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  1. No one is going to judge you if you don't tip. We remove the tip option from our account and pay individually to the cabin steward and the serving staff.
  2. mehravs

    Afternoon Tea On Cruise Ships

    Oceana definitely do afternoon tea. I was on Oceana earlier this year.
  3. As we book according to itinerary and price, the size of the ship does not feature in our decision making. However, I have not had a chance to travel in a large ship (2000+) so I cannot comment.
  4. mehravs

    P&O Policy reagrding taking alcohol on board

    None of these restrictions will affect us as we don't drink in our cabin and we always dress for the occasion- smart casual or formal. I must say that I prefer smart casual to formal. Anyone who wishes to dress in a tee shirt with a message, always has an option to go on a package holiday to Benidorm.
  5. mehravs

    Atlantic crossing

    What do the experienced cruisers think about crossing the Atlantic Ocean on smaller ships such as Marco Polo, etc? Are they as smooth as bigger ships carrying 2,000 or more passengers?
  6. I prefer mid size ships to smaller ships as they have more restaurants, theatres, activities, bars, decks, etc. One thing I would like to know is that in very rough seas, is it better to be on a big, medium or small ship?
  7. Why not have both options? I like the idea of late dining with the same people everyday without having to queue. The idea of freedom dining is good especially if you cannot get along with the other people on your designated table. We have never had problems with people on our table.
  8. mehravs

    Sunbed wars are raging

    So many holidaymakers these days completely ignore any written rules posted by the tour operator or the cruise company. It is rather difficult to enforce because the staff cannot argue with the customers.
  9. Not having Tea and Coffee making facilities in the cabin may be an inconvenience but it is not enough to make me stop cruising with P&O. We take our own speciality teas and make our own tea in the buffett with their hot water and mugs.
  10. mehravs

    Sunbed wars are raging

    It will save a lot of aggravation and ill feeling amongst the passengers if the Cruise Line could have a policy on this issue and display posters clarifying it, all over the sun decks.
  11. mehravs


    We do exactly that.
  12. mehravs

    Afternoon Tea On Cruise Ships

    We were on Oceana, early this year, and they did afternoon teas in the Adriatic restaurant.
  13. mehravs

    Are you Brand Loyal ?

    On our last cruise, across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and USA, we were surprised that how many passengers were loyal to P&O. We couldn't understand that at all. We have cruised with three different cruise lines and find that the differences are not significant enough to persuade us to favour one over the other. We choose the itinerary and the price first. The cruise line is secondary.
  14. I am not too bothered about formal nights and am quite happy with smart casual. However, what I enjoy more is the dining experience in the dining rooms. Five course meals served individually, wine poured by the wine waiter and interesting conversation with fellow passengars is worth more to me than formal attire.
  15. mehravs

    Am I wasting my money on a drinks package?

    I found that we were lucky that we had a free drinks package on our first cruise which was with Celebrity Cruises, as the drinks were expensive. We could have wines, cocktails, spirits, soft drinks and speciality coffees and teas. With this in mind, we bought a drinks package for our second cruise which was with Cruise & Maritime. We regreted that because the drinks were reasonably priced. We found ourselves drinking, when normally we wouldn't have, simply to get our money's worth. At the end of the cruise we just broke even. The package would have suited hard drinkers. We have just returned from a P&O cruise. They did not have a drinks package, like the other two. They had a wine package for meal times. We bought that and it was worth it. All other drinks were quite reasonably priced similar to average pub prices. That is the extent of my cruising experience.