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  1. afcandrew

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Like most folk, I only bought Carnival Shares for the obc. When I stop sailing with P&O (and all the other Carnival Brands), I will make sure I sell them without loss, even if I have to wait a while.
  2. afcandrew

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    The Covid-19 issue has simply underlined that playing the Stock Market is always going to be a gamble.
  3. afcandrew

    P&O ships futures.

    I do fear that you could be right Sinbad. I certainly think it will hasten Oceana's departure and potentially Aurora and maybe even Arcadia. I can only hope not though as that will see the end of my cruising days with P&O. The argument about new and larger ships being much more cost-effective is however compelling. As you say, Iona 2 will definitely have a significant delay and she may not even see the light of day.
  4. afcandrew

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    The only consolation Jenjen is that much of the world will be in the same boat (pardon the pun).
  5. afcandrew

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    If there is a high chance of Carnival Corp going under, then there is a pretty good chance of most cruise lines going under. Not impossible but unlikely imho... Then of course there is all the land-based tour operators and airlines... Then of course all the cafes, restaurants, bars etc. I am sure governments will come up with some sort of strategy to help the world through the massive depression ahead.
  6. afcandrew

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    I don't really cruise with lines in the RCI stable enough to make it worth my while...
  7. afcandrew

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    From what I have seen, the majority of the mainstream cruise lines all changed their Ts & Cs recently with regard to cancellation, with less favourable terms with FCC etc. I do appreciate it is very frustrating for you Sinbad but as there is no chance that ships will be sailing in May, at least you will be able to get your full refund. Unfortunately many of the big lines are being very slow to react to the ongoing situation. I was due to be on a Fred Olsen cruise in May but very sensibly, they reacted by cancelling all cruises until 23rd May as a first plan. That seems much more appropriate. I feel very sorry for the workers on the ground at Cunard/P&O and those in Travel Agencies too - it must be a nightmare for them.
  8. afcandrew

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Its a terrible situation for all cruise lines and they are going to take a big hit for a while. As you say, also dreadful for all the crew. It might dent the market for a year or so but then I am sure it will bounce back. Just as well I wasn't thinking of selling my Carnival shares in the foreseeable future...
  9. afcandrew

    Great holiday on Ventura

    Good to hear you enjoyed your cruise and didn't suffer too much disruption. I've not sailed on Ventura but have been on Azura twice and on both occasions found her too crowded for my taste so don't intend to sail on her or Ventura again in the future. Think I'll be sticking to Aurora and Arcadia with P&O and also sailing other lines with smaller-sized ships.
  10. afcandrew

    Scarlet Lady

    I'm sure she will develop her own market but there is nothing I have seen or heard about the Virgin Cruises style that attracts me. I do think she is a rather ugly brute. Maybe quite apt that the 'face of the ship' is a drag queen. The majority of drag queens I have seen are not pretty - and I've seen a fair few over the years 😁
  11. afcandrew

    P&O Loyalty points disgrace

    Whilst I can understand the OP's disappointment, I too feel that P&O are not in the wrong. Hopefully the OP had an insurance policy and will receive most of the £4,600 back from that. I am sure P&O are no different to any other cruise line or indeed Hotel chain on land. Best wishes for a swift and full recovery to Mr Stewart's wife.
  12. afcandrew

    Diamond princess

    This is a pretty unprecedented situation so I certainly would not like to criticise any arrangements made. Although there were 78 Britons aboard the ship, it looks like some may well be crew who have stayed with the ship and some were evacuated to Hong Kong in the last week - maybe they are Brits who live & work in HK? Only 30 UK citizens were on the flight that landed this morning. Its a terrible situation for everyone involved but the authorities of many countries are learning as they go along with this.
  13. afcandrew

    Diamond princess

    According to an article on the BBC website today, "at least 10" out of the 174 people diagnosed on Diamond are crew members.
  14. afcandrew

    Diamond princess

    Indeed, good luck to them all. It will be interesting to see what happens. Diamond is currently scheduled to be operating out of Japan until 2022 so I guess it will depend on what happens to the Far East cruise market after the Corona Virus situation eases. I would imagine that Diamond will be taken out of service for at least a couple of weeks once the current pax are allowed off.
  15. afcandrew


    I did hear that the new on-line Booking element had been effectively bought in as an 'off the shelf' product and then personalised to look like P&O. Don't know whether that is true or not but it certainly has the look of something that doesn't really fit in! It seems from a fb group I am part of that Saga are having similar problems with their equivalent too.