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  1. Countrygirl

    Cruise ship on TV

    You don’t know if you like something until you have tried it. And I found it boring. Tell me something I didn’t know.
  2. Countrygirl

    Cruise ship on TV

    Well that is an 1.5 hours I won’t get back.
  3. Countrygirl

    Which Ship?Has that Wow factor?

    We all have different expectations and we always come home with many memories (usually good). My favourite ship, difficult to say it would have to be a combination of many. But I have said before it is not the ship we travel on, it is the people we meet that make our holidays
  4. Countrygirl

    Drinks Package

    It is expensive for us we drink very little on a normal day we would have a coffee in the morning. Then a drink before dinner my husband will have a glass of wine with his dinner. Occasionally we may have one other drink in the bar with friends in the evening. So a total spend for the two of us is no more than £30 per day.
  5. Countrygirl

    Got any Snow

    Snow arrived last night and it keeps coming.
  6. Countrygirl

    Drinks Package

    Not for me,
  7. Countrygirl

    Got any Snow

    Here in West Berkshire no snow yet but forcasted. We had a light covering on Monday night but nothing to shout about. It was minus 6 last night glad we did not have to go out. Log burner on and cosy. Keep warm and safe ⛄️
  8. Countrygirl


    Sorry I can’t help with the answer as to how far to walk as we did it as part of a tour from the ship. But I would like to add that we did it in the morning and due to low cloud did not see much. So please check the weather first as you may be wasting your time.
  9. Countrygirl


    Looks like we may be on the same cruise. Bergen is very easy to do on your own. I would recommend that if you have not been to Flåm before and want to do the railway tour, then do it with a ship excursion and not on you own It can be very busy and you may not have time if you have to wait.
  10. Countrygirl

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    We have a cruise booked with P & O in May I have just looked at our level of cabin and surprise, the price is lower than we paid and that was after we got a 5% peninsula discount on the cruise value.. So not worth booking early for us.
  11. Countrygirl

    How Does Music Affect You

    I do enjoy listening to Adele and Coldplay. I find them relaxing. But I was always a Beatle fan and their music always brings back many memories.
  12. Countrygirl

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Crew and gratuity ! PLease, Please lets not start this again.
  13. Countrygirl

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    How many old ships will be scrapped I wonder, so perhaps not so many new berths after all.
  14. Countrygirl

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    Having just come back from the hairdresser, we talked about cruising. He asked me what I had paid for a holiday I have booked on Ventura February 2020 for 35 nights. He nearly fell over. But then I asked what he had paid for 2 weeks last February to an inclusive holiday to Antigua he then realised that perhaps my cruise what not so expensive after all.
  15. Countrygirl

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    As I have commented in the past the new cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger we could end up with just days at sea. The business is a already having to look for new places to visit. We can no longer go with ease to Egypt, The Black Sea, Liberia, Tunisia. Plus a few ports are also having problems with too many ship and visitors. I think the bubble will burst, not just with increased prices but the cruising we know will disappear. I personally think that the cruise companies are being very short sighted. When we have gone to the cruise ship in the skies, the next generation will be looking for the holidays that we enjoy relaxing interesting times. Not a floating theme park.