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  1. thanks for review and Pictures loved Oceana which should be even better after refit....Davybe
  2. The ship has some very nice areas and others not that good but as it is already built and in service nothing is going to alter. Theatre seating not very good ,Balconies a bit small. Food OK Crows nest great, Epicurean very nice and not that expensive, plenty of seating on outside decks, and plenty of space and tables for two in the restaurants , I liked her but wife not that keen...Davybe
  3. Less likely to be on their phones all the time as the young ones are?? We have just booked a Cruise for Christmas and New Year on a Family ship, nice to see young children enjoying themselves...Davybe
  4. Hope we see an end to the huge amount of tray's full of half eaten food, littering the corridors ,not as if there is a shortage of eating places on any cruise ship....Davybe
  5. Keep checking the web site or Facebook page.just incase they miss notifying you. Celebrity have there updates on the front of their web page along with any itinerary changes, Key West is off the ports of call....Davybe
  6. I have had that problem in the past but not recently , ...Davybe
  7. Well last night's River Cruise was a bit disappointing for my money, And the prices she gave would not attract me to try one. The boat looked nice enough and the scenery very nice but overall nothing there to make me book....Davybe
  8. No real tip's as it was a few years ago we sailed on her, ,just check if you need to book any of the shows ? ...Davybe
  9. Amazing what they can get inside these ship's ,resort ships is the right title for them they may even become the destination ,for some rather than the ports. I did Navigator and enjoyed it but it was a bit big for us ,plenty to see and do ,but prefer something a bit quieter ,but did enjoy the Ice show and the theatre production's ...Davybe
  10. This is from P&O's web site. < Back Electronic cigarettes, including those which do not emit smoke, can be used in designated smoking areas only. Although we recognise that electronic cigarettes are not covered by the UK legislation we have taken the decision to prohibit their use in all public areas and cabins in the same way as real cigarettes for the benefit of all of our guests.
  11. We have friends who sat on some sunbeds on the Solstice deck on Eclipse ,they had been there for a while when this man came up telling them he was going to have those chairs, our friends looked around to see a near empty deck with a couple of chair's being used, the man was not to happy to be told where to go....Davybe
  12. A friend decided that he would negotiate an upgrade ,he got a Suite on Grandeur off the seas ,for a few hundred USD . They were really chuffed with there bargain until we hit the Fog bank's around Halifax , they were under the Fog horn which sounded every 15 minutes or so through the night ,4 nights with little sleep took the edge of the Bargain...Davybe
  13. Welcome to the forum Mitch As far as I am aware cruise lines treat E cig's /Vapours or such like just the same as regular Cigarettes ,you can use them in the designated smoking areas....Davybe
  14. Nice of RCI to do it ,,as in life we have to make some tough choices and the ship will only hold so many people. And I would be worried sick about my family ,pets well I would hope they were safe ...Davybe
  15. The ones we loved at did seem reasonably priced ,unlike The Celebrity cruise we have looked at ,...Dvybe