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  1. Jenjen

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    I was given mine over 30years ago seems amazing that we were given them with our wages! When they were not worth so much, but like you adds OBC It was when they became Carnival share the value went up so much,
  2. Jenjen

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    After Spanish flu we had a big, big stock market crash Anybody could play the long game, seeing a investment rise, even up a lot, than could go bang. I for one could not risk that. my. Biggest hope me and mine come out this alive, if my holiday is the back garden with something to eat and a bit of sunshine so be it. to all, stay safe, stay well. nice to share thoughts
  3. Jenjen

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Today don’t think it’s a good time to play the stock market if we come out of this time money is going to be short, prices sky high, our Government has not got the money for all the bailout projects only my humble opinion of causes
  4. Jenjen


    What the stock pillars are going to do with all this toilet paper I don’t know I think it’s disgraceful
  5. Jenjen

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    I can not see any cruise sailing in May, it would have no ports open, hang on Sinbad it will turn out ok I’m sure. It’s the uncertain aspect that causes the most stress
  6. Jenjen

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Not a bad idea, better than loo rolls
  7. The email today that Cunard and P&O would sail back to Southampton empty, and suspend cruises until April 11 th ? with no med ports to dock at I did wonder what would happen and not just the Med, Norway the Baltic the world is getting smaller As I said in my last post, I could not cope being confined to my cabin, nor not being to dock at ports. this will have a effect on all cruise lines sadly
  8. Jenjen

    Diamond princess

    Sorry Sinbad I am not being snug, we should have been going on P and O Dubai to Malta on 17th March gutted that the cruise was cancelled because of Iran problems since then not found anything to replace it, which is why not booked for this year, however now I am pleased, thought the forum would think I was overreacting like many have cruised for years, never thought about ships being quarantined I could not cope, well done to those who could.
  9. Jenjen

    Diamond princess

    Now another Princess cruise on lock down, this must impact on booking, If fact the cruise industry in today’s papers all sorts of inducements to book and we have post or emails every day. Sorry still not going to book, I could not cope. With situation of not being able to leave our cabin/stateroom I am sure lots of you wil think how silly we are, but that’s how it goes
  10. Jenjen

    Diamond princess

    I am not putting the blame on anybody, I am saying the situation is very worrisome and how would it impact me and my family If it was my mother and father involved, I would be out of mind with worry, on the other hand if it was us, our children, and grandchildren would be worried. I feel so sorry for all involved.not something you can do anything about. It must have had an impact on the cruise industry because I have never had so much post, with offers, and emails with offers, not booking at the moment
  11. Jenjen

    Diamond princess

    I think the situation is terrible when I see the son of David Abel who is worried to death about his mother and father He is unable to fly out to support them and what about travel insurance? If you were taken I’ll they would fly you home! In this situation that’s not possible because it’s a quarantine situation. have to say it’s made me think twice about far away fly cruise, I am sure a lot of you will think I’m over reacting and it’s just my opinion
  12. Jenjen

    Diamond princess

    Poor Abel family, What a dark place that family must be in. David and his wife now taken to hospital they must wonder when they will ever get home I fail to understand why the foreign office have not been in touch with the UK passengers and some sort of plan put in place, just shows you can’t depend on anybody, apart from your family, who have there hands tied, with no communication from anybody. Think it’s a revelation what can happen. My heart goes out to them
  13. Jenjen

    Diamond princess

    How will Princess cruise get over the problems with the Diamond Princess with all passengers being in quarantine must be like being in prison, no cabin service, meal left outside your door, yes I understand the need, but when passengers disembark will the air con units be well. cleaned, etc,etc I would not like to sail on her anytime soon Hope this does not sound selfish because my heart goes out to those on board, I would hate it, they don’t even know when they will get home. makes you think, just my opinion Good luck to all those in quarantine
  14. Jenjen


    Taking this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the forum members, have a good one, all health and happiness in 2020
  15. Jenjen

    Where is everyone

    I did not want to start the same thread It has gone very short of posts is everybody getting ready for Christmas? Without sounding smug I have the tree up, finished present buying, but not wrapped nor have I done the cards. hope all are well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year