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  1. Davybe

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Thats similar rise that our Baltic Cruise we booked has gone up. We booked in April this year at £4164 now same grade cabin is showing at £5312 ,the difference will cover quite a few drinks and tours....Davybe
  2. Davybe

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    We sometimes do the same ,no guarantee but more often than not we have got decent price, you can get a late bargain, but having missed out on a cruise through waiting for the price to drop,I book when I am happy with the deal...Davybe
  3. Davybe

    The Retreat on Azura

    Looks a nice place ,picture taken from google search ...Davybe
  4. Davybe

    What a win

    Simon Taufel is Australian ,from that well known cricket cheating ,and sore losers nation.Hope we tonk them in the Ashes...Davybe
  5. Davybe

    What a win

    Bet some need new remotes after Sunday....Davybe
  6. Davybe

    The Retreat on Azura

    Welcome to the forum Thespian. P&O do not give any prices on the web site(That I can Find) but googling it it looks like you will have to pay around £170-£200 for using it for 14 days, but day passes are available on a first come basis. Hope you can get a better answer....Davybe
  7. Davybe

    Best Balcony For Arcadia World Cruise

    As Paul1924 says aft always good on lots of ships, the bigger the slope at the back the bigger the balcony will be?.....Davybe
  8. Davybe

    What a win

    Watched the Cricket yesterday ,and what a match it was .well done England great win . Must say with a few overs left I was convinced we had lost ,but with a bit of luck we won , Anyone else watch, or did Wimbledon grab you ?....Davybe
  9. Davybe

    Canaries in Early December

    Video of Aurora after refit ?
  10. Davybe

    Canaries in Early December

    Never been on Aurora, You may find they offer a good deal for dining in the speciality restaurant ,on the overnight stay in Madera ...Davybe
  11. Davybe

    Canaries in Early December

    We love Madera ,and I hope they have the Christmas lights up when you get there,some beautiful parks and gardens, we have been lucky that it has only rained once in around 10 visits ...Davybe
  12. Davybe

    Drinks Package

    Like you we do not bother with the Drinks packages ,we buy wine from the "Captains Package " for drinking with Diner and the rest we just buy as we need. It will be suitable for some people ,but not for us...Davybe
  13. Davybe

    Canaries in Early December

    Always a risk sailing through the BoB but you could be luck? We did a Christmas cruise on Ventura and the weather was not bad 22c in Madera New Years eve. the the sea was rough on the way back, we were late back into Southampton.The Ship had been damage on the cruise prior to ours due to very rough sea ,they said the Stabilisers were broken, and we had to limp back. As a couple we do not mind rough seas, but take Avomin tablets just in case...Davybe
  14. Davybe


    Reading yesterday that 2million people started Vaping last year, they may healthier than cigs ,but that does not mean they are risk free? Just like having a baby's dummy IMO ,the older smokers are using vaping to get of smoking ,but the young vapers are getting into smoking via vaping.Not surprising that most of the patents for vaping products are owned by Tobacco companies.....Davybe
  15. Davybe


    Hoping you get some more replies, but try YouTube plenty of cruise related stuff on there?...Davybe