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  1. First time cruisers

    Welcome to the forum Happy Wanderer. We booked a Tour through Celebrity in Venice,which included a Gondola ride and a visit to a Glass factory .Buying a ride on a Gondola would have cost more?They will drop you off in the town centre ,and you can use the shuttle service, back to the ship.If you share a taxi in other ports you can get some good tours privately. Aqua Class, well you get to eat in Blu which is very nice ,open dining ,and very good food and service, plus a few other extras, like Water every day Us of certain spa areas (Free0.Having said that the food in the MDR is very good ? All Drinks are expensive on Celebrity ,wait till to get on the ship and work it out for yourself,Just check you have not got a Package with. your cruise. Internet speed usually quite fast on Celebrity but not cheap , they sell packages, which may save you money. You may think about pricing up a cruise for next year and then check whilst on the ship how prices and befits work out....Davybe
  2. One booked in April, and another in Sept, one booked ages ago and one booked about 11 weeks before departure.....Davybe
  3. Advance Boarding for cruise ships

    Ar the time we arrive at the port is determined by the Coach company ,there is little point in paying to board early, most passengers have been loaded when we get there.....Davybe
  4. Internet speed inquiry

    I tried the Pay as you go Internet on P&O and found it useless ,go far better speed using free connection's in the ports we visited.Unless you get the dearest package which may be better. On Celebrity we are entitled to some free Internet which is very good no problems regarding speed....Davybe
  5. What has happened to the Forum

    Thanks for that just found it?...Davybe
  6. What has happened to the Forum

    The Like button has disappeared ....Davybe
  7. P&O New Winter 2019-20

    I agree,I found the extra OBC very nice to have, plus you get a choice of Cabin's....Davybe
  8. Early booking tactics?

    I think you may be right.P&O did a similar thing last year Hiked the price but upped the benefits ,the headline read "Extra OBC " but the cover their cost by increasing the cruise price....Davybe
  9. The schools get sued if the kids fall or slip ,never heard of anyone suing for a sledging accident on a hill? The Decision to close the school is not always taken by the school, the education authority /council can close them. My Grandson's school was closed due to the transport providers not being able to guarantee getting to and from the school. My Niece makes me laugh, she as a teacher loves the snow days, she like others goes out sledging with her kids...Davybe
  10. Poor customer service

    It makes me wonder what some people expect, they get given an extra on what they booked and are still not happy? I like strictly but having seen a ballroom show on an American line ,I left the theatre after a few minutes not for me ,but yet I enjoy watching the people dance on ships and enjoy the music.Just go with the flow watching is not compulsory ....Davybe
  11. One big difference I find between P&O and Celebrity, is the way they deal with complaints or problem's, Celebrity seem to deal with the issues quickly and if hey feel some sort of compensation ,it get offered, P&O seem to just shrug their shoulders and take their time resolving the problem , Even a flooding toilet will not be dealt with speedily . Complain about the food get no response at all, you may get an offer to change the meal, if your lucky.....Davybe
  12. I never use the internet on P&O tried it once poor and expensive would sum it up. Sadly single passengers are overcharged by most cruise lines ,but you knew the price when you book it?? You get moaners on every cruise, and P&O give them plenty to moan about, poor food, miserable staff, officers rarely making eye contact.You often find the moaners ,have booked another cruise on the ship they are moaning about. I prefer Celebrity to P&O but they have limited sailing from the UK ,and are considerably dearer.but they still have the moaners? I quite enjoy the moaners who provide me with hours of entertainment....Davybe
  13. Duty Free

    People only seem to see those magic words, "Duty and Tax Free' or "Sale' and they rush to buy not checking the prices, they may be Tax and Duty Free but they are certainly Profit free?? We were on Eclipse and overheard this American in the Watch shop looking at a very expensive watch,the sales person saying It was Tax and Duty free and he would be saving loads if he bought it on the ship.The Man pointed out he could buy the same watch in Texas about $3000 cheaper than on the ship,showing him a screen shot, needless to say the ship could not price match....Davybe
  14. Hand Gel

    We were on Oceana. a few years ago when they had a bad outbreak of NV, Buffet closed usual precaution's in place, Sat in Cafe Jardine having lunch when this group entered from the rear of the place, the head waiter asked then ."Could you use the Gel please " Nasty old man shouts top of his voice"Were Goldies you know" which must give you some sort of protection from the Virus,it drew some not very nice comments from other diners....Davybe
  15. P&O New Winter 2019-20

    Nor me, will be looking at and possibly booking a cruise for 2019 when we next sail on Celebrity in Sept.Will be booking on the ship to get the extra benefits....Davybe