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  1. jinky

    Following the Dress Code.

    Exactly it. Dress doesn`t make the man or woman. Me? I dress smart to go out for dinner whether at home or on a ship but I don`t see the need to dress in an out of date dj and bow tie. Insistence on that is no more than snobbery and to be told if you don`t want to dress like that eat in the buffet is insulting. I`ve never been stopped by cruise staff re: my dress even when deciding to dress down from a DJ to a smart jacket/ shirt and tie so will eat anywhere I want to. I`d never eat out in a proper restaurant in shorts/ t-shirt and a baseball cap and would expect those dressed as such to be stopped and asked to eat elsewhere. If the are not then the cruiseline should dispense with the dress code and give it up.
  2. jinky

    Are the Critics Right??

    Can`t say i`m impressed with the new Alan Partridge series - a few funny, embarrassing type cringe laughs but largely his time has passed I feel. Warren I really do not like. Such a waste of Martin Clunes` talent. He`s an unlikable character with his attempts at fly tipping, rudeness and some aspects just don`t stand up. Who still has dial up internet - how old are the writers and who are they targeting. I think some Alan partridge viewers might be lost trough people turning off Warren before and getting into another programme. I rarely trust critics for films / tv I select to watch.
  3. jinky

    Time to Wave Goodby

    Yes I only book 3rd party tours that guarantee a ship return or link up travel to get back to the ship in a catastrophic event.
  4. jinky

    Would you pack this??

    I often take it now after having a hard shell case get smashed en route on it`s first outing to South Africa. The scarey trip to purchase tape to last my travels at a local "supermarket" complete with hand cleaners to combat the spread of aids, cashiers sat inside bullet proof cages and being followed out and down the road after purchase left me never wanting to be in such a position again.
  5. I look forward to the day when all cruises include tips in fares so that we all pay the same. What gets me are the number of people, usually Brits I am afraid, who make great play onboard to remove tips as they board and encourage others to do the same. Others like on our last cruise talk loudly of their surprise that all don`t remove them as if others are thick and then say but "we still tip who we feel deserve it - it wasn`t much but we left all our spare coins". I know that RCI use tips to top up pay of dining room staff and cabin stewards and that all other staff on RCI are salaried including kitchen staff / chefs / entertainers etc. I know because I left a note on my review stating that I was annoyed that so many other Brits were boasting about taking off tips and saving money for drinks and suggested they needed to change their policy and could someone contact me to discuss policies. Some 6 weeks later a woman rang me from RCI in Florida who was happy to discuss gratuities. She didn`t want to offend anyone and said it was a customer decision but staff were interviewed about what in their service was not going right if tips were removed and removal did affect pay. That they had no intention of removing them and upping fares at that time surprised me but again she stated that she was aware that the tipping culture in the Uk was very different. I stated that I resented being charged extra on my fare in effect by not wishing to reduce crew wages and again she thanked me but stated it was up to individuals. very surprised by the whole conversation.
  6. jinky

    Which Ship?Has that Wow factor?

    Biggest wow is still from our first cruise on Independence of the Seas RCI. Never imagined it being so big when we pulled into Barcelona port and then when we saw the main "street" with acrobats high above, the parade, the ice rink, the full West End stage show and the flowrider - just immense. No ship since has matched in terms of wow factor although I do love the understated elegance of the art deco Holland America ships and their cookery theatres.
  7. jinky

    MSC angers cruisers

    Standard practice so I doubt you`ll get anywhere. The only way you can get a package is if you pay for it in full before the changes and unless you have something in writing promising you the same rate if you book it later I cannot see why they would concede as their terms allow them to change packages.
  8. jinky

    Amsterdam Tourist tax?

    They`re looking to do it in Bath, Edinburgh and even Aberdeen now if they get a change in the law!
  9. jinky

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    I feel the bubble has burst for me. Very few places left that I want to cruise to now, preferring to visit most places as land tours The problem for me is not cost but the sheer numbers getting off the huge ships that completely change the nature of the places visited. I`ll happily do another fjord cruise going further north on a small ship but scratching my head for another I`d fancy.
  10. jinky

    Cruising on TV

    I must admit I was watching this thinking "Maybe I don`t want to do a Princess cruise after all". Any non-cruisers watching that must have thought it was even worse than Butlins!
  11. jinky


    Never had an upgrade on an ocean cruise and we`ve done 7/8 with various companies. On a river cruise with Uniworld we booked a cabin on the lowest deck at a great rate compared to usual prices as we couldn`t justify a higher cost on an expensive cruise up the Danube. When shown to our cabin we ended up with a great upgrade to full electric window view in a larger cabin. hesitate to call it a cabin - pure luxury as seen on Jane McDonald programme. We assumed it was because we were the only ones on the lower deck but found others were still down there. Great surprise and the nicest thing was they didn`t even mention it to earn our praise and thanks. Just took us there as if that was what we had booked. Still the most luxurious and best value cruise we have done. 5* +
  12. jinky

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    Nice seeing pictures of your cruise - despite the mixed weather. The varied standard of ship photographers ( I never call them professionals) never ceases to astound me. Usually there`ll be one half decent one and others that might just as well have been brought in from the kitchen and given a camera. I was caught laughing at some of the ones on show for sale last time and asked what was wrong. Given the appearance of photographers in mirrors behind the subject , objects out of heads and out of focus or closed eye shots I was surprised they asked. I`ve only ever bought one on board on our first cruise. Even then I had to do some major re-editing and print it at home to get a passable result. Good luck in the comp
  13. jinky

    lest we forget

  14. jinky

    Renewing a Passport.

    For renewal there is nothing the Post Office does that you cannot do. Waste of time paying their fee.