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  1. Good morning Forum, its been a while! i have been looking at a couple of cruises for this year and 2 are aboard Oriana. has anybody been onboard since her refurbishment? I have been hesitant to travel on her in the past due to feedback from friends. any info would be really appreciated. thanks AFC
  2. AFC04/03

    Is Cunard's new ship going to China?

    this is an interesting idea, it would certainy be met with a warm reception over there. Hong Kong has a connection with Cunard aswell with the Original Queen Elizabeth having sunk there.
  3. When I first started cruising, on board credit was seen as a huge extra when booking. If you got a decent price and some on board credit, you were onto a good deal. Now though it seems to be very different. On board credit offers seem to be on all the time (a bit like a DFS sale) and the amounts are much lower than they once were, unless you’re booking a suite that it. Am I the only one nowadays that would just prefer a better overall price on the cruise?
  4. Are there any rumblings about P&O offering drinks packages? Princess have already launched their packages, Holland America have been offering them free of charge on selected promotions and even Cunard are offering free drinks in their Grills. With all of these Carnival branded (and UK based) companies offering them, not to mention Fred Olsen (also sterling onboard) having a very successful daily package will P&O follow suit?
  5. AFC04/03

    P&O launching drinks packages

    Fred olsen's drinks package is £20.00 per person per night, IMO hardly over the top. I would be interested to know if the Fred's cruises on this forum also were victim to such a price hike for drinks and overall cruise prices compared to the celebrity/Rci crowd.
  6. Thats exactly the thing, i think the all round product P&O offer is what would give the incentive for passengers to book, not the value of the 'perk' such as OBC, hence the reason for me saying it may be getting stale. its very rare people get excited for a new P&O promotion now IMO because it is repetitive.
  7. The select fares are fine Davybe, but I think they are at risk of going stale. RCI and Celebrity tend to rotate their promotions quarterley, in order to target particular passenger groups. In my opinion the benefit is subjective I'd rather pay more upfront and have everything included than have a lower price with a predetermined amount of 'free' onboard money to spend.
  8. AFC04/03

    P&O launching drinks packages

    It's true you cannot pick your clients and price doesnt always impact who books, I cannot see why P&O wouldn't be keen on the idea its not as if they have a notorious reputation for passenger trouble. As Davybe said above the prices are reasonable, perhaps its a fear of the bottom line that prevents P&O from making the jump.
  9. AFC04/03

    P&O launching drinks packages

    Thanks for the input Sammy. If you look at the bigger picture there have long been 'premium' all inclusive resorts which don't have any ongoing problems. I do believe I read another forum member paying around £500.00 per person to stay at a Riu resort, surely if price was the big incentive for those who wish to abuse inclusive alcohol these resorts would be facing constant aggravation. I believe Holland America tend to offer a maximum number of their drinks when they have the promotions active, perhaps this would be a valid way to have the promotion, but without excessive abuse.
  10. -To follow on I started an earlier topic about P&O launching drinks packages. surely this would be more enticing to the average cruiser?
  11. AFC04/03

    Sunbed wars are raging

    Please correct me if I am wrong, I am sure I have read somewhere that back in the 70's-80's cruisers were assigned a sun bed corresponded to their cabin?
  12. Hoping for some advice P&O offer extended pitch seats on their charters to the Caribbean does anybody know what extra's they give you, I am considering it for the overnight flight back.
  13. AFC04/03

    Paris by train from Le Havre on Celebrity Eclipse

    We had an amazing seafood melody at the fish market, they also have a hop on hop off bus in the town centre (one of those little trains). If you want to stay closer to the ship but eat well and see the sights this could be an option.
  14. AFC04/03

    Is Fred Olsen's Drink Package Worth It?

    Hi Charlielou Go for it! its great value for money
  15. AFC04/03

    What To Do In Thailand

    Good morning fellow forumer's, I am in Thailand next month after a breif stop in Singapore. if anyone has any advice regarding must see sights, dining or activities please feel free to leave a comment. I am specifically staying in Singapore (1 night) Bangkok (2nights) Phuket (2 nights) and the Phi Phi islands (5 nights)
  16. I'm sure I read somewhere all of the balconies have a sofa, so they cant be too small!
  17. Can anybody help me, I have a relative going on a Northern lights cruise and he is desperate for advice?? should he pay for an excursion 'in search of the Northern Lights' With P&O or can he see them from the ship, or can you recommend any Excursions that would increase his chances. Any help from anyone would be excellent. thank you.
  18. AFC04/03

    Recent Changes

    Here's a thought... constructive criticisim. The admin team have been very quick to try and answer any questions we the members have had. I havent been on the forum for a while and cannot see that much has changed i can still navigate my way around easily, but if i do encounter any bugs I will be prompt to make admin aware of it. I will not, however label this forum as a disaster, failure or terrible for a glitch. The forum has been fun and enlightening for us all and given the chance, it will continue to be.
  19. AFC04/03

    P&O New Ship Will Be Called ?

  20. How is this offensive?
  21. AFC04/03

    Where to next?

    The western world is currently in a state of turmoil, typical holiday destinations are no longer considered safe. What is going to happen to the cruise industry? in fact holidaying in general. I love the sun, one of my favorite places to travel is Sharm el Sheikh, I love the large resorts, the beaches and of course the guaranteed weather. I will no longer go to Sharm through concern for my family. In part the media can cause this angst, in fact if you type Sharm el Sheikh into google one of the most common searches returned is Sharm el Sheikh terrorist attack. that would put almost anyone off. It must be very difficult for the staff who work at these resorts as the hotels must be hemorraging money, in turn people will be laid off quality will drop and the few who do still travel to these destinations will turn their attention elseware. The current unrest must be harming traditional Western tourism. But what about cruising? Unlike hotels and resorts whose prosperity are tied to the countries they inhabit, cruise companies can have their 'resorts' visit just about any non-landlocked nation. What does the future hold and where to next? I'd like a penny for your thoughts fourm.
  22. AFC04/03

    Where to next?

    Thanks CC, I agree with your comment re 'letting them win', however the point I was trying to make in my initial post was that the quality of these resorts would also most likely diminish, not through any fault of their own simpy due to circumstance. This would then possibly turn more people onto cruising if the locations are suitable. I know that there are more important things than a holiday and I really dont want this post to appear self centered it is not my intention.
  23. My favorite regular moan on trip advisor is when there is a one star review because all inclusive doesn't include a specific brand of alcohol, but the rest of the holiday was great. ridiculous!
  24. The ships look great for families and you can combine them with Florida vacations but I don't know anyone who has sailed on them. Can anyone offer any advice?