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  1. afcandrew

    Speciality Restaurants

    That's what it is all about Ann - doing what you enjoy. In principle, I don't agree with the whole 'Speciality' or 'For fee' Restaurants on cruise ships but they are here to stay so I have eaten in Rhodes, Seventeen & Sindhu on P&O and (long ago) Ocean Liners on Celebrity. Re the coffee, most people agree that standard cruise ship coffee (on all the major lines) is not great but personally, I don't really like the speciality coffees served on P&O as they don't seem to taste anything like those on Land. Now that Costa is owned by Coca Cola, I have even less incentive to use them 😁.
  2. afcandrew

    Speciality Restaurants

    We regularly enjoyed the Gary Rhodes restaurants on board P&O ships and on our one Azura cruise also enjoyed Seventeen - which we really thought was just a continuation of the cuisine & service of the Rhodes restaurants once he parted company with P&O. On our one Celebrity sailing (way back in 2005) we enjoyed the food in the Ocean Liners restaurant on Summit but felt the service was a bit OTT - along with the wine prices! Whilst I don't like spicy foods, I have also enjoyed two meals in Sindhu aboard Aurora. I guess I have been lucky to have felt the mdr food was pretty good aboard all the ships I have sailed on - the poorest quality being served up by Portuscale (small, niche line) and Marella (last year).
  3. afcandrew

    Amsterdam Tourist tax?

    I am on this cruise and that doesn't seem to be the case as there is only one other cruise ship docked in Amsterdam - Viking Sky, with 900 pax! Sadly, this looks like another poor decision by P&O shore-side. Ijmuiden is a dump and I have severe doubts about how P&O are going to get 2500+ pax between ship and Amsterdam efficiently. The port website shows us as due in at 1600 - which was the arrival time in Amsterdam but even if we arrive at 1400, by the time the formalities have been completed and shuttles start, they will likely be arriving on the outskirts of Amsterdam in time for rush-hour. I just wish P&O would think out-of-the box. They could have written to pax explaining the situation, saying that they would have to charge everyone the €16 for the two-day stay but by way of compensation would credit on-board accounts with £15 - which of course costs them far less than £15! It is the fact that it is an overnight stay and the sole port of call that makes their decision so annoying and what has angered many of the pax. Thankfully I am going with a group of friends from another forum so we will have a good time regardless of this inconsiderate change.
  4. afcandrew

    Cruise ship on TV

    Knowing how large this ship was before watching, I knew it isn't a ship I would want to cruise on but thoroughly enjoyed seeing some sides of a ship that I never will otherwise. They are certainly engineering and technological miracles.
  5. afcandrew

    Drinks Package

    You can get standard 'filter-style' coffees all day in the buffet areas on all ships, also a wide range of tea-bags are available to make tea. It is speciality coffees like Latte & Cappuccino that you pay extra for. Also, chilled water is available in the buffet too to dispense into plastic tumblers. As the packages are new I am not sure how they give out the bottled water.
  6. That may well be the situation generally Davy but wasn't my experience on Discovery 2 last January. Being on a solos table, we had the same waiters every night in the mdr. The assistant was lovely but the main waiter was thoroughly miserable. My cabin steward too was very dour and not very efficient, The bar staff in the live lounge were very happy but not very efficient. The bar staff at the deck bar were rude and even when not busy had no idea who was next. Bar staff in the 'posh' Bar 11 however were great and very friendly.
  7. Included tips may become the norm in the UK. Marella and Saga already do it; P&O doing it from May; Fred Olsen feature offers that include all gratuities; CMV offer packages that include drinks & tips. The US culture however is very different and I don't think the big players there will ever routinely include the tips. At least in the UK many of the lines now have marketing promotions that include tips. NCL are the only major US player that seem to routinely include tips but I don't know whether they do that on sales from the USA.
  8. This isn't a Tourist Tax as such, like the ones added for overnight hotels stays. It is in fact the local equivalent of VAT, usually known as IVA. See this link https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/on-shore/iva_tax?_ga=2.63128040.632507833.1549793551-483303058.1548677122 . Andrew
  9. afcandrew

    Iona Winter 20/21

    Hmmmm. On the P&O website now, Northern Europe is Bruges, Hamburg, Rotterdam & Amsterdam (from Rotterdam). Winter sun ports so far are Lisbon, Cadiz, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Madeira. Unless they add any more destinations, it sounds like they are basically doing the same two itineraries throughout winter?
  10. afcandrew

    Iona Winter 20/21

    I see in an e-mail this morning from Bolsover that Iona will be spending her first winter in Northern Europe, Spain, Portugal and the Canaries. I may well be proved wrong but I think there may be some pretty cheap deals at some stage for those interested. Andrew
  11. I'm not sure that anywhere has yet brought in a tourist tax for cruise pax yet. Several are talking about it but I don't think anyone has actually started it?
  12. afcandrew

    Drinks Package

    Yes - but at least they are a good, British Line - or so they keep telling us 🤨🙄
  13. afcandrew

    Which Ship?Has that Wow factor?

    I don't think I would want to do that actually. The sea days are not a problem - I love them. I would however like to spend a few days in New York and also get to Niagara as that is something I have not done. The friend I am likely to do this with (probably next year) also has access to cheap BA flights for the return from New York.
  14. afcandrew

    Which Ship?Has that Wow factor?

    Probably - at the time - Celebrity Summit. But that was, I think, getting on for 14 years ago! I think generally I prefer elegantly understated but that is becoming increasingly unaffordable for me these days with the mid-price lines building ever larger, flashy ships. I was impressed with QE too Davbe when I sailed on her three years ago. I would like to see QM2. We did an Eastbound Transatlantic on QE2 many years ago so I would like to do a Westbound on QM2. Andrew
  15. afcandrew

    Drinks Package

    I'm with you Sinbad. I probably could do 5/6 drinks easily in a sea day but how many of them would be around £6.50 or so to make it worthwhile? Certainly not soft drinks or coffees. Also, as others have said unless you have an awful lot of sea days, the value is going to be far less.