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  1. I had hysterics when I followed my mother into the dining room on the first formal night at sea only to realise she was still wearing her slippers
  2. So what's on your christmas list ?
  3. Jerry

    Food/drink Usually Consummed At Xmas You Dislike

    I have never liked carrots, so i avoid them like the plague at christmas time or any other time for that matter ...the devils food !!
  4. Jerry

    Is There Anything You Miss?

    Kebab meat & chips ...sorry but I do !!!!
  5. Jerry

    Favourite Beach?

    Just got back from the beautiful island of Rhodes, staying in Lindos, The beach there was so clean and the sea - you could walk out for miles (slight exaggeration) and it still wouldnt reach your armpits - simply idyllic
  6. I have to agree with firecracker, I was sat quietly on the balcony one afternoon when I heard a very interesting conversation from two teenagers in the above cabin discussing the 'talent' onboard ship ... made my ears bleed ....lol
  7. Jerry

    Formal Evenings Mini Dress Code

    My partner who was a first time cruiser had never worn a dinner suit before, he preferred to be casually dressed but did however make the effort. He said he felt very uncomfortable when we were getting ready in the cabin but when we mingled at the captains party and he saw many other gentlemen in their finery (looking really suave I might add) he suddenly enjoyed wearing it and looked forward to the next formal night... men eh !!!!
  8. Jerry

    Only One Problem

    The one thing I cant abide on cruises is seeing people coming from the buffet table with food piled high on their plate just to waste at least half of it. Whats wrong with getting just enough and going back for more if they are still hungry.... eyes bigger than their belly methinks !!!!
  9. Jerry

    Caribbean With P&o

    I went to the Caribbean on the Ventura for New Year 2012, dont know if we were very unforturnate but the weather was really bad, only 4 days out of 14 did we see the sun, the rest it rained and I dont mean a light drizzle... it bucketed down !!!
  10. Jerry

    Where's Everybody Going?

    I went on the Ventura in June for a week sailing from venice which was absolutely amazing but I like my land holidays also so just booked to go to Lindos, Rhodes in October. Has anyone been ? Can you recommend any good reasonably priced restaurants ?
  11. Jerry

    Teachers' Strike

    Selfishly i know, but I find that when the children are off school, i get to work much quicker ...
  12. Jerry

    Disappointing Ports Of Call

    I have always wanted to go to santarini cruiseprincess2000 but i cant stand any cruelty to animals, slightly put off now
  13. Jerry

    F1 Weekend At Silverstone

    I have to agree with you J-Dog this season has been very exciting so far, but i have to say im a little disappointed that there wont be the same roar of the engines as they whizz by to make the old adrenaline pump...
  14. Really looking forward to Silverstone this year as we are hiring a motorhome for the 4 days .. come on Hamilton. Anyone else staying ?
  15. Jerry

    Smoking On Balconies?

    Im glad P&O changed their policy, there is nothing worse than sitting on your balcony and smoke wafts across from next door, or below, or above cabins