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  1. Hi All We have booked on this cruise. We have never been to the Caribbean so are looking for the top 'must do's' in the ports we visit: 10 Dec Barbados 12 Dec Antigua 13 Dec St. Kitts 14 Dec St. Maarten 15 Dec Tortola 17 Dec Catalina Island 19 Dec Montego 19 Dec Montego Bay 20 Dec Grand Cayman 23 Dec New Orleans 26 Dec Key West - USA 27 Dec Port Everglades 28 Dec Port Canaveral for Orlando 31 Dec San Juan 01 Jan St. Thomas 03 Jan Dominica 04 Jan St. Lucia 05 Jan Grenada 06 Jan Barbados Many thanks
  2. richardh

    Azura - Caribbean December/Jan 16/17

    Thanks PopsiB
  3. richardh

    Azura - Caribbean December/Jan 16/17

    Really appreciate that list. Which are walkable from the ship and which require more effort?
  4. richardh

    Dining On The Auzura

    Completely with you on this - I love formal nights but semi-formal just feels like I am going to work!
  5. richardh

    Ship's Photographers!

    We have never bought a photo and politely decline. I think they have a very tough job but hey at least they are earning a crust and if the photos sold keep them in employment and our overall cruise costs down I can live with that.
  6. richardh

    Stopping Semi Formal Nights On All P And O Ships

    I think the benefit Mr Ahoythere is that we can all choose. If I want to go to dinner in a nice shirt and trousers but leave my jacket at home - Great. Equally if you want to continue to wear a jacket - Great. Win Win. I think it is worryingly judgemental that you would be disappointed to have me next to you at dinner.
  7. We found Naples to be like many Italian cities. Fast and furious but oozing atmosphere.
  8. richardh

    Do P&o Get It Right

    We rate P&O. I think everyone could find some fault with something given the opportunity.
  9. richardh

    Stopping Semi Formal Nights On All P And O Ships

    Love the Black Tie but didn't like the semi-formal - I felt like I was 'going to work' in my suit!
  10. richardh

    Carnival Shareholder Benefits.

    Kicking myself slightly. Looked at Carnival shared last year and 100 would have cost around £2.2k. Last week they had rocketed to over 3k
  11. richardh

    Azura's New Livery

    Very excited. Booked the caribbean for 2016 yesterday. Not been on Azura before. Does anyone have details of the refit?
  12. Thought it would be full of old miserable people whinging about people like us who dared to bring children on a family friendly ship. Thankfully I was wrong. It was only half full.
  13. No way. Someone once summed the potential effects of a public lottery win up thus: 'Walk into your local and buy everyone a drink you are a flash b-td. Walk into your local and don't buy everyone a drink you are a tight b-td' LoseLose.
  14. richardh

    Which Port(S) Didn't Meet Your Expectations?

    Yes, in truth because we have kids and they were happy to stay on board in Livorno we didn't venture out. But yes trips are a must. Braved a walk around Naples and quite enjoyed the 'real' city feel but agree it is a mucky old dump.
  15. richardh

    Hotel & Car Parking

    Agree SR And also then whinge on about bar prices and tips....... I'll get my coat.
  16. richardh

    Do You Put Weight On While Cruising?

    I did on my first 2 because I was really run down and on a low ebb so just utterly enjoyed myself on food and red wine On my last, was as good as gold - every day in the gym, pool and less food. Red wine consumption remained high.
  17. richardh

    How Did You All Come Up With Your Screen Names?

    Because I have no imagination....
  18. richardh

    Ventura - Fabulous Holiday

    We too did 2 weeks on Ventura this year and thoroughly enjoyed the ship.
  19. richardh

    A Bigger Snob Than Me

    Our friends have done P&O, Cunard and Thomson. They still rate Thomson the highest for overall enjoyment of their holiday. I have yet to try them but after a week of faceaches last time we went on P&O I am sorely tempted.
  20. For me it is as fascinating a feat of engineering taking it apart as when a ship is launched. In the same way I have seen films of planes being scrapped and the manxman being taken apart in the north east. The loss of life was tragic but why shouldn't we see what have been an amazing achievement lifting the hulk and now moving onto the next stage.
  21. richardh

    Congratulations P&o Cruises

    We saw 4tunes in April. They were top notch entertainment yet there were still people in the audience who really looked like they didn't want to be there.
  22. richardh


    16 cruise ships emit the same pollution as all the cars in the world......where does that statistic come from?
  23. richardh


    Totally support this view. Many years ago I ran a pub. It was quite staggering that smokers at the bar thought it perfectly acceptable to blow their smoke in my face while I was serving customers. Just how would they have felt if I had spat in their beer. The answer was fairly easy. I banned smoking at the bar and in the eating area and had one designated area where their chosen pastime could not impact on those who didn't share their desire for inhaling smoke.
  24. richardh

    Pepsi Vs Coke - The New P&o Rant

    Don't drink either, stick to beer and wine.