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  1. Shazd1411

    Luggage Allowance For Caribbean Fly Cruises

    Hi can any one tell me the luggage allowance with Thomson.im flying Friday 10th to barbados and picking up britannia cruise. Some one said it's 15k plus 5 kilos in hand luggage Thanksharon on
  2. Hi 2 torts. Thanks for your reply so are you flying into barbados that day. My flight leaves gatwick 8.35 am, think I get into barbados at.1.45. I'm looking forward to Brittania never been on it before. Think I'm on b deck near the front of the ship 

    1. 2torts


      We fly at 10.55am & arrive at 4pm. We've never been on Britannia as we usually go on smaller ships like Oriana but we so enjoyed the repositioning cruise that we did on Ventura 2 yrs ago that we thought we'd give it a try. We booked a guaranteed cabin but haven't been allocated one yet. Only 9 weeks to go!!!

    2. Shazd1411


      I know can't wait. Be nice to get to some warmer weather !!! I've never been on britania either the ship looks amazing. 

  3. Shazd1411

    Po cruise

    Hi I'm going on p@o cruise on the 10th March 17 flying to barbados from London Gatwick Tom034 does anynone know if this flight is the dream liner Thomson flight. Do you have to pay for alcohol Thanks sharon