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  1. Pylon

    Room comparisons on P+O

    Davybe's picture is spot on. Booked a balcony cabin on Britannia in May 2015. Was shocked at just how small the balcony (F522) was. I'm a tall person at 6'4 but this was the first ships balcony (25 balcony cruises) where there was insufficient room to sit square on to the glass. My wife loves sitting on the balcony with a G&T when the sun is going down but the cramped balcony really was too cramped. Has put me off ever booking Britannia again.
  2. Pylon


    Only had one upgrade in 15 years. Was our first ever cruise in 2006 with Carnival on the Glory out of Port Canaveral. We had booked and travelled independently as part of a Florida fly drive, and were unaware that upgrades could happen. On checking in we were taken to one side to wait in a small lounge whilst our cabin numbers were changed from a balcony to a "cabin" on Empress deck? As our first cruise with Carnival we were somewhat in the dark as to what was happening but were really pleased when the cabin turned out to be a suite. One of our best holidays ever and the upgrade worked in getting us hooked with Carnival. Travelled with Carnival again in 2007 & 8 but never been that lucky again.
  3. Pylon

    Has P&O implemented their drinks ban?

    Depends whether passengers are security scanned by the port or by the ship when returning with achohol bought on shore !!!
  4. Pylon

    Are you Brand Loyal ?

    In 2005 the P&O loyalty club was called the Portunas Club and I think they awarded points differently from the way the current Peninsular club works (i.e. 10 points per night) When the Portunas changed over to Peninsular your points should have been converted to an equivalent number in Peninsular, which is viewable in the “Your Loyalty” section of the Peninsular site. If they are not there, the page does contain the contact details for any queries regarding point’s awards. Pylon