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  1. cruise addict

    P&o gratuities

    I am only too pleased that the tips will be included in the price.. seems the fairest way to me. What is the problem with it??
  2. Thank you, very useful information.
  3. cruise addict

    Using your Mobile.

    I take the mobile with me, but do not use it while I am on a cruise. I can managed to have a holiday without having contact with home. If there is an emetgancy I would expect them to contact the cruise line with a message, then I would use the mobile.
  4. cruise addict

    "She fell of a Cruise Ship?"

    I could not agree more especially when she was interviewed and said” I will be famous now”
  5. cruise addict

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    This is good news. If it is included in the price everyone pays. Much better for us and the crew, I hope. We will have to wait and see if we loose OBC, free parking etc. Time will tell.
  6. cruise addict

    P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!

    Too large for us. It will be a nightmare embarking and disembarking. I have enough to trouble trying to find the suitcases now!!!
  7. cruise addict

    Do Not Press 1?

    Thanks for letting us know Davybe as yet have not received any of these calls.
  8. cruise addict

    Yobs afloat

    P and O want to put a stop to this otherwise they will lose their regular passengers. We all want to have a good time but not at the expense of spoiling it for other people. I personally have never seen this type of behaviour on board and do not want to.
  9. cruise addict


    No rain in the Brentwood area for weeks. No doubt when it starts we will all be complaining!!!!!
  10. cruise addict

    P&O's new drink packages?

    I have read the link and do not think it would be a good buy for us. We always buy the Costa card and I only drink wine with dinner and my husband a drink before bed. Not good value for us. Our drink bill over a two week cruise would be about £300 and as we often get at least that in on board credit we use that to pay for our drinks. Do you think OBC will now be a thing of the past?
  11. cruise addict

    New from P&O

    this appear to be information for the crew not passengers. I would be very interested to see what type of drinks packages they will offer.
  12. cruise addict

    Beach House or Cafe Jardin?!

    We like both and if you are on a two week cruise why not look at the menus when you get on board to see which you prefer and maybe book both.
  13. cruise addict


    Could not agree more.
  14. cruise addict


    What do P & O do for people who have either reduced or increased the service charge.? We always reduce ours and give cash to people who have servered us well.
  15. cruise addict

    What will the outcome be in Venice?

    We were there in April and were lucky as we were the only ship docking that day. I would hate to be be there when 14000 passengers arrive. It was VERY crowded on the day we were there, difficult to see all the sites because of the crowds. i did not think we will go there again.