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  1. Norwegian Bliss looks amazing, Royal Caribbean release a new ship every week it seems these days and Celebrity are about to release their new Edge Class, which looks pretty special too. So are P&O Cruises in danger of slipping down the pecking order for British cruisers? They’ve always been known as “Britain’s favourite cruise line” but can we honestly say that will still be the case in a few years time if they don’t make moves to keep up with the rising stars mentioned before. They’ve got the new ship coming in 2020 and I think there’s a lot riding on them getting this right. I know think they realise it too, possibly explaining the switch from Fincantieri to Meyer Werft having seen so many stunning ships created for their rivals. They need to make a bold move to start appealing to the younger market or they risk losing many new cruise passengers to other brands. Are they losing their appeal or as strong as ever?
  2. Mermaid Jessica

    Great Offer!

    WOW! I've just looked at where it is sailing and it would be perefct for a little winter sun before christmas. I wish i had the holiday left too Furby.
  3. Mermaid Jessica

    Cunard in Alaska?

    This looks like a dream cruise, Alaka is on the bucket list.
  4. I 100% needed my passport for my cruise round the British Isles with Princess.
  5. Mermaid Jessica

    Has anyone been on Fred Olsen Boudicca recently?

    Brilliant, thank you.
  6. Has anyone been on Boudicca recently? What is she like? How's the food and the entertainment? I'm going with a friend next month and really don't know what to expect. Thanks,
  7. Mermaid Jessica


    I've been known to use my hair straighters for the odd crease on occasion haha.
  8. Mermaid Jessica

    charging for towels!

    Princess did this with the blankets they give out in the evening for the moive nights- i'm sure they said we had to given them back or it would be charged to our cabin... So it wouldn't surpirse me if other lines started charging for towels not being returned.
  9. Mermaid Jessica

    Arcadia - The Retreat?

    I'd love to know this too! I really enjoy relaxing in the retreat on the Ventura but have yet to go on the Arcadia, with her being a smaller ship I wonder if it's the same...
  10. Mermaid Jessica

    Afternoon Tea On Cruise Ships

    I had afternoon tea while sailing on Caribbean Princess, and it was avaialble everyday in the main dining room. I was sailing around British Isles so this may have been why? Either way I love afternoon tea, especially the little cakes!
  11. Mermaid Jessica

    Silent Disco on Eclipse

    My family cruise with Royal Caribbean and love going to the silent disco!! It seems to be a highlight for them and a change to the normal disco/nightclubs.
  12. Mermaid Jessica

    Belfast and the Titanic museum

    I have just come back from Belfast and would say the Titainic is worth a visit, I enjoyed it. Yes, it is a bit touristy but it's full of really intresting things espcially with it being on the old ship yard!! It cost about £6.00 each way in a taxi from the port and around £18 I think for entry- much cheaper than the ships excursion cost at $89 each!!!
  13. Mermaid Jessica

    Has anyone been on Caribbean Princess?

    Thank you for all the replys! Super helpful I can't wait to sail on Monday!!!!
  14. Mermaid Jessica

    Has anyone been on Caribbean Princess?

    I think she is, unfortunatly I haven't been on either of those ships.
  15. Has anyone been on her? What's the food and entertainment like? I know she had a refurb recently, has anyone been on since this? I'm due to sail next week and I can't wait but would love to know more before I get onboard!