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  1. Jenjen


    Taking this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the forum members, have a good one, all health and happiness in 2020
  2. Jenjen

    Where is everyone

    I did not want to start the same thread It has gone very short of posts is everybody getting ready for Christmas? Without sounding smug I have the tree up, finished present buying, but not wrapped nor have I done the cards. hope all are well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  3. Jenjen


    Good morning HLM, from the chats we had with other passengers yes I would say others are buying less, because they thought the prices were a ripoff! Nobody mind paying a bit extra your on holiday, but being that much overcharged is another thing not that your short of money that’s not the issue.
  4. Jenjen


    No this was not a double, it was single and then the mixer it is 15% service. Last time on Cunard a spirit was the price and the mixer was free, in a jug. All I am saying is anything bought on board is expensive, so if anybody is doing a cruise with Cunard know to expect to pay high prices, this was the main topic of conversation from fellow passengers.
  5. Jenjen


    Having not been on Cunard Queen Victoria for three years, I was looking forward to this cruise, we went on P&O in June this year so feel with up to date memories It pains me say the prices on Cunard for drinks are quite frankly ridiculous two single measure spirits plus a mixer £26 bottle of wine £40 the shops were o erpriced. The ship is still magnificent all areas clean I don’t think the service is as good as it was I feel very sad about this as a long standing devoted Cunard passenger Just my opinion, and experience
  6. Jenjen

    Arcadia Funnel soot

    Two years ago, I got covered in black soot on white linen trousers and white T shirt. I went to reception to complain they said they would wash them, which they did, when we got home I put them in the wash, they fell to bits. I was not alone in getting covered in soot lots of other said they had but nobody else got Pand O to wash the stained cloths.
  7. Jenjen

    Where is everyone

    So sorry to Davybe that your unwell, think that maybe putting it mildly? We are off on Wednesday on the Queen Vic, not been on Cunard for two years, will be nice to see our favourite ship, nice to see some sun as well, after rain and more rain. Yes PP it has gone A bit silent on here Hope all the forum regulars are well
  8. Jenjen

    Thomas Cook

    How low can they go as if people don’t have enough to worry about.
  9. Jenjen

    Jordan Visa Requirements

    As I understood the stamp enty and exit was the visa, that is what we were told, we did not have to pay
  10. Jenjen

    Thomas Cook

    How my heart goes out to people who are on holiday with Thomas cook I would like to bet they are not very well informed the reps have lost there jobs so would not be on hand to reassure you, the hotels want payment for your stay, although you have paid weeks ago at home I think most of us at some time have booked with Thomas Cook
  11. Jenjen

    Jordan Visa Requirements

    Our visit was about three years ago, time goes by so quickly it may have been four years! we did do this as land base holiday I think it would be more difficult from a cruise, but that isonly my impression a word of warning, so much begging, from some not very nice people, aggressive, if you ignore them they spit at you, that was our experence anyway
  12. Jenjen

    Jordan Visa Requirements

    We went to Jordan from Taba in Egypt, we had Togo to the border, and get a visa, which was free, did The Pink city, in Petra, on return to go back into Taba, our visa was cancelled.
  13. Jenjen

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    Love Lisbon, so easy to walk into the centre, quicker than the shuttle bus, as lots of heavy traffic just walk along the road by the terminal, then cross over into the square. very good for shoe shopping! Have a great time.
  14. Jenjen


    Well done from me too
  15. Have a lovely time Mitch, I am so glad you are able to get back to going on cruises and the warm sun will help your health