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  1. davep


    Very much appreciate all the posts in answer to my query. We will apply ourselves for the Ausrtalian Visa and will try applying for the other two by post. Once again many thanks. DaveP
  2. davep


    Hi all My wife & I(not the royal) intend to travel to Australia next year to join P&o Arcadia for part of her world tour. We need Visa s for Oz India and China. Vietnam & Cambodia are obtained on board. Has any one applied for their own visa s and if so is it complicated. I understand a company recommended by P&O will do it but will charge in the region of £300 for the applications.
  3. davep

    Loud Music

    Have just returned from a lovely cruise around the Caribbean on Ventura. I have to say that P&O have everything worked out perfectly except for the entertainment. The resident troupe "The Head Liners" were a dead loss, and appear to try and compensate for a poor performance by putting up the volume on their pre recorded songs and music, to such a level as to be almost deafening.The Chapman brothers were billed as putting on a show of blues and soul. The opening number was so loud that people in the audience were surprised, and after the next song started audience members including my self walked out and we were assailed by the sounds as far as the main Atrium. Does any body else find the volume too high?