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  1. Davybe

    Fake reviews ?

    Quite agree sometimes it is quite easy to spot the fake or grudge ones. One well known cruise review web site has some paid for reviews which pop up after a cruise line has a series of bad or critical reviews,But you need to know the cruises lines or ships they write about .Some Hotels pay for good reviews to get a good rating....Davybe
  2. Davybe

    Just Curious !!

    Hi DQ. In your case I would ask Bolsover if Cunard refer your onboard booking back to them? you would get extra OBC from Cunard ?....Davybe
  3. Davybe

    Fake reviews ?

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6197373/One-three-TripAdvisor-reviews-fake-claims-Fakespot-website.html This company recon 33% of reviews on Trip Advisor maybe fake? I have two friends in the hospitality business who have had had fake reviews written. about their businesses ,both have been asked for discounts from people ,with the threat of a bad review if they did not get some sort of discount.One even got a bad review from a man when the hotel was shut,Trip or Tripe Advisor seem to do very little to vet these reviews. Do you use these type of sites or like me prefer reading reviews on agents sites such as this one, or even forum recommendations ,a bit more trust worthy IMO....Davybe
  4. Davybe

    Packing why is it so stressful

    Funny how my wife manages to not pack enough stuff ,we end up on most cruises buying more shoes and a dress plus other bits. I always pack enough she tells me....Davbe
  5. Davybe

    Just Curious !!

    I do wonder why people book directly with the cruise lined they get anything extra? Booking on the ship will give you some benefits ,and referring it back to your agent can get you a further discount .If you are just shopping on line then why not get the best discount you can, even using a trusted agent will get you a bit off the price, much better the money in my account than theirs....Davybe
  6. Davybe

    Just Curious !!

    First heard of them on Oceana this couple were telling the table how much less they paid than everyone else?🤭Which turned out to be wrong? we all paid about the same. We then booked a couple of cruises with them after seeing offers in the "Mail on Sunday" and would use them again, but they are not our first choice of agent. Prefer a good reliable service rather than saving a few bob and getting a screwed up booking ,which has happened......Davybe
  7. Davybe

    Is Hybrid the way to go.

    Diesel has over the years proved the most efficient at moving heavy loads over long distances ,they will eventually find something that will replace a Diesel engine . My daughter runs a Diesel which is both quick and efficient ,she cover a lot of miles per year which would cost her more to do if she used a petrol car,No doubt we will see diesel taxed of the road.....Davybe
  8. Davybe

    Is Hybrid the way to go.

    From what bit I have read your right ,the newer diesel engines are a lot cleaner. Sadly the out of touch politicians have seen a bandwagon to jump on ,and now some manufactures are stopping production of diesel engines .....Davybe
  9. Davybe

    Passport change

    There is talk that we may need a Visa to visit the EU countries, same as we need for the USA and Canada. But like anything to do with the EU nothing has been sorted out.Sadly the need to punish us for leaving takes precedent over common sense.....Davybe
  10. Davybe

    Is Hybrid the way to go.

    Hi OWT. I believe it is the type of emissions that diesels produce ,not the amount that causes concern. Anything that is manufactured leaves a carbon footprint . The Car we are using does not need a charger, but recharges the battery when your on the move, you can see on the dash board which fuel it is using and when it is charging, for your average journey it uses both petrol and battery .No idea how they do it but it is very smooth, and efficient.How long will the battery last will be the big problem, and cost.But like most things they will become cheaper as time goes on. Remember the first mobiles ,a very short battery time before you recharged them, now look at todays mobiles/? Cars I suspect will go the same way.But as you said Petrol will be around for the foreseeable future,and for me the mixed fuel car would be a good option ....Davybe
  11. Davybe

    Is it me?

    I agree with you no common sense at all ,absolutely clueless some of these management trainees,I had to work for them it was like looking after a child at times, they knew all the buzz words and could endlessly sit a long meeting talking rubbish, and getting well paid for it. When it came down to getting something done they were never capable, but they were first in line to criticise when things went wrong.My Boss called the "Butterfly's" they flit from meeting to meeting achieving nothing.....Davybe
  12. Davybe

    Is Hybrid the way to go.

    We read more and more about the effects that traffic pollution. Diesel was the savour ,is now the demon. Petrol still pollutes but to a lesser degree,All Electric cars have a short milage limit, but may be good for City dwellers. So is a hybrid car the answer .I have at the moment got the use of a Hybrid car, whilst mine is getting repaired.The Fuel and performance figures are very good ,and the switch from Battery to Petrol or duel fuel is seamless ,with fuel consumption in the 70mpg, it varies with each journey . Come our next car change I would seriously consider a Hybrid Car ,the one I have at the moment is a Hyundai ,a bit big for my everyday use but a lovely car. Have got or would you consider a greener car....Davybe
  13. Davybe

    Is it me?

    I am told by friends still working that for some jobs they give the candidate a pen an paper, and ask them to write their CV by hand, to many CV's computer generated .We are relying on Computers to sort everything out for us.(Me Included) My daughterWho had had written some work for Uni got it ripped up ,as the lecturer had no time for hand written stuff, he needed it printed?.....Davybe
  14. Davybe

    Is it me?

    I presume the are afraid of setting their homes on fire, far to many iffy cables out there.....Davybe
  15. Davybe

    Is it me?

    The children today are taught differently to what we were 70 years ago, the nearest we had to a calculator was a slide rule/log tables.And we learnt our times tables. I am Number dyslexic as in I get the numbers I see in the wrong order ,but can work out bills and calculations in my head.My Grandson who was taught his Tables by his dad (A Teacher) is way ahead of his class mates, and surprises us all by getting the bill totalled up right in a restaurant ,He is 10? My Daughter went to a restaurant and the computers broke down ,the staff were flummoxed as to what to do, my daughter said "Pencil and Paper" take the order down to the kitchen ,took them ages to work out the bill ,they had no idea how to add it all up?....Davybe