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  1. So having just experienced the pleasure of winter sun briefly in the Caribbean on the 1st leg of P&O's Arcadia we decided to look at Caribbean cruises in early 2018 & found the Thomson Discovery 2 had 3 x 1 week cruises that started & finished at same place but had different itineraries. Bolsover don't deal with Thomson- now know why!!!! - so went online & tried to make the 3 cruises into 1 cruise - no way would system let me me. Contacted Thomson directly & over the course of 10 days the request kept getting escalated because all they could offer was 14 days & a 7 day cruise - you would think that's ok except they expected us to pay for 4 sets of flight supplements even though we would only be using 2!!!!! This went all the way to head office & they wouldn't budge. Needless to say they didn't get our business & we have now booked a great deal with P&O via Bolsover - albeit only 14 days.
  2. Cheers shilly3191- I take it you have used them?
  3. Hi Thanks for those quick responses Anyone got access to the dollar based onboard excursion prices ?
  4. Hi With the current exchange rate is there an advantage in booking Celebrity shore excursions onboard rather than online ? Leighb