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  1. Do not bet to much money on it HLM. Other cruise lines have such policies regarding Tacking drink's onboard and do enforce them. my BIL thought he had the perfect plan to get his Brandy on a Celebrity ship, even covers by his wife Junk Jewellery they found it in his case , he got it back at the end of the cruise....Davybe
  2. I reported it this morning and it is know removed, Just why they feel we are interested in an American site is beyond me, no doubt they get paid when we click through any links they provide. This is not the only cruise forum that gets attacked.....Davybe
  3. We were on this Christmas cruise. Most cruise ship's suffer with the NV virus at some time or another, and they delay the next cruise to do a deep clean ,as P&O did in this case, Sadly I think P&O did not clean enough when we first Boarded ,but did increase the visible cleaning as the cruise went on. We had lunch with one man who's wife went down with the Virus ,on the Thursday Night we departed, They would have no idea until she started to be ill that she was infected.We also had a Flu virus on the ship along with a lot of us coughing. Unless people are honest and declare there illnesses when they fill in the Questionnaire ,we are as usual our own worst enemies with people not telling the Doctors that they are ill.....Davybe
  4. Oriana is now on a 50 night cruise? and should sail again 25 feb 2018....Davybe
  5. I would have settled for some decent food? worst Christmas dinner Ever? Best part was the Rum Truffle we got the rest was nothing special,I was told P&O are now buying in as much pre prepared food as they can,They should Try Buying from Tesco or M&S their meal deals beat most of the meals we had on Ventura....Davybe
  6. We were Tendered in from Ventura, it got fairly rough when we tried to get from ship to tender , One Lady got her leg caught between the Tender and the Pontoon, and one man managed to walk backwards off the pontoon into the sea, The Island really does make an effort for Christmas . Plenty going on with a band playing ,and as you can see we had a wonderful warm day 22c on New Years Eve....Davybe
  7. For Anyone thinking of visiting Madeira over Christmas and New year . We were at Anchor along with many other ship. The Video is taken looking out to sea so not the view we got, The whole island has a synchronised firework display which last's for around 10 minutes ,Some 14 vessels berthed and at anchor and between 24 and 30 fireworks displays going off at the same time, including 3 displays on barges in the bay.....Davybe
  8. It will probably cost us more ,some traders will just put their prices up and offer no discounts for not using a credit card. As with the CC charges it all depends on the profit margin, Cruise lines accepted CC with no charge but agent's made a charge?...Davybe
  9. We both got a Snow Dome with a ship inside ,most suitable for two 74 year olds ,Gave them to the Daughters nursery for the children to play with. ...Davybe
  10. Just returned from a Christmas cruise on Ventura, and the crew did try their best for the children with special shows etc, but as we had so many older couples and plenty of singles on the cruise it was not what I expected,The Christmas and New year dinning arrangements were a complete farce, and the food bland at best.,entertainment patchy how many production shows do you want to see. As a Cruise it was OK as a Christmas cruise disappointing .....Davybe
  11. Just back from Ventura and there was a noticeable absence of tray's littering the corridors ,Some people were using room service due to an out break of NV they had little choice....Davybe
  12. For the first time we decided on a Christmas Cruise, Not my choice ,but as we decide not to fly we are stuck with a very limited choice from the UK, We have sailed on ship's before that have had NV running rampant ,and we have not caught it, just hoping our luck holds out...Davybe
  13. Booked on Ventura over Christmas ,just been informed port order to be changed, No big deal. Madeira We will be at anchor and tender in ,not very good? And Please arrive 2 hours later than advised ,due to the High number of NV cases on the current cruise they will be doing a deep clean,Not good at all?? As we use the coach it looks like another long wait to board the ship. Fed Up Davybe
  14. All the best for 2018 hope we all stay safe and healthy....Davybe
  15. Not really you can buy a nice bottle of wine for under £7 ,but that will cost you around £20 on P&O ,and over £30 on Celebrity? P&O are cheaper than most major cruise lines, but not as cheap the local pub's . The price of a pint matters more to some folk ,even more so than the food and service we get on a ship.I save up to go on a cruise ,not go on a cruise to save money...Davybe