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  1. We have booked this cruise for this Christmas. We were on the Oriana this Christmasand saw the fireworks in Tenerife. Very good but not as good as the ones in your video.
  2. We gAve our to our cabin steward. Many other guests returned them to reception. Suitable for. 5 year olds!!!!
  3. Thank you. We will be going on a cruise to the Canary Islands for Christmas and the anew Year. Really looking forward to it
  4. I used to always use British AirwYs to fly to the USA. This year I tried Virgin. Not a lot to choose between them apart from BA chArge you £20 each way to pre book your seats, also they charge you to use your credit card. Food and service about the same as is the luggage allowance.
  5. We usually stay in the Premiur Inn, West Quay. when we did the Baltic Cruise last year we did the two day p and O trip in st. Petersburg. It was expensive, but worth every penny. it is a wonderful cruise.
  6. Very good review, makes me want to book with Fred Olsen.
  7. Very good deal if you can get the time off and are well ahead with your Christmas arrangements.
  8. Glad you asked this question as we will be cruising to the Canaries for Christmas. Have not thought about what to take yet,.
  9. Good to hear a positive review/. Glad you had a good time. We have been on her a few times and have always enjoyed ourselves.
  10. We always like to try the specialty restaurants. The table is yours for the evening so you are never rushed. The service is much better than in the main restaurants and there are always extra "treats". These restaurants are also much quieter and there are plenty of tables for two. Guess that is why we have to pay extra . .
  11. As usual a few people have abused the system and the majority suffer. We had an email from P and O advising us of its new policy. As we only ever take a couple of bottles of wine on board It will not affect us. Never worn fancy dress but have dressed on on the tropical nights, will these now be discountinued?
  12. On two week cruises we have seen people (mainly men) on formal nights dressed in T shirts and jeans and been allowed into the main restaurants on P & O ships. Many years ago my husband took his bow tie off in the crows nest and was asked to put it back on or go to another venue. How times and standards have changed..
  13. We have done several cruises at Christmas. Always had a fantastic time. P & O make it special and needless to say not having to shop, cook and wash up makes it even more enjoyable.
  14. I had a look at the site and found it very useful. Thanks.
  15. On our recent p and o cruise about two nights before the end of what was a 16 night cruise a lady told me she was fed up with eating lamb every night (not once on the cruise had I eaten lamb). i suggested that if she was not happy with the food to complain. To that she replied that she would write as soon as she got home. For once I was speechless!!