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  1. afcandrew


    To find the "Brochure by Post" bit to tick, go to "Before you Sail", then click on "Personal Details" and then scroll down almost to the bottom of the page. You'll then find "Your holiday information - the way you want it", which gives you the two options.
  2. afcandrew


    Strangely enough, I received an e-mail from P&O yesterday inviting me to log in to the new 'My P&O Cruises' for my cruise due in 46 weeks - the e-mail told me it is 46 weeks. It promises that I will be able to book all sorts of things like shore excursions (sorry but I refuse to call them "shore experiences"), Spa treatments, Speciality Restaurants etc. Naturally, as my cruise is still 46 weeks away, I was sceptical and of course I was proved right. None of these can be booked yet. I was able to log in easily enough and enter some personal details such as Passport etc. I had a general look through and sadly there are all sorts of oddities and errors. It is interesting to note that the length of my cruise is 18.666666666668 days! I can book Parking with CPS - which is the only company approved by Cunard. Each port-day is listed separately with a description of the port but the page tells me I have "Time to relax and enjoy our on-board facilities". There is a link to a sample Menu for Sindhu but it doesn't work. Under "Gifts", I can order some ship "souveniers". There are two paragraphs about Travel Insurance, one of which says insurance is "strongly advised" and a second immediately after it where it is "a condition of travelling with us". Under 'dining', it tells me that "we'll bring breakfast to your cabin for a small charge on selected ships" - the latest brochure still suggests continental breakfast in the cabin is still complimentary. Lastly, those more mature travellers will be relieved to know that you can select dates of birth going back to 1882 so can keep cruising until they are 137 years of age 😁. Ah, the weird, wacky world of P&O IT 😂
  3. afcandrew


    Thanks for that Dysart Cruisers. And well done for getting into My Cruises and using it! On another forum I contribute to almost everyone has found it difficult to access and use. I really don't know how P&O manage to be so dreadful at IT. Their most recent website re-design is dreadful and now the new cruise personaliser seems to have followed suit...
  4. afcandrew


    Wow - that is steep. I was last on Cunard about three and a half years ago and whilst I felt the drinks were expensive then, they now seem well over-the-top from what you say...
  5. afcandrew

    P&O 2021 and 2022

    On a standard inside cabin? Probably none but £30 if lucky 😂.
  6. afcandrew

    single cruisers turned over again

    With the number of cruises on sale at any particular time, I would think a computer programme plays a part in this. There are very few single cabins to start with so once they start selling, I would imagine the prices increase due - as HLM said above - supply & demand.
  7. afcandrew

    P&O 2021 and 2022

    The dreaded P&O IT system strikes again.... Will they ever sort it out???????????
  8. afcandrew

    single cruisers turned over again

    But sadly Davybe those sort of deals are few and far between. For a solo to get a remotely decent deal, you either have to book as soon as booking opens or be in the right place at the right time and - as you have said - be incredibly flexible. Many of us (even those no longer working) do have other commitments to work around so can't always just drop everything and go. I am quite flexible in terms of cruise line (9 different ones so far) and destination but won't sail on large (>2000 pax) ships. I certainly agree about using a decent TA though!
  9. afcandrew

    single cruisers turned over again

    Totally agree with you Mitch. It doesn't make sense and it must be because they hope they will ultimately make more money out of selling them subsequently at a big premium. In addition, the single cabins on Aurora, Arcadia and Britannia are in poor locations - right forward and on Arcadia & Britannia, very high up.
  10. afcandrew

    P&O 2021 and 2022

    I've had chance to have a good look through the brochure now and it is very clear that they are slanting their marketing heavily towards a younger demographic. The photos of 'passengers', i.e. Models, in the brochure feature mainly 30/40 somethings, which may possibly end up being the situation on Iona but probably not on the other ships! I do understand why they are doing this but some in that age may feel it a mis-representation of a cruise they sail on. I have also seen a half-page ad in the London Evening Standard aimed at a younger demographic too, suggesting a typical day on Iona will be Glacier Hiking in the morning and crafting a new Gin in Iona's distillery in the afternoon...
  11. afcandrew

    single cruisers turned over again

    As someone who sails solo regularly, yes it is very annoying and, I think, particularly unfair as it is something we have to put up with year-round (as opposed to seasonally). I do find it particularly unfair when cruise lines 'crow' about how good they are to single pax and then weight single cabins with a hefty 'supplement'. Of course, it isn't officially a supplement - just that they charge 30-50% more than one half of a pair travelling in a twin/double! As has been said, many lines do this. CMV regularly do 'bogof' offers where one person in a double/twin goes free. More often than not, there is no offer at all for solo pax, who pay twice the standard price! Its always worth asking a cruise line if they will give you double obc if you are paying double - it occasionally works! Some of the ultra-luxury lines such as Crystal and Silversea do sometimes offer very low or even no single supplement on some cruises but of course they are more expensive to start with (but with high standards to match) and are more often than not fly-cruises. Fortunately, I have two friends who I can cruise with in addition to sailing solo - and I get on really well with both of them.
  12. afcandrew

    P&O 2021 and 2022

    I also received the brochure yesterday. It seems that some people have got a full (195 page) edition whilst others have got an extended 'pamphlet' just listing all the cruises. The full brochure is a bit wasted on me really as I am only interested in Arcadia and Aurora these days. As I am on Arcadia for 39 nights in early 2021, I might have been interested in something for late Summer/Early Autumn 2021 but there is little on offer to satisfy my choices. I think I'll probably hope to get a late deal on another cruise line for the latter stages of 2021. The brochure strikes me as being quite different in style to those in previous years. It seems consistent with the current evolution that appears to be happening at P&O. Lots of use of the word "adventure" and trying to make out that if you go with P&O your are a traveller, not a tourist. There is a 4-page spread on Iona unsurprisingly.
  13. afcandrew

    Where is everyone

    Hi everyone, I've been absent for a couple of weeks or so too. Fortunately for me, I was avoiding all the rain by being down in Southern Spain. I think it is quite normal for forums to go quiet at times - especially out of the main Summer cruising season. Andrew
  14. afcandrew

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    According to the Port of Lisbon website, you will be berthed at the Jardim do Tabaco (aka Tobacco Quay), which is by the new Cruise Terminal as pictured by Davybe above. From memory I would say it is no more than about 10 minutes walk (I am fully mobile but no Olympic Athlete 😁) to Praca do Comercio, the huge square that forms the very southern end of the city centre. Of course, it depends what you want to do/see in the city as to where you want to be but there is a Tourist Office on the square and many buses/trams cross the north side of the square. Like many cities, traffic can be a pain so it is sometimes quicker to walk than get the shuttle if you are reasonably mobile. The city centre is reasonably compact but there are also several tourist attractions in Belem for which you would need public transport/taxi/HOHO to reach.
  15. afcandrew

    Jordan Visa Requirements

    Sounds ideal for you considering the circumstances David. Not that I have been on any but it does seem that the 'luxury' cruise lines operate mostly port intensive itineraries. I think I might end up one day doing a land-based holiday to Jordan as most cruises only allow a day for Petra and no-where else. It looks as though Jordan has a number of interesting places to see. The other option for me would be a cruise calling in at Aqaba and Israel for Jerusalem. I'm not religious but feel that is somewhere else I want to have on my wish-list.