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  1. Davybe

    Britannia Serenity Pool

    Found this on You tube
  2. Davybe

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    We were quite surprised how Lisbon had gone down over the years, our last visit March/April we saw rough sleepers, more shops closed and beggars, one getting really abusive when we would give her no money? sign of the times I guess....Davybe
  3. Davybe

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    As Sinbad says a short walk into the city centre , if P@O have shuttles on and your not getting them for free ,then look at a taxi ,we use taxis when we are with Celebrity as they are cheaper than the shuttle. The town centre to the ship can cost between 5.5e unto 8e depending on the traffic, plenty of shops in the new terminal building which takes you round the houses to get on and off the ship depending on where they berth....Davybe Stock picture of new terminal . This
  4. Davybe

    New to forum

    We found QE a very nice ship overall ,but as you say drink prices through the roof , but then again they are the same with the premium lines....Davybe
  5. Thanks for taking the time to write this fantastic revue ,I really did enjoy reading it....Davybe
  6. Davybe

    Britannia refit

    You may well get some good offer as they try to clear stock. Years ago you could buy some decent stuff at reasonable prices, but "Milking there cash cow" spot it IMO>.... davybe
  7. Davybe

    Britannia refit

    "Buyer beware "is always something to keep in mind, when shopping anywhere, mind you with the internet and a smart phone you can price check most things . I was looking at buying a Tablet (Apple) on a Celebrity ship they were happy to price check against any UK store, and they were cheaper.Sadly the other stuff was not cheaper than I could pay at home....Davybe
  8. https://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/news/po-cruises-britannia-refit/ Interesting that they are going for some "upmarket shops" with "upmarket prices " no doubt. Personally I have never found many Bargains on cruise ships ,and prices seem higher than ever ,mind you the last thing we booked a cruise for was to go shopping? Are you a cruise ship shopper....Davybe
  9. Davybe


    https://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/news/british-cruise-awards-2019-winners/ Welldone ,you will need a bigger trophy cabinet? ....Davybe
  10. Davybe

    Cruising from Liverpool?

    The Americans would IMO be the factor that decided if the Improved Liverpool would become a home port for one of their cruise lines, as others have said its the "Heritage Factor" that drives their international cruise market. I asked on Eclipse "why so many Russian cruises each year" ."Because there is a demand by the US market for that cruise?. The Americans look at travel somewhat differently than we do ,distance makes not much difference to them,So Manchester and touring the UK would not bother them, even going down to London for a few days ,Even flying into London ,touring then cruising out of Liverpool would not Bother them....Davybe
  11. Davybe

    Let the Train take the Strain?

    Me too train ,plane or liner I can sleep on a washing line. One of the reasons we go by coach to Southampton ....Davybe
  12. Davybe

    Cruising from Liverpool?

    Who would have though Dublin would become a Turnaround port,,and Liverpool has a good reputation as a day visit port very popular with American visitors....Davybe
  13. http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/341591/green-light-given-for-liverpool-cruise-terminal Eventually work will start on a new cruise terminal for Liverpool,and hopefully it will attract a couple of the bigger cruise lines to start their cruises from Liverpool? About an hours drive for us instead of a 6 hour journey to Southampton. Will you be sailing from the pool when the new terminal opens....Davybe
  14. Davybe

    Let the Train take the Strain?

    First part was mainly about the South African "Blue Train" must say it look a very nice way to see Africa ,bit Pricey but all inclusive ,including a trip to the Diamond mines. Worth caching up on ...Davybe
  15. Channel 5 8pm Friday just before the Cruise program . A 6 part series about the worlds most luxury trains . Never been on one but it does make me wonder if they are worth the money.Will watch with interest....Davybe