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  1. Davybe

    He Must be Mad

    Taken from another forum? https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kVLqM_1547737442 When the Village lets it idiot have a holiday? The Lad was lucky to live after this stupid stunt....Davybe
  2. Davybe

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    Worth reading this. https://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/news/uk-cruise-industry-growth-continues-and-brexit-advice-for-cruise-passengers/ Looks like the bubble is not going to burst anytime soon...Davybe
  3. Davybe

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    The older ships get recycled ,they seem to go down to the next cruise company often owned by the same group,Carnival ,RCI have many brands under their control. Then Companies high TUI buy up the older ships ,like Celebrities Century.? The More options and choices we have then we may get some better value for money cruises....Davybe
  4. Davybe

    Wheelchair travelling

    Welcome to the forum Patacake😀. It is sometime since we visited Rome,with my Nephew who was a wheelchair user but he could get on and off the coach by himself? but things may have changed and it may be worth asking the cruise line if they use coach companies that can accommodate you? In the UK Eavesway have coaches with a lift platform to get you on and off? At a lot greater cost you can hire a private tour (Try Google) and some ports have a wheelchair accessible Van to get you from ship into town. Either way hope you enjoy the cruise.....Davybe
  5. Looks like another port has decided that Cruisers are a Tax Cash Cow. It May Backfire as two cruise lines MSC and CMV have decided to drop Amsterdam from their current cruises as they gave short notice ? Cruise lines are pricing cruises up 2 years in advance so Tax Changes have an impact on their profits. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/news/how-new-tourist-taxes-are-targeting-cruise-passengers/.....Davybe
  6. Davybe

    Happy New Year.

    Not a bad idea that JenJen may see what's available next year-end maybe make it a family cruise....Davybe
  7. Davybe

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    We have just booked a cruise for the end of March, and talking with there agent ,I asked how were bookings going , her reply was " steady not as good as this time last year" We did have a look at "Ledger Coach Holidays" they make Cruising seem a very reasonable priced alternative....Davybe
  8. Davybe

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    The World Bubble has not yet burst, but will eventually? The Industry is looking at an overall growth of around 6% per annum. I have not found any evidence that the bookings are down for the UK market as yet? From a personal point of view prices are rising to fast ,and I have noticed that Celebrity are one way or another bringing their prices down ,all be only by small amounts, some cruise lines offering low deposits suggest they may be struggling to fill cabins.? It is true that land based holidays can now be better value for money, but then again 14 nights in the same spot has not got a great appeal to me, nice to see different place . My Daughter who has just started cruising thinks it's good value for money? new cruisers may find the prices OK us older cruisers think they are getting to dear....Davybe
  9. Davybe

    Happy New Year.

    Pleased you liked it. We did a Christmas /New year cruise last year on Ventura, not much I could say to recommend it, the highlight was Madeira and the Fireworks ,The rest especially the food I try and forget....Davybe
  10. Davybe

    Happy New Year.

    Just Watched your display on Youtube, Must be better to see it live.Are those the ships to the left of screen?
  11. Davybe

    Cruising on TV

    I must admit some of the resort /Mega ships have no appeal to me ,we both prefer something a bit less "in your face" ? Usually over breakfast we decide what Not to do that day? so much choice of activities on most ships, just having a quite rest and reading has a lot of appeal at times....Davybe
  12. Davybe

    Cruising on TV

    It is amazing what the yanks find entertaining ,The "belly flop " comp is still done on some cruises. May get to try Princess this next year, friends like them a lot...Davybe
  13. Davybe

    Cruising on TV

    Nice week this week for cruise ship fans, Wednesday Ch5 repeat of Documentary on the Mega ship Freedom of the seas, Worth watching on catch up to why the Captain is reluctant to e on TV, and how many Lobsters one guest eats? Thursday ITV1 Nice start to this 6 part series ,mainly about getting ready for the New year party. Friday Ch5 New Jane MacDonald series starts ,hope they are up to the usual standard....Davybe
  14. Davybe

    Tourist Tax in Venice.

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46721456 Cannot see it solving any problems ,but can see it raising a lot of revenue. Venice to charge visitors a daily tourist tax ,variable rates according to season, and will be added to Cruise prices or Hotel bill. Will it put you off....Davybe
  15. Davybe

    Happy New Year.

    Wishing all forum members and there families all the best for 2019. For those who did not watch the New year fireworks from a ship ,this is what they saw in Hong Kong