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  1. Countrygirl

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    We have two holidays booked on Arcadia next year. So hoping she won’t get the axe.
  2. Countrygirl

    The Nolans

    It was MSC Grandiosa, can’t comment on the program as I did not see it.
  3. Countrygirl

    oceana sold immediateley

    No problem 😀
  4. Countrygirl

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    Yes P & 0 confirmed this morning she had gone. So they have no reason to start and strip her. Under normal conditions she would have been in service right up to the end.
  5. Countrygirl

    oceana sold immediateley

    Hi Mitch, We have been talking about on the thread, “Carnival selling 6 ships” you may not have seen it. But I must admit I am sorry to see her go. Never like that ship.
  6. Countrygirl

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    Well I have to admit that Oceana was not my favourite ship, but like you say afcandrew I am sorry for the people looking forward to holidays booked on her. If P & O do the same as before when selling ships we won’t get confirmation until the papers are signed. P & O took a booking from us on Adonia only for us to get a phone call the next day to say she had been sold.
  7. Any ideas as to which ships it will be? That is if it is true.
  8. I will wait and see what the UK cruise market has to say. Not sure I want to be directed by a American Organisation at the moment.
  9. Countrygirl

    Cunard - this was so nearly perfect.....

    Like you I was tempted, having spent time in Boston in the rain I would like to visit again in the dry. But the rest of the days are a little rushed. So will pass on this one.
  10. Countrygirl

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    We have been lucky just to have to deal with the cruise companies, some of the horror stories about refunds from Airlines and hotels are much worse.
  11. Countrygirl

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    I am sure there will be many changes. Can you imagine a coach tour done with social distancing, the cost would be huge as each coach could only take a quarter of is normal load. I hope that by the next time we cruise (April 2021) life we have settled down and we will have the confidence to travel. I have said in a past post that I would be happy to sail around the seas for a couple of weeks and never touch land. Just to be able to enjoy the facilities onboard ship and have somebody cook for me would be heaven.
  12. Countrygirl

    P&O -does 'goodwill' exist?

    Best of luck
  13. Countrygirl


    I will not be disappointed to see the buffet go. I hate it when people stack up their plates with food then leave half off it, such a waste. It is a part of the ship that try to avoid.
  14. Countrygirl

    P&O -does 'goodwill' exist?

    Sorry if I am telling you something you already know but, if you are going to send an email to the CEO then please start with the words “ I wonder if you can help me as I have exhausted all other means”. Then explain your situation. I have found in the past that this works. From experience I have had to make contact twice to CEO.s and it has worked. I was also the Pa to a CEO and if the person was angry then they went to the bottom of the pile. If they had explained their problem in a pleasant way then I was more inclined to help.
  15. Countrygirl

    Proof of Carnival shares

    Log into your account with H &G an send them an email about 6 weeks before your departure date, give them the following 1, ask them to advise P & O of your share holding 2, your booking ref 3, date of Travel 4, name of ship. After a few days I normally get an email from Bolsover advising me of my extra onboard credit that has been added to my account. ( that is if you book via them) if not then P & O should advise you. best of luck.