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  1. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    I wish? You still pay relatively less on the ship than you would on land for visiting a similar eatery . Rhodes was the best example we ate in there for &£15 plus wine, but was told by friends that it would cost at least £50 to eat at his restaurant on land,(This was a few Years Ago) ....Davybe
  2. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    Adding another twist to this thread. When Celebrity first launched the "Solstice Class" ships they introduced the "Aqua Class" cabin whin in fairness had more and better facilities than a standard cabin, but the cabin were not in the best position on the ship, and over the years the price for aqua class rose faster than other cabin prices. The biggest thing that made Aqua class attractive was you dined in "Blu" small restaurant which a different menu than the MDR. People soon twigged that you could get a standard cabin in a great position ,and eat every night in one of the pay to eat dining rooms and have some change.....Davybe
  3. Davybe

    Drinks Package

    Just checked the "Captain Wine Package" and that has gone up from this time last year ,works out about £1-30 per bottle increase...Davybe
  4. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    And for $50 USD you can dine in Murano rated as one of the best restaurants Afloat . They also have some of the most expensive wines at sea....Davybe
  5. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    For those who have not been ,this would not be my choice of food ,but it gives you some idea as to what your £28 gets you, they do sometimes do special offers...Davybe
  6. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    Never paid anything like £105 in Epicurean or any other ships restaurant ,even with wine. I Quoted $35 not £35 as that was the charge given in the link.P&O have some nice wines in the £18 -.£25 range. The last time we dined in Epicurean it cost £28 pp = £56 and we got a free bottle of house white? . The Premium lines like Cunard and Celebrity you would now be lucky to find a decent bottle for $35US when you include the grats. We often buy the "Captains wine Package " which works out at around £19 per bottle.....Davybe
  7. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    We found the same on Britannia ,the food overall first class. Pondered on this last night people not wishing to pay $35 for meal but quite happy to pay that for a bottle of wine?.....Davybe
  8. Davybe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    We both find overall people who cruise are usually friendly types. Including some Southerners?😂. If we meet any single travellers we often tell them to join us if they wish, must be hard at times to fit in ...Davybe
  9. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    We find that our preferred first choice Cruise line Celebrity serve very good and consistently good food in the MDR, but we like to treat ourselves by try out one or two of the alternative restaurants . P&O sadly we have had the best food ever on one cruise (Arcadia ) and the worst food ever (Arcadia) which sums. up P&O food for me, you hope your going to get nice food but your never sure.Either way we will book another pay to eat venue for a treat and a change....Davybe
  10. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    Totally agree we ate in XVII the first year Azura was cruising, the food around the ship was pretty good ,but we enjoyed a very nice meal in XVII ,nothing like the MDR far better choice....Davybe
  11. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    Thanks I remember it now, I have to be careful which type of food these places serve my wife cannot eat certain types of food....Davybe
  12. Davybe

    Speciality Restaurants

    Which ship was the Orchid on?...davybe
  13. Davybe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    Expensive ,poor quality food, Sandwich slices of Turkey for Christmas diner.overall food and service on Ventura not very good at all. I have low expectation when we book P&O but in the main enjoy their product, but paying more for a poor experience, never again....Davybe
  14. Davybe

    Well Done Bolsover

    Well done Team Bolsover....Davybe
  15. Davybe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    Welcome to the Forum 😁 Will never do another Christmas cruise ?....Davybe