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  1. afcandrew

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    Sadly, their gamble has not paid off and has potentially very serious repercussions for both crew and passengers. Don't think we will be seeing their proposed round-Britain cruises next month now. This may well confirm the cancellation of all cruises for the rest of this year...
  2. afcandrew

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    Have a great trip both of you!
  3. afcandrew

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    Don't forget to come back when things get going again - you make a welcome contribution. Stay well and safe.
  4. afcandrew

    The two HAL ships joining Olsen-

    They are not really a child-friendly line. To the best of my knowledge there are no dedicated facilities for children on any of the current fleet. They do have a kids club on selected school holiday sailings. Outside those sailings I doubt if there is ever a significant number of children aboard. Until they release plans for the new ships, we won't know exactly what their intentions are but I would be surprised to see a major change of focus.
  5. afcandrew

    The two HAL ships joining Olsen-

    I haven't sailed on HAL but have checked out videos of the two ships. With cash not being abundant, I don't suppose Fred will be able to do full refits immediately. They might want the Exploration lounges to look a bit more like the Bookmark Cafes in their fleet. Installing an Oriental Room might be a relatively easy and cheap change too. Both ships have a children's area which Fred may want to replace - maybe with some single cabins as these ships don't have any? I just hope and pray that they don't re-carpet the Crows Nest/Observatory with the hideous 'nautical-themed' design one they have on most of the current fleet.
  6. afcandrew

    Risen from the ashes-

    Indeed not Sinbad!
  7. afcandrew

    Risen from the ashes-

    Hadn't heard of this but have now looked them up. Not sure what market they are going to appeal to, apart from a fairly wealthy one probably 😄
  8. afcandrew

    Risen from the ashes-

    Yes, good news but I think this will be quite a different product. Swan's ship Minerva carried over 300 pax in a 'country house' style environment. I suspect this is more a case of buying a name and 'heritage'. Swan Hellenic sailed interesting and different itineraries with a high cultural input but we're probably not 'expedition' cruises as such, at least not most of the time. It will be interesting to see if the new owners actually make reference to the ' heritage' on board...
  9. afcandrew

    CMV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat

    She is a lovely ship. I should have been on her for 18 nights around the Med in October. I really do hope she is operational early in the new year because if not, I will start to sorry that we'll not see her again.
  10. afcandrew

    HAL Alaskan Cruise

    A guess, but probably not. Earthquakes are pretty common in that neck of the woods. I was lucky enough to go to Alaska last year and there was a significant quake a month or two before we went and a small one in Seattle (where we flew to) a week before we went 😮
  11. afcandrew

    CMV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat

    Fares on smaller ships will always be expensive in comparison to ships that carry 3, 4 or 5 thousand pax - especially if you require a balcony. CMV's opening bogof deals are usually in the region of £100 pppd (outside cabin) and then later special offers often less. CMV is closer to Fred Olsen in style than P&O and prices compared well with Fred. I have been a long-term, loyal customer of P&O but sadly for me they are going in a direction that will not take me with them. The longer the Covid crisis continues, the more I fear for the future of Aurora, which would leave only one ship in the fleet that interests me.
  12. afcandrew

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    Oceana has had her P&O livery painted over and been given a new name by her new owners, Seajet.
  13. afcandrew

    CMV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat

    A great shame indeed. Whilst I didn't have a current booking with them, it was certainly my intention to sail with them again - maybe as soon as next August when the entire fleet were due to meet in Rotterdam. If, as looks likely, no-one takes up the slack, there will be no 'budget' cruise line sailing out of UK ports.
  14. afcandrew

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    I do think the situation on River Cruises is very different to Ocean Cruises though. They hold far fewer pax - often only a couple of hundred. Also, they seldom have a non-port-day, so it is very easy to offload a passenger who has any illness symptoms.
  15. afcandrew

    Something to do-

    I use a similar site called Marine Traffic. It was a bit more enjoyable when I lived down on the south coast as the ships were sometimes 'just down the road' - albeit far enough out in the English Channel not to be visible.