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  1. malsville

    Cunard and Liverpool.

    We were on the 175th and embarked at Liverpool. Much as it hurts to say it, it wasn't very good. There had been mutters as to why it was limited boarding there compared to Southampton and it quickly became obvious that Cunard had got it right-they couldn't cope. Wish Cunard would sail from there but not without a lot bigger terminal
  2. malsville

    P&O 2017 Cruises A price increase why?

    It isn't just P&O. The not yet released Cunard 2018 has just gone up £600 on a cruise we fancied
  3. malsville

    Crossing to New York in November on QM2

    It's a great time of the year to cross as you can experience the Atlantic how it should be, totally unpredictable. We do it every year in November and have had everything from totally glorious rough seas to mellow sunshine. Do it and enjoy it, you won't regret it