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  1. Davybe

    Happy New Year

    Yet no mince pies, ....Davybe??
  2. Davybe

    Happy New Year

    This years Madera Firework display ,we were lucky to see it a few years ago and it should be on every Cruisers Bucket List . Enjoy.
  3. Davybe

    Happy New Year

    Such a nice prayer at the start ,most enjoyable thanks for posting .and all the best to you for the new year ...Davybe
  4. Davybe

    Where is everyone

    Do you not feel that by restricting the threads to mainly cruise related stuff, we are limiting ourselves when we do not post other things that may interest others....Davybe
  5. Davybe


    Best wishes and good health for the future, happy to be seeing Christmas ??...Davybe
  6. Davybe

    Costa coffee

    Getting a Costa card can give you a small discount?...Davybe
  7. Davybe

    Where is everyone

    Thanks for all you good wishes, and here is an update. I have kept of dialysis for over 20 years, but knew it had to come,eventualy,this Tuesday they fitted the pipework in my tummy for the dialysis , I have opted to have it at home ,and to start with I will have 4 half hour seasons per day, and maybe go onto an overnight treatment in the future. We will be able to take holidays even cruises as it is DIY treatment, all I need is the fluids to get delivered to the ship, (Think a world cruise may a bit much?) All praise to the NHS staff and renal nurses at our Hospital ,and my family....Davybe
  8. Davybe

    Celebrity Perk changes from 19/11/19

    Wonder if this has come about due to overpricing their cruises in the first place? We have always weighed up the package offers, not always value for money, and to be honest paying £130 per couple per day for some perks are taking the p@@s .as you can get a cruise for one of you at that price.....Davybe
  9. Davybe

    single cruisers turned over again

    If you can be flexible and not to fussy about who and where you cruise, then a decent agent should be able to keep you informed of any "offers " for singles the cruise lines may have coming up. But if your sticking with Cunard or P&O then you sadly you may miss those offers. We were on a cruise a few years ago when Cunard offered past guests inside cabins for single occupancy for less than £50pn including coach travel, use a decent agent....Davybe
  10. Nice read as usual Mitch ,thanks for posting. We had no TV or very limited earlier this year ,never bother with the internet on the ship....Davybe
  11. Davybe

    Where is everyone

    As you put it just an opinion. You may have hit the nail on the head when referring to P&O ,particularly Tipping threads seemed very popular, and anyone trying to start anything political and in the news seems to get ignored . Not hard to see interest drop when no one can be bothered to answer....Davybe
  12. Davybe

    Arcadia Funnel soot

    They had the soot problem on the new ship Britania ,and all this equipment needs servicing ,another area companies cut back on.....Davybe
  13. Davybe

    Responsible drinking

    As the drink package is included in most deals ,it is not a problem. we get the "Elite " captains clubs 2 hour drink deal which is enough for us,Sadly cruise lines take the Micky as we are a captive audience ,and looking at cruise prices with or without a drink package they are pricing themselves out of the market,IMO....Davybe
  14. Davybe

    thomas cook flight change

    Call your booking agent? We spoke with friends yesterday who have had to cancel their holiday as no suitable flights can be found ?...Davybe
  15. Davybe

    Arcadia Funnel soot

    The soot was always a problem on Arcadia , it use to be a black soot /grit ,we were told it was because of the type of oil they used as fuel. (The Cheapest dirtiest that money could buy). As for Arcadia cough ,swore I would never go back on her having had two bad chest infections ,we have friends who are the same , You may get a better response by joining a P&O forum ...Davybe