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  1. Watched last night's episode ,and a converted Ferry was not my idea of a mighty cruise ship, The program was interesting enough but we saw very little about the ship, And getting on and off in a Rubber boat would not be my ideal start to a holiday.a small ship catering for a limited market.....Davybe
  2. P&O were out of step with most major cruise lines ,by letting customers bring on large amount's of booze,They always had a policy regarding taking drink on the ship but chose not to enforce it. It will not bother me as the last thing I think of taking on my cruise is a load of drink ,(They do have Bar's on ship's) Again not bothered about the dress code same people inside the shirt, be it with or without a logo ...Davybe
  3. My old Favourite sweet's are Basset's Allsort's sometimes get them bought as a present....Davybe
  4. Not many old thing's are still available but my Grandson enjoy's thing's like Dominos , and Chess ,but more interested in a I-phone X he is only 9 so good luck with that one? We usually give cash or vouchers our grand kids apart from Harri are out of the nest, so they enjoy spending the money. My Daughter think's of some great present's National trust membership. A Day at the Races for two. And this year my present to me is a share in a horse Via Owners Club ,not costing a lot of money but it gives me something to dream about over the winter....Davybe
  5. Like you 2torts I watched and enjoyed the program, I quite fancied the ship but my wife said no way, and looking at the prices around £500 a cabin, per night well out of our price range. They seemed to have calmed down on the drama side ,still there but not as forceful.Cabin's and the food looked good and I would have liked to see more of that side of the ship's. I have a friend who paid to crew a Tall ship and she said it was one of her lines highlights, I would imagine sailing on A Clipper ship would be a memorable cruise....Davybe
  6. When you price up a hotel room on the UK what do they do regarding single occupancy , bet they do not half the price/ you are often using a room made to accommodate two people ,which is what they price the room at, If you get a single room, on a ship or ashore it is not half the price of a double....Davybe
  7. Welcome to the forum torquay2 Tipping on P&O is being covered several times on the forum just search through your bound to find the info you want...Davybe
  8. Welcome to the forum Gagas I preferred Britannia to Azura ,for what its worth. But as you say 14 night's in the Caribbean for a grand what's not to like,The ship is crowded particularly on the higher sun deck's ,but they have a pool at the back of the ship which we found OK most of the time, nice theatre ,and it has two show lounges which are just about OK ,food we found was not bad ,but if you drink find a quitter bar the show lounges we found it near impossible to get a waiter or get near the bar,They served some nice food and drink in the Glass House,book it and enjoy....Davybe
  9. Welcome to the forum MartinC There will be no shortage of Taxis at any port you are going to, If you team up with another couple and share you can do most tours a lot cheaper than the cruise line, and in more comfort. Agree the price before you get in and pay at the endow found the taxi drivers very good and will get you back to the ship on time, they will even come back to the beach to take you backlit the pre arranged time.. If you are docked near a town the fare will drop a little bit outside the port area,,,,Davybe
  10. I would think they will be starting to decorate the ship by the time you sail.They do not do it overnight but bit by bit.I Cannot find a Video taken on Britannia around early December .....Davybe
  11. Thank's for for all you post's Mitch really enjoyed them. As Jensen say's if a crack in the sink is your only problem ,you were lucky. We sailed on P&O's Oceana and had a iffy toilet, which would flush sometimes ,or not depending on how it felt, often it would flush anything unto 9 times on the trot(No Pun intended) eventually giving up and flooding the bathroom? The Engineer said ' Don't worry we will clear the mess up" I would have put a lot of money on that ? The toilet became a good talking point as others were having similar problem's ,we all laughed it off? The last morning we were leaving the cabin to catch the coach home ,and we used the toilet, which was still flushing as we walked down the corridor to the lift.Still a good cruise....Davybe
  12. Welcome to the forum Traveler 96, Not sailed on Arcadia for some time now, but apart from getting a chest infection (Twice) I enjoyed the ship. Most ship's we have sailed on have something to like and thing's you dislike ,on balance most ship's work out good to excellent ,never yet been on a ship that we would never ever consider going on....Davybe
  13. Morning CC,I have missed very few of the program's over the years ,love any program about cruising and ship's in general. I will try Youtube see if there are any on there....Davybe
  14. Last night's program was on Carnival's new ship ,I found it quite interesting but not a ship I would go on. Very surprised when they showed them cleaning out the water filtration unit, It was loaded with Plastic? I really is becoming a problem our reliance on the plastic. They had a strange way to off load a sick passenger ,and having to wait for 37 passengers who were late arriving back. They did point out the Captain has an obligation to wait for ship's tour's that are late but not Private tour's, Enjoyed the program worth watching....Davybe
  15. Mitch say's it's going in today for the refit,P&O have been sending out e-mail's out informing people what they intend to do.....Davybe