found out didn’t think that much about it, but it did make a difference, the whole theam changed the cruise not for the better for our taste and did spoil it for us, having to get tickets for the theartre and in lots of other ways, I won’t go into, my personal opinion. I wish the cruise company’s would be more transparent about plans I know they sometime come up last minute but all things take planning and can’t be done at the last minute