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  1. Ikea Logistics

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    And all of the other ships in the Carnival Stable are still going there
  2. Ikea Logistics

    Daily Service Charge on UK bookings now included in the price

    Just to add this is for bookings made only on the UK website
  3. From Tomorrow 25th June prices on MSC UK site will now include the DSC charge so no longer having to pay at the end of the cruise only applicable to bookings made on UK site
  4. Ikea Logistics

    Havana US ban

    i know it's nothing to do with cruising but the silly thing is that if any US resident wanted to go to Cuba to visit they just go to Mexico then fly in to Cuba from there
  5. Ikea Logistics

    Jane back on Friday.

    On VH1 there was a whole day of Cruising with Jane Macdonald box set
  6. Ikea Logistics

    Jane back on Friday.

    I'm waiting for next weeks as it's with celestyal who I am looking at for sept next year as it goes to egypt and israel
  7. Ikea Logistics

    Viking Sky in SOS Emergency

    latest is that the police are investigating as to why the captain left port when knowing a storm was approaching
  8. Ikea Logistics

    Miami Stay

    Many Thanks we land at 15.30 and are staying at the staybridge suites miami airport for one night then on to the seaside for a 7 day we are then flying up to see my niece in harpers Ferry west virginia she is due her first child around the time we get back from the cruise
  9. Ikea Logistics

    Drinks Package

    well thats one way to claim back gratuities then
  10. Ikea Logistics

    Following the Dress Code.

    or eat in the buffet if there is one
  11. Ikea Logistics

    Cruise ship on TV

    i'm going on her in June so this will be interesting
  12. Ikea Logistics

    Mote pictures of Virgins ship internals

    we await tomorrows release
  13. Ikea Logistics

    Mote pictures of Virgins ship internals

    hi mitch it will be interesting to see what they do about that as they are as it seems wanting to attract the younger couples shall we say as it will be adults only
  14. Ikea Logistics

    Mote pictures of Virgins ship internals

    its priced per cabin not per person there is no buffet all the dining rooms (20) of them are included in your price, basic beverages water coffee soda are all free with alcohol extra no gatuities payable they are also included in he price