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  1. Jenjen

    Jordan Visa Requirements

    We went to Jordan from Taba in Egypt, we had Togo to the border, and get a visa, which was free, did The Pink city, in Petra, on return to go back into Taba, our visa was cancelled.
  2. Jenjen

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    Love Lisbon, so easy to walk into the centre, quicker than the shuttle bus, as lots of heavy traffic just walk along the road by the terminal, then cross over into the square. very good for shoe shopping! Have a great time.
  3. Jenjen


    Well done from me too
  4. Have a lovely time Mitch, I am so glad you are able to get back to going on cruises and the warm sun will help your health
  5. Jenjen

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    Oh dear, I can see your point, yes our cruise in June on Aurora I was uncomfortable with the amounts of deaths, and hospitalion that went on. some passengers from embarkation hall looked unwell, I wonder then if some should be going away. only my opinion as usual, and have sympathy with people who suffer chronic illness
  6. Jenjen

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Yes it’s only P&O who taken the action to stop the sailings! On Ocena being out in Dubai
  7. Jenjen

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    I don’t know what to think, having the FO advice not to enter the gulf and the navy saying that they don’t enough ships to protect shipping the insurance would be difficult for the cruise lines. the advice my Dad used to give me was when in doubt do nought so that’s what we are doing for now
  8. Jenjen

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Just looked at the repositioning from Malta to Dubai in October 20 as I wanted to do Suez however it has gone up by over £1000 each ! funny
  9. Jenjen

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Not offered another cruise, only if we book the same cruise for 20/21 we can have 10% off, big deal and will it be cancelled again or will we just watch to see what the situation is! not sure still. Gutted! We can understand why nobody goes into a unsafe situation it’s only a holiday after all
  10. Jenjen

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    So one year on having all booked, just had an email from P&O because of the problems with Iran our cruise is off Orina not. Going to be based in Dubai they are looking for coming up with a new programme for her, so disappointed ☹️ I have to say better safe than in trouble
  11. Jenjen

    Britannia Fight Night?

    OMG thank goodness never seen fights, have seen the odd domestc row between a couple but never a fight, have heard tails like a couple of husbands in the laundrette and two ladies over a washing machine. I did see one of injured was a crew member I have just seen that the couple who were arrested have been released
  12. Jenjen

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Because P&O have gone up so much for next year we have been looking at Azamara, they come out good value because it includes every thing, glad we booked Dubai last year for next March, perhaps the fly cruises are better value but we like sailing from Southampton and back however not at the cost of another cruise. Just my opinion as usual
  13. Jenjen

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    I do so agree we went on the Aurora in June, the price went up by £500 each, but the same cruise next year has gone up by £1200 each think that is because the grants have come off, just my opinion as usual
  14. Jenjen

    Canaries in Early December

    Aurora is a lovely ship, great crew, good atmosphere we were on her in June From experence the weather in your ports should be good warm sunshine calm seas, but sailing from Southampton could be cold and bit choppy at best, we had very choppy waters when we did it a few years ago. Enjoy your cruise
  15. Jenjen

    Just back off the Aurora

    Maybe from the last cruise Aurora did, because the crew were going off sick as well as many passengers, also 3 deaths, that we know off so could be more. think it’s just one of things, I don’t know the cause, we are just making educated guess.