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  1. Ikea Logistics

    MSC angers cruisers

    MSC has angered many who have booked with them after they from the 12th November have replaced all there drinks packages. Gone are the all inclusive classic packages and been replaced with. Easy Package EASY PACKAGE Book now unlimited consumption of selected drinks! Including: One brand of draught beer (Heineken*) and/or Miller Lite bottled beer Selection of house wines by the glass Selection of spirits and cocktails Aperitifs (Vermouth) Alcohol-free cocktails Soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass Energy drinks Bottled mineral water Classic hot drinks (espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, hot tea) Coffee and chocolate delights (hot and cold) Can be consumed in all onboard bars as well as the self-service buffet and restaurants, excluding speciality restaurants. Satisfy your thirst with our drinks selection! Premium Package PREMIUM PACKAGE Book now unlimited consumption of all drinks priced up to $12! Including all Easy Package drinks plus: Draught and bottled beers Wider selection of wines by the glass (sparkling, white-red-rosè) Wider selection of cocktails All Aperitifs (cordials and liqueurs) All Standard and Premium spirits Fresh fruit & vegetables cocktails Can be consumed in all onboard bars as well as the self-service buffet and restaurants, including speciality restaurants. Refresh yourself whenever you want with a wide choice of drinks! TERMS & CONDITIONS: This package is for personal use only and valid for one booking at a time. The ID card issued with the package is non-transferrable. Abusing the terms of the package may result in the service being withdrawn and the remaining days not being refunded. The price of the package applies to each day of the cruise except for the day of disembarkation; the package cannot be purchased on a daily basis. Once activated on board, the package cannot be terminated and refunded. The package must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin, or travelling together and wishing to eat at the same table, including minors who must book the Child version of the package. The package is not obligatory for infants under 3 years old (i.e. who have not yet reached their 3rd birthday). The following items are not included in the package: tobacco, souvenir glasses, ice cream menu, retail items, minibar and room service. people are not happy as no one knows if you had and paid for the all inclusive classic at what level are you now its causing quite a stir
  2. Ikea Logistics

    Flooding in Venice.

    it doesn't help that after years and billions of euros the flood defence project is still not completed
  3. Ikea Logistics

    MSC ?? do I or dont I book

    we are on our third MSC cruise this time from miami on a carribean cruise. When you get the offer that comes through of a balcony for an inside cabin price it cant be beatan. As has been said by others if you pay the extra for say RCI and others then yes it does seem less remember on Bellisima you do get cirque de soleil show that yes you have to pay for but for that sort of show you would expect it.
  4. Ikea Logistics


    the US esta lasts for 2 years mitch if he is coming from the US to canada he may not need the canadian version
  5. Ikea Logistics

    MSC boarding times

    When we went from Valencia it was get on the bus go to the ship and get on Mind you we were one of the first to arrive at the Port that was due more to the flight times than anything else. At Venice we were given a boarding number and had to wait till the number was called.
  6. Ikea Logistics

    Miami Stay

    thecartoonman we are flying in to Miami end of may to also pick up a cruise on MSC Seaside so any info from your journey would be great we are flying in the day before the cruise with Virgin
  7. Ikea Logistics

    MSC ?? do I or dont I book

    the cruise around the carribean will be our third with MSC on the Seaside this time cartoonman is correct in that compared to say RCI and some others it may fell not as good but you cannot beat the offers they do our carribean cruise is a balcony at an inside price
  8. Ikea Logistics

    MSC, Drinks package.

    pre book as all at sea says if you book it on board it attract the 15% service charge
  9. Ikea Logistics

    MSC boarding times

    you'll be fine for 13.00 as sammy says they do a staggered boarding with a numbered system so as long as the ship is ready for boarding then they will board you by numbers
  10. Ikea Logistics

    Passport change

    The visa talk won't come in till at least 2020 as the system isn't even up and running yet also it depends on how the EU deems Uk citizens after brexit as the visa will only apply to visa exempt third country nationals so as with anything it all depends on the deal or no deal scenario. Also there are no plans at present to charge EU member states nationals a fee to come to the UK
  11. Ikea Logistics

    Passport change

    Which in most european ones are much much shorter than the EU Channel
  12. Ikea Logistics

    Is it me?

    agreed on iffy cables davy but there are good ones out there(Amazon Basics one at 9.49 Apple Certified) at still cheaper than apple (whose own cables are made by a chinese company) but i see your point
  13. Ikea Logistics

    Is it me?

    i have to ask why go to the apple store to get the cable plenty of others about much cheaper and no you don't need the cable to be original.
  14. Ikea Logistics

    Info required

    i think you are correct jen and i'm sure we may look at others at some point but the price as always will be the main driverand MSC like doing some great offers the one we have booked for june of next year is a balcony for the price of an inside