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  1. Countrygirl

    Pensioners smuggled Drugs?

    Davybe, you say “Whatever went through their minds” I Expect they have been doing it for years, I can’t imagine how they got that lot onboard in the first place,
  2. Countrygirl

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    We always try and book our cabin on Sun deck. If we had found scooters and wheelchairs in the corridor then I am afraid I would have been down at reception complaining about our health and safety rights. From past experience they should also apply a speed limit when onboard.
  3. Countrygirl

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I understand that there are people who need to use mobility scooters and wheelchairs but my point is that the cruise companies should never have allowed them onboard if the had not booked the appropriate cabin, what if the alarms had gone off, the problems that would caused !
  4. Countrygirl

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Mitch, how did over 20 mobility scooters get onboard, the booking conditions say that if you do not have a accessible cabin you are not allowed to take a scooter onboard. I do wish they would stick to the rules.
  5. Countrygirl


    My cards are posted, no tree as yet but plan to do it on Monday, have a great Christmas everyone. I have loved reading and being part of this forum. Here’s to many more cruises. Our first one is in May
  6. Countrygirl

    Cruising with Cancer

    I can speak from my own experience, travel insurance is almost impossible while under going treatment. If you did find a company who would cover you the cost could be more than the cruise. I have been cancer free for 5 years and still get problems with cover, ( only because my consultants will not sign me of because I should not have survived). As much as I love cruising I would not even have considered it during my treatment. Once I had completed my chemo the first thing I did was go on a cruise as my reward. But due to the drugs I had taken during chemo the seasickness was dreadful. Normally I don’t suffer from any firm of travel sickness but I did that time even on a calm sea. Best of luck
  7. Countrygirl

    Over 75 TV licence SCAM

    I just don’t understand how so many people get caught out by theses scammers. We are told so many times not to give out details without checking the authenticity of the email sender. Like you Davybe and the TV licence I also get emails confirming my purchase to the Apple Apps, I just need to check my details are correct, nice try, I have spoken to Apple UK and they say they are unable to do anything as the scammers just change there users details daily, Another scam is the John Lewis credit card, you are asked via email to confirm your details on line as they have seen the possible fraudulent use of the card, they tell you that if you don’t respond they will put a stop on the card. Let’s just say it is still working.
  8. Countrygirl

    Has P&O implemented their drinks ban?

    On our last cruise with P&O a few months ago we were scanned on the ship even if we had been checked ashore and all alcohol was removed and stored by security. As we only buy our drinks from the bars it is not a problem for us.
  9. Countrygirl

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Happy ironing, I am sure you have another cruise to look forward too. We do enjoy your reports when you are away. Thank you 🙋🏼‍♀️
  10. Countrygirl

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    On a 28 day cruise we have 2 medium size cases and a suit carrying case. There are 2 off us and we have never gone without anything. What would you take in 12 cases for 14 days, if I emptied our wardrobes we would still not fill them. Plus where do you store them in the cabin.
  11. Countrygirl

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    It would help if the cruise companies had more staff on duty and made sure that passengers did comply with the instructions given. But I am afraid that they do appear to want to get rid of us as soon as possible. They have had our money and don’t really care about us. They are more interested in the next lot of punters ( sorry, I should say passengers) who are coming on holiday ready to be parted from their money. (Just my opinion)
  12. Countrygirl

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    It is about time that showing your insurance cover with your passport becomes the norm when boarding. When you fill out your details on the personal page on the P & O web site you could put anything in the insurance section nobody checks.
  13. Countrygirl

    lest we forget

    I can understand your rant, I too would not be happy at the sun worshipers actions, and I am not ex services. If we cannot spare 2 minutes to reflex once a year we are a sad nation. (Just my opinion)
  14. Countrygirl

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Oh Mitch, Sorry your back is playing up, I am sure a good rest will help.
  15. Countrygirl

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Great to hear from you and see that you are enjoying yourself. We love the cabins on the sun deck. It is a great place to be and no long corridors to walk down. Wait until you get back to southampton as there on only few cabins on S deck you don’t spend ages trying to find your luggage.