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  1. It looks as though we have been Spammed again

    You can tell they are not genuine cruise related posts. Just ignore them. Hopefully Bolsovers IT people can delete them and stop them reposting.
  2. How many days until your next cruise?

    Have just registered for Acadia Christmas and new year back to back cruises. As we are on the Baltic tier we should hear on Monday 19th. First time we have booked so long in advance. We want to ensure that we have the same cabin for both cruises and know that the Christmas cruises are always popular. We have been to the Caribbean several times at Christmas but my husband will not fly any more. So last year we went on 5he Oriana to the Canary Islands and this year have booked the Ventura. hope everyone who has pregestered gets their first choice of cabin.
  3. How many days until your next cruise?

    31 days for us. We are on the Aurora on 15th April.
  4. Travel insurance for USA resident

    Thank that’s information is very helpful. I knew someone would come up trumps for me.
  5. Currency help

    We did the Baltic last year and only took sterling, US dollars and euros. Everywhere we went took euros (not always the best rate). If we go again I will only take euros.
  6. Travel insurance for USA resident

    We have tried Holiday 3xtras and as you say you have to be a UK resident. I have found a company that will cover them world first. I will give him all the details when I speak to him at the weekend. thanks for all 4he advice everyone.
  7. Travel insurance for USA resident

    Yes, but it will not cover him for a cruise.
  8. My son and his family have booked. Cruise to the Med flying from Gatwick to Malta and return. as he lives in the USA he is having trouble finding travel insurance to cover this part of his trip to Europe. can anyone supply details of a company that will cover them for the cruise.? thanks.
  9. Forum Maintenance on 6 Mar 2018

    Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Duty Free

    On the last couple of days the shops on board are busy selling perfume etc regardless of how much they charge to people who have on board credit left!
  11. P&O New Winter 2019-20

    Will wait to see the itineries.
  12. Aurora to become adult only.

    For me that is good news. We like the Aurora and are on her again in April. the large ships are more suitable for families with children.
  13. P&O Service Reward Program to increase

    Just increase the fares to include the cost of tips. Problem solved!
  14. Increase in tip's for P&O

    Yet another increase from P & O. Is this because so many people stop the automatic tips? It would appear that all the cruise lines are increasing their tips. I just wish they included them in with the price of the cruise.
  15. Would you pay to reserve your sunbed?

    We stayed in this hotel. I believe it was Alexander the Great in Pathos. The system worked really well. When people went home you were able to change to their sun beds if you wanted to.