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  1. To put the" how many cruises have you been on" to bed, I respond by saying that I was talking to a guy who has been on over 300 cruises..when asked who was that..I say "the cabin steward"
  2. stugood

    'Fathom' - has anyone cruised her?

    We were on Aurora in December 2015 and at the cocktail evening the Captain announced the return of Adonia to the P&O fleet in 2017...we shall see!
  3. stugood

    Would you book a cruise online?

    About 18 months ago I posed this question on another well known Forum,I had over 1500 viewings and numerous responses, BUT no one had said yes I have/would. Is it a trust thing or do we prefer to discuss cruise arrangements with an operator ?
  4. stugood

    P O makeovers

    P &O normally have a 5 year cycle, you can check for ship refurbishment on their website.