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  1. I use a debit card, so avoid the credit card extra charge, so now we will all have to pay a booking fee, or some other extra cost, All will pay one way or another, so looks like bad news all round.
  2. I have a large plastic box with lid I keep in the suit case , 1st aid kit, sewing Kit, little touch, travel clock, washing capsules, (in a soap box) plastic bags, screw driver, for mending glasses arms, note book with phone numbers, passport details credit card numbers and the phone numbers for the reporting of lost or stolen to this box I add chargers and having bought a pack of coat hangers from the pound shop. That works for me/us
  3. Country girl when are you sailing in May? Because we have one booked for the Med in May.
  4. It all depends how much you all drink, for us it would not be worth the money, I have seen people have brandy with breakfast to get there money's worth, if as you say 6 people in your group that's a .lot of money unless you all drink quite a lot, this is not judgemental just a fact. Happy holiday
  5. The waiting list is for anybody in a three birth cabin to cancel you would then be offered that cabin, so could be short notice, you maybe better looking at another cruise line.
  6. We have three cruises booked for 2018 on ships we know and by and large ports we know, Having said that we have booked the new year cruise I have never done this before . From what friends tell me it is formal four nights, I don't have a problem with that, unless it's not then I could have the wrong things, would love to hear from others who have done this short festive cruise
  7. I think you said once Davybe that your wife was unwell, so can understand that the N/V was rampant on board could be a problem but after a deep clean, a little delay in embarking is a small price to pay, and I'm sure you will all be looked after in the terminal I for one thought the idea of taking antibacterial wipes on a cruise was silly when I read a post from somebody but maybe not such a silly idea, for things like the telephone and cord light switches etc
  8. I am sure all will be well, and you will have a wonderful time, just keep washing your hands and avoid the dirty people who don't wash there hands. it is good you know the ship is having a good deep clean, other cruise line would not you, so good for P and O
  9. What a nice thread Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, very happy cruising, and finding your ideal destination on your favourite ship.
  10. I think it's down to yourselves what you want, every cruise you will find that some people rave about a cruise line or ship, while on the same cruise other people find so many faults you. Do wonder if they were all on the same cruise. A holiday is what you make of it, be open minded and enjoy, don't read other people reviews of negative experiences. Every cruise is a holiday to be enjoyed, in my opinion
  11. Like the others I have not seen or heard anything about on board spending.
  12. Poor you, but did you know you can have opted for not being upgraded or changed, look at your booking, you may have put a cross in not accepting a upgrade, so are able to add weight to your complaint best of luck
  13. Well said Mich all the stuff you have to pack for your cruise why bog yourself down with bottles of drink. I like you can't understand it. when we want a pre dinner drink then we go to the bar, post show crows nest.
  14. Has it been taken into account, the people booked on the 50 night cruise, could have had a terrible time in the middle of the sea with the ships engines not working! P and O have booked the ship in to get this work undertaken, not just for the fun of it to hack passengers off, and the passengers booked on that cruise will be able to book one of the 12 Day cruises maybe even first befor they went on general sale. Weldone to those who got a good deal
  15. If this cruise is cancelled which was a 50 night cruise, and the plan to take the ship for 3 week refit which is 21 or 22 nights they must put a cruise on 26 nights, or will they do a much more intensive refit?