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  1. Wow, Nice discussion going on. Yes, cruising to the best part of the world with your loved ones will always be a memorable moment to cherish. I am a traveler and I have traveled more than 10 countries. But I remember the day when I had been to Dubai with my love by booking a yacht from Med Waves Charters. The best part of the trip is cruising on the yacht with romantic music been played in the background. Thanks to the crews on board for making our trip more memorable.
  2. martinehenry

    Choosing a Luxury Cruise

    Luxury Cruise is a great choice. If you will go with your friends and families, you will get a memorable trip experience. I love to travel and often traveled to the different country. Recently I had been to Dubai by booking a luxury yacht named "O'Mega" and enjoyed a lot with my friends. It was a great trip with lots of fun. Guys you all will never regret if you choose a luxury cruise. Go for it and enjoy a lot.
  3. My best holidays experience is to Qatar, which is my all time favorite cruise and it will be one of the best journeys of my life. Recently I went to Qatar in this Christmas with my Wife in a Luxury Yacht called "Sunday" that I had Booked from Medwaves charters. Their service was great and will make you feel special. We enjoyed a lot and did lots of fun. Really the experience in Sea is much more different from the land.
  4. martinehenry

    Treasure Island - I didn't know

    Yes, I agree with all that It's really an awesome place to visit I had gone there through a Yacht which booked from Med Wave Charters. That place is best for wildlife tour & full of natural beauty. I really enjoyed a lot there in my 3 days trip with my family.
  5. Hello all, I want to go for a trip to coastal area of Mexico & want to book a charter service. My friends are suggested me that MED WAVES LTD. is offering yachting service throughout Greece, UK, Qatar & Dubai. But i want to know more sites so that I could choice a better one. So please suggest me some of good yachting sites. Thank you all.
  6. Hi Nikos, On my view, I think MED WAVES LTD. is one of the best Luxury cruise company which offering all kinds of Yacht With experienced Charters. I have recently visited Greece with O'mega yacht & it was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. We are 30 including 5 well-experienced charters. We really enjoyed a lot on this trip.