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  1. Countrygirl

    Photos of Panama Canal Sept 2018

    We did the Panama transit on Arcadia a few years ago. It was good to see your pictures and refresh those memories. I see you both enjoyed it and like us will never forget it. Thank you.
  2. Countrygirl

    What currency for Caribbean cruise?

    Please be careful. Sometimes the markets in the Caribbean advertise their goods in Dollars but they don’t say which, Local or USA. The local dollar rate is half the US dollar so always check before you buy.
  3. Countrygirl

    weather- is it worth trying to anticipate

    Admit it you can’t do without us.
  4. Countrygirl

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Just to add to this discussion, if you purchase any excursions on line with P&O before you sail (and pay in advance) your loyalty discount is applied regardless of how much OBC you have.
  5. Countrygirl

    Azamara Quest - Using Room Credit

    I would certainly try once more you never know they might refund the total outstanding, but from our experience onboard credit has its own rules which differ from ship to ship. Best of Luck
  6. Countrygirl

    Freedom dining for singles

    Sorry but I am not a lover of freedom dinning, much prefer club 2nd seating. I like to get the know my fellow table guests. If I was a single passenger I think I would still prefer Club to Freedom.
  7. Like most of you we like the simple foods once home, beans on toast seems to be the favourite. My husband like his cup of tea me I like me coffee. And fresh milk top of the list. It’s not the we don’t enjoy the food onboard ship, but I think my stomach needs a rest once home.
  8. Countrygirl

    Packing is not the the most stressful

    Pleased you are home safe and sound, we also understand that cruising is in the hands of the weather and you don’t always get the cruise you had planned.
  9. Countrygirl

    Buffet or MDR

    We very rarely use the Buffet on P and O or the Canteen as we prefer to call it. We don’t eat breakfast so use the MDR for both other meals. Occasionally we use the Neptune pool counter on Arcadia on sunny days if the roof is open.
  10. Countrygirl

    Fake reviews ?

    Need to add I was not paid for my review
  11. Countrygirl

    Fake reviews ?

    Not all reviews are fake, I did one for a Saga holiday we had been on, they contacted me and now it is used in the new brochure.
  12. Countrygirl

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I don’t remember meeting you😉
  13. Countrygirl

    Just Curious !!

    I also heard about Bolsover CC on our first cruise in 1998 and have used them for all our cruises since. We live in West Berkshire so have never seen their office. I have to say that the service and help they have given has been outstanding. Long may it continue. I don’t shop around for the best price we would rather be assured by a company we can trust.
  14. Countrygirl

    Is it me?

    I have to agree with you, I once had to ask a Uni student to help out by sorting the mail in a large office, they did not understand the system which was alphabetical, so simple but as you say no common sense, does make you wonder what is taught at school these days, The younger generation use their phones and computers for everything. What happens when the power goes down,
  15. Countrygirl

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I agree that those who start packing days before dis-embarking drive me mad, enjoy your holiday. The worst are those people who spend the last two days in the laundry making sure they don’t have any washing to do once home. I wash everything I have taken once we arrive home you don’t know who used the wardrobe before you. On the subject of packing I enjoy it as it means another cruise on the horizon.