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  1. Alma 2

    U.S Immigration.

    Thank you for your reply. We have had Esta copies as well but have never been asked for them. I am hoping that because QM2 is a regular visitor to NY, the immigration will be efficient. Lets hope so anyway.
  2. Alma 2

    U.S Immigration.

    Thank you for your comments. We too had a problem on Oriana when we arrived in New Orleans. Everyone had to leave the ship. No one was allowed back on until it was completed. There was a major hold up as some passengers didn't want to get off. We had a very late lunch that day. Once on board Aurora, U.S. immigration sailed with us from the Azores and we all went through immigration on the ship. Last June when we sailed home from New York on QM2 a UK immigration officer sailed with us and UK immigration was completed for all non UK passengers during the cruise. We have flown into the U.S many times and have had good and bad experiences at Immigration. Once at Miami we were in a queue of 1000 people as three airliners had arrived at the same time. Avoided Miami after that. I suppose we will have to just wait and see.
  3. Alma 2

    U.S Immigration.

    We are booked to sail to New York aboard Queen Mary 2 in November. After a day in the City we sail on to the Caribbean before returning to New York for a day before sailing for Southampton. As we are entering the U.S. twice we assume that we have to run the gauntlet of U.S. immigration twice. I know this is a 'How long is a piece of string' question. Can anyone enlighten us as to how long it takes to navigate the immigration process at New York? Do passengers on excursions take priority? We plan to do our own thing in the City. Many thanks.
  4. Alma 2

    Madeira independent excursions

    We went to the Botanical Gardens by public transport. When we came out of the Gardens a Taxi driver approached as we waited at the bus stop. He pointed out the bus would be another hour and offered us a taxi ride. We politely declined. A few minutes later the bus appeared. Beware taxi drivers.
  5. Alma 2

    Military Benefits

    There's also the Blue Light Card that gets you discounts when booking. A Nurse put me onto it during our last cruise. It covers all emergency services.
  6. Alma 2

    Military Benefits

    It was on our last cruise on Oriana that I was made aware of this allowance. Being ex Territorial Army I did qualify but had to contact the MOD to obtain proof of service. I haven't cruised with P & O since so haven't enjoyed the benefit. Has the amount gone down to what it used to be?
  7. Alma 2

    USA and Canada cruise

    Hi, I cant answer all of your queries but I may answer some. Firstly this is a fantastic cruise. Once you endure the U.S immigration and be cleared to go ashore, the ship will remain in in U.S waters so your clearance will hold good at other U.S ports. We got up at some unearthly hour to witness the entry to New York. We found a good place on one of the upper decks and saw the Statue of Liberty and the famous Skyline emerge out of the dawn. Our cruise didn't have an overnight stay in New York we just had a full day and left in the evening. At Newport RI, we walked to the Church where Jackie wed JFK. Sadly i don't remember the dock area at Boston but the City is very close. We went on a Beantown trolley to see the sights. Quincy market is a must. Bar harbor was fantastic and very beautiful but it was a nice sunny day. If you call at Halifax Nova Scotia do walk to the cemetery that contains many of the sad victims of the 'Titanic'. Hope that helps.