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  1. Davybe

    Trying it on??

    We do not tick the upgrade option with P&O a bit to risky ? Never been offered one on any cruise line 😪But have had better than basic when we have booked on a Guaranteed cabin basis. I was told that one cruiser regularly booked a cheapest inside he could the demand an upgrade, if he did not get it he would Camp out overnight on a chair or sofa near reception , his plan worked a couple of times but he eventually got told "If you still sleeping here when we get into port we will put you off the ship" .When we sailed from Miami we often heard the Americans trying for free upgrades ,one friend often asks to pay for an upgrade then negotiates a price....Davybe
  2. Davybe

    P & O going down hill

    We found the same with Celebrity always off before time.Even the coach drivers tell the same tale P&O the worst one passengers always late...Davybe
  3. Davybe

    Cunard Christmas Canaries Cruise

    We did a Christmas cruise on Ventura,and the highlight was Madeira get of the ship and see the way they decorated the town to celebrate Christmas,Christmas day was a sea day ,whilst the ship is decorated as yours will be ,we did not enjoy it.mainly there was a lot of sickness , Flue and NV which curtailed things . Dancing Queen is the one who would tell you what to expect on Cunard....Davybe
  4. Davybe

    Steward Standards

    We are happy enough with the cleaning on the cruises we have been on, never needed to complain. We have complained about the service we got when the toilet went wrong ,and flooded the bathroom. "we will clean it up sir" he could have bet his life we were not going to clean it up....Davybe
  5. Davybe

    P & O going down hill

    We have seen lots of customs officers searching bags on our last few cruises, the "Baccy smugglers " must be getting frustrated? Our last cruise on Azura we were on time but us and a few hundred more were held in a restaurant for over an hour past the predicted departure time, needless to say people were getting restless and short tempered ,they then let us all out at the same time,(They did try to control it) we just joined a very long queue to leave. We were over an hour late getting on the coach, and waited another hour or more as P&O had forgotten a wheelchair passenger who ended up really distressed at being left. spoiled a nice cruise....Davybe
  6. Davybe

    P & O going down hill

    We found Britania OK and the food overall very good. Why P&O are amongst the worst at getting passengers off the ship, they need to look at how others manage to do it,We are considering taking our own cases off next cruise ,just so we do not get so stressed out trying to get home....Davybe
  7. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1126780/cruise-ship-doctor-claustrophobic-cruises-cabin-bedroom-upgrade-holidays Have you ever tried to get an upgrade? Heard of people trying to upgrade for free over the years but never tried for one myself. Funniest I heard of was a man Demanding a cabin change as his Balcony was overlooked, he was told the ship was full ,but insisted they find him another cabin, even after being told that they could not throw people out of a cabin just for him. When the checked he had picked the cabin ,not been allocated it by P&O....Davybe
  8. Davybe

    Azura Better than expected.

    A Stock picture from the net? We did try it in the Caribbean ,bit loud for us but people seemed to like it...Davybe
  9. Davybe

    Cruiseville equivalent

    I cannot find one some Comparison sites ,but nothing that follows P&O prices....Davybe
  10. Davybe

    Jane back on Friday.

    For those who prefer o FlyCruise then this last weeks River cruise is worth looking at, ,She is doing a River cruise in India ,the boat looks old but in good condition, some interesting places were visited, and some places I would not like to go to? Part two is this Friday....Davybe
  11. Davybe

    Jane back on Friday.

    Would you think the cruise was wheelchair friendly....Davybe
  12. Davybe

    Room comparisons on P+O

    The balconies on Britannia are not very wide ,and with the full chairs it has only enough space for two people, there are some nice places to sit around the ship ,they have a nice little pool at the back of the ship .
  13. Davybe

    Azura Better than expected.

    Welcome to the forum Pies? 😁 Our Coach driver pointed out that Azura was general liked, but Ventura was like Marmite ,some loved it ,others hated it.And having sailed on both I much prefer Azura....Davybe
  14. Davybe

    Jane back on Friday.

    Watch it and see😉,easy to avoid it as it was right at the end , no idea what she sung...Davybe
  15. Davybe

    Jane back on Friday.

    That was my thought watching the program ,not a wheelchair friendly cruise by any means. Surprising as our health get worse how our choices get more limited....Davybe